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Exploring Costa Rica from Marina Bahia Golfito

Posted: 9th Nov 2021

Written by: Karen Hockney

Nestled in the lush eco setting of Costa Rica between the jungle and ocean, IGY’s Marina Bahia Golfito sets an incredibly high standard for owners and charterers alike. Read More

Briland Club Marina - Gateway to the Bahamas

Posted: 20th Oct 2021

Written by: Karen Hockney

When searching out some balmy winter sun, dreamy cruising waters and amazing facilities just off the passerelle, look no further than the beautiful Bahamas.
Read More

Broker of the Month: Advait Deodhar, TJB Super Yachts

Posted: 15th Oct 2021

Written by: OnboardOnline

An avid sailor and successful racing car driver, it’s clear that Advait Deodhar enjoys life in the fast lane. Hailing from a family of ship captains, he grew up on the sea, competing in various events in India and discovering the lesser-known anchorages of the country he calls home. Read More

Navy Beach Brings the Colours of the Caribbean to Caribbean Charter Yacht Show

Posted: 6th Sep 2021

Written by: Karen Hockney

Creating new traditions is something Navy Beach does naturally, so the celebrated Montauk-born eatery is perfectly placed as one of the key sponsors for the Caribbean Charter Yacht Show. Read More

Broker of the Month: Tim Johnson, TJB Super Yachts

Posted: 16th Aug 2021

Written by: Sam Watson

After serving 14 years in the British Army, Tim Johnson spent the next decade selling private jets and rubbing shoulders with more than a few yacht brokers. An accomplished salesman with a passion for sailing and watersports, he decided to swap lanes and has never looked back. Read More

Costa Rica: the Next Superyacht Haven

Posted: 16th Jun 2021

Written by: Rachel Ingram

With its incredible biodiversity, beautiful national parks and tropical coastline stretching 800 miles, Costa Rica is an ideal destination for yachting, but for years it was out of bounds due to its restrictive marina laws. With a recent change in legislation, that's all set to change. Read More

Broker of the Month: Claire Sinclair at West Nautical

Posted: 9th Jun 2021

Written by: Sam Watson

A proud Mancunian with an interesting path to yachting, we spoke to West Nautical’s Client Manager Claire Sinclair, based in Palma, to discuss some personal highlights and recommendations for charter clients cruising in the Med. Read More

Cruising the US Virgin Islands

Posted: 30th May 2021

Written by: Karen Hockney

The US Virgin Islands is fast becoming the destination of our times, with Yacht Haven Grande, St Thomas offering superyacht owners and charterers flexibility, ease and smooth service as well as the luxury of enjoying some of the globe’s most idyllic cruising grounds.  Read More

Resetting the Model for Boat Shows in the Caribbean

Posted: 18th May 2021

Written by: Rebecca Whitocke

For many years, the superyacht industry has debated a reset of boat shows to better fulfill the needs of a variety of regional and international stakeholders. IGY Marinas and IYBA have listened and joined forces to deliver.   Read More

ASEAN – Cruising Indonesia

Posted: 25th Nov 2020

Written by: Karen Hockney

With raw beauty rarely found elsewhere and over 17,000 largely untouched islands to explore, the phenomenal, wide-ranging Indonesian archipelago offers cruising grounds unlike any other - with myriad wild coastlines, shimmering beaches and azure bays which you will have all to yourself. Read More

Richard Lofthouse – Unlocking South East Asia

Posted: 24th Nov 2020

Written by: Richard Lofthouse

Indonesia has attracted private yachts for decades but complex rules and regulations have kept it off the map for commercial charter. Richard Lofthouse, MD of Catalano Shipping discusses the potential for marine tourism in the region and the barriers yet to overcome. Read More

Cruising in Indonesia: A Guide for Superyachts

Posted: 11th Nov 2020

Written by: Catalano Shipping Services

After a year of lockdowns, Catalano Shipping and Benoa Marina are leading the re-opening of marinas in Indonesia. With new protocols in place, entry is safe and simple and there is no mandatory quarantine period if conditions are met in advance of arrival. Read More

IGY’s Caribbean Yacht Launch a Welcome Boost for the Season

Posted: 23rd Oct 2020

Written by: Karen Hockney

As the Caribbean season approaches, the yachting industry finds itself in a different position this year. With that in mind, IGY gears up to host an event tailored to our times, bringing brokers and industry professionals to increase awareness of what's available this winter season. Read More

Introducing Vietnam’s Coast with the Most

Posted: 22nd Oct 2020

Written by: Duncan Forgan

Of all Vietnam’s spectacular coastal enclaves, Ba Ria-Vung Tau is perhaps the country’s most underrated. But the province is now picking up strong momentum thanks to an array of attractions including world-class golf, boutique hotels and some of the country’s best stretches of sand. Read More

A Charter Season Like no Other

Posted: 19th Oct 2020

Written by: Chrissie McClatchie

In a yachting season best described as ‘expect the unexpected’, even seasoned industry professionals are still finding plenty to be surprised about. This summer, the north-eastern region of the USA was, as Forbes puts it, the new hub of the superyacht world. Read More

The Top Marinas For Winters In Turkey

Posted: 24th Sep 2020

Written by: Evolution Yachting

With over 40 marinas in Turkey and attractive refit facilities, Evolution Yachting has put together a list of its top recommendations of where to berth in Turkey this winter. Read More

Top Picks For Winter Berths In Montenegro And Greece

Posted: 22nd Sep 2020

Written by: Evolution Yachting

Montenegro and Greece’s top ports and marinas are certainly headlines that draw attention during the summer months, but with both countries boasting favourable temperatures during the winter too, they won’t let you down any time of the year. Read More

The Second-Guessing Game

Posted: 2nd Sep 2020

Written by: David Seal

As a yacht broker and a YouTuber, I have learned that it's impossible to know what other people are thinking, even when they tell you! The most successful brokers will tell you from experience that you can never second-guess your client. Read More

Late Summer Cruising Destinations with Evolution Yachting

Posted: 1st Sep 2020

Written by: Evolution Yachting

Only a few months ago we weren't even sure if 2020 would be giving us a summer season. But it's a relief and a pleasure to see people are enjoying cruising more than ever whilst exploring new destinations, and seeing a new side to their favourite spots. Read More

Superyacht Cruising in South East Asia

Posted: 31st Jul 2020

Written by: Karen Hockney

Boasting some of the globe’s most phenomenal - and unpopulated – coastlines as well as picturesque atolls, deserted islands and colourful marine life, the ideal way to explore the region’s most alluring and inaccessible nooks is by yacht. Read More

Superyacht Destination ASEAN – Verventia's Mission in Asia

Posted: 22nd Jun 2020

Written by: Karen Hockney

You might think that the opportunity to take in some of the world’s most scenic cruising through the pristine waters of the Andaman Sea to Myanmar, the Philippines and Indonesia would have made South East Asia a natural shoo-in as a superyacht destination long before now. Read More

Current Landscape for Cruising Yachts in South East Asia

Posted: 3rd Jun 2020

Written by: Karen Hockney

South East Asia is without doubt one of the globe’s most captivating and diverse regions, offering a unique experience in terms of culture, history and cuisine, as well as breathtaking scenery both on land and at sea. Read More

A Guide to Monaco’s Marinas - from Port Hercules to the new Portier Cove

Posted: 17th Mar 2020

Written by: The Islander

With berthing space in such high demand in the principality of Monaco, yacht owners can now explore an exciting new option: Cala del Forte Ventimiglia. The port is designed as a sister marina to Monaco’s two existing marinas, Port Hercules and the Port of Fontvieille. Read More

Arksen Explorus Rally Powered by Pelorus to Launch in 2021

Posted: 20th Jan 2020

Written by: Naomi Chadderton

Arksen Explorers Rally Powered by Pelorus is a new yacht rally that sees groups of like-minded yacht owners and charterers cruising the Arctic, Mediterranean and Pacific Ocean in the name of grass roots conservation. Read More

Building Excitement for the Caribbean Yachting Season

Posted: 19th Dec 2019

Written by: Karen Hockney

Island Global Yachting Ltd is preparing for a Caribbean winter season that will deliver on high end hospitality experiences which are guaranteed to delight yacht owners and charterers alike. Read More

Chartering in the Off Season

Posted: 16th Dec 2019

Written by: Rebecca Whitlocke

Obtaining your ideal yacht with availability for your preferred dates is key to your charter experience, however peak cruising season is when popular yachts are booked far in advance as the demand for yachts is high.   Read More

A Spotlight on Limassol

Posted: 16th Oct 2019

Written by: Naomi Chadderton

Located in the heart of Limassol, Cyprus’ most vibrant and internationally diverse coastal city, Limassol Marina has established itself as a sought-after superyacht destination for visitors worldwide, offering full service combine... Read More

A Spotlight on Valencia

Posted: 15th Oct 2019

Written by: The Islander

Valencia is a city of old and new, land and sea, art and science, and one with a proud sporting history. It holds a promising nautical future and always the warmest, sometimes quite literally, of welcomes. Read More

Discover Amaala: A Bold Vision for the Red Sea

Posted: 2nd Oct 2019

Written by: Naomi Chadderton

A 3,300 sqm gigaproject that will serve as a super-luxury wellness tourism destination on the Saudi Arabia Coast, Amaala, which is set for completion in 2028, really is one of a kind. We sat down with CEO Nicholas Naples at the Mo... Read More

Yacht Haven Grande Wins Superyacht Marina of the Year Award

Posted: 26th Sep 2019

Written by: Naomi Chadderton

IGY Marina’s Yacht Haven Grande in St. Thomas USVI received more acknowledgement of its marina team’s drive for excellence from the marine industry and its customers by being named ‘Towergate’s Superyacht Marina of the Year’ – the... Read More


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