• Building the Perfect Team

    Posted: 3rd May 2016 | Written by: Robyn Santa Maria

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    We’ve all heard about, or experienced, discord amongst crew. The horror stories of crew members screaming at each other or falling out because of personal differences or miscommunication, or a combination of the two. Tensions can run high when you put a bunch of strong characters together in a confined space with no time off for weeks on end.
  • A Return to Gunboat Diplomacy

    Posted: 27th April 2016 | Written by: Shawn Engbrecht

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    Most people would agree that the arming of yacht crew is a ludicrous proposition, but it's a topic that periodically comes up for discussion. More interesting are the reasons why not and whether basic recognition and familiarization training is of any value in the event that a firearm finds its way on board.
  • Global Trends for Superyachts

    Posted: 20th April 2016 | Written by: Camper & Nicholsons

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    Camper & Nicholsons, the global leader in luxury yachting activities, and Wealth-X, the global authority on wealth intelligence, have released a first-of-its-kind report on the world’s ultra wealthy and the luxury yachting sector. The report focuses on the rapidly changing face of luxury, with a new, younger generation of Ultra High Net Worth Individuals increasingly focused on experiences over ‘things.’
  • Skullduggery at Sea Aka “How to Cook the Books”

    Posted: 28th March 2016 | Written by: Shawn Engbrecht

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    We’ve all done it. If you are in the service industry, sooner or later, you will take a swim in these murky waters. That includes providers of security services, who find themselves in identical conditions to the situation about to be described. So we feel your pain because all too often we are suffering right beside you.
  • Personal Safety Ashore

    Posted: 24th February 2016 | Written by: Rod Hatch, David Summerfield, Andreas Hartinger

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    In light of the growing number of terrorist attacks around the world, it's also a reminder that such atrocities can happen to anyone, anywhere. If you were caught up in a terror incident ashore, would you know what to do? A few important tips could make all the difference or even save your life.
  • The Joy of Armageddon

    Posted: 22nd February 2016 | Written by: Shawn Engbrecht

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    I was asked to write an article about the threat of 'small terror' for a publication that is upbeat and positive, contrary to the wave of negativity currently inundating the world. So this is it, scribed in February, 2016. Life is wonderful, people are great, and the world, to quote Churchill, “is moving into broad, sunlit uplands...” . Or not.
  • ISIS vs ISPS: The Limitations Ashore

    Posted: 20th January 2016 | Written by: Captain Rod Hatch

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    The USA has not always been in a rush to ratify international treaties, but it pushed the ISPS Code through the IMO in just 18 months. However, when it comes to the personal safety of seafarers and shore based personnel, it's worth knowing where ISPS leaves off and other responsibilities kick in.
  • Does Excellent Training Create Excellent Crew?

    Posted: 3rd December 2015 | Written by: Lynne Edwards

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    Does excellent training create excellent crew? An interesting question, especially as the number of mandatory and voluntary training courses continues to rise. But there are many factors which create excellence in yacht crew and industry-related training is just part of the whole picture.
  • Drone Operations: Aide Memoire for Yacht Crew

    Posted: 25th November 2015 | Written by: Captain Rod Hatch

    You are working on a yacht, you’ve bought yourself a UAV, aka drone, and you want to launch it from on board. What is the captain going to say? Or, you are the captain, and one of the crew wants to launch a drone from on board. What are you going to say? And why is this question of such topical relevance?
  • Sexual Harassment in Yachting

    Posted: 10th November 2015 | Written by: Lynne Edwards

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    There's no denying it – sexual harassment occurs in the yachting industry (as it does to varying degrees in many other industries) and you only have to look at the Dockwalk forum on the subject to confirm it. But are yacht crew more prone to it and less protected from this type of behaviour than employees in other business sectors?
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