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Ask Erica: How to Find the Right Captain

Posted: 24th Sep 2023

Written by: Erica Lay

Erica Lay, founder of El Crew Co, is known to many as The Honest Crew Agent, and for good reason. After decades in the industry, she's seen it all and tells it straight, so buckle up for some honest and valuable advice! Read More

The Quick and Easy Guide to Superyacht Engineering Careers

Posted: 7th Sep 2023

Written by: Georgia Tindale

Following on from our guides on superyacht deck and interior careers, it’s time to get our technical hats on and lay out the career pathways for engineering, whether you’re transitioning from another sector or gunning for a chief engineer role.  Read More

Dining on Board Superyachts: The Most Expensive and Unique Foods

Posted: 23rd Aug 2023

Written by: Isobel Odendaal

After watching in horror as a certain stewardess on yacht reality show incorrectly pointed to wasabi when asked by a guest what uni is, I realised why it is so important to teach students the value of understanding what is on your menu. Read More

The Quick and Easy Guide to Superyacht Interior Careers

Posted: 7th Aug 2023

Written by: Georgia Tindale

For all aspiring superyacht steward/esses, we take a look at how to enter and get ahead in the interior department with help from the recently-launched careers guidance platform, Academy by Ephemeris. Read More

In the Galley with Yacht Chef Dylan Stacey

Posted: 13th Jul 2023

Written by: Kate Emery

Kate Emery, founder of Amandine, catches up with freelance South African chef Dylan Stacey, who boasts more than 20 years’ experience working across high-end restaurants, VIP events and, of course, the world’s best luxury superyachts. Read More

Louisa Gallimore on Transitioning to Onshore Life after Yachting

Posted: 7th Jul 2023

Written by: Louisa Gallimore

There is no denying the fact the superyacht industry is a fantastic one to be part of. However, at some stage or another, which is normally after a long season with demanding guests, there comes a time when the question of ‘what to do next’ springs to mind. Read More

A Quick and Easy Guide to Superyacht Deck Careers

Posted: 7th Jul 2023

Written by: Georgia Tindale

For those looking to enter the superyacht industry from the outside, a career on deck represents the ultimate escape from the drudgeries of a 9-to-5 office job, thanks to its winning combination of sunlight, fresh air, physical activity and travel. Read More

Class Act: How Crew Can Benefit from Academy by Ephemeris

Posted: 19th Jun 2023

Written by: Georgia Tindale

OnboardOnline speaks to Claire Barnard, Customer Liaison Officer at Academy by Ephemeris, to dig deeper and discover more about the numerous benefits for crew in using the platform – from significant time saving, to 24/7 accessibility and many more. Read More

Yacht Crew Recruitment with Northrop & Johnson's Louisa Gallimore

Posted: 31st May 2023

Written by: OnboardOnline

We speak to Louisa about her early years in the banking industry, her transition into the world of yachting, the challenges faced by crew in 2023, and why she believes the future is looking bright. Read More

New Survey Investigates why Young Crew Leave a Yacht

Posted: 24th May 2023

Written by: Quay Crew

In a recent survey of junior crew, Quay Crew asked what factors made them leave a yacht and what would encourage them to stay on board. The findings reveal small changes that could help yachts keep hold of great candidates. Read More

Supercharging Superyacht Careers with Academy by Ephemeris

Posted: 16th May 2023

Written by: Georgia Tindale

Introducing Academy by Ephemeris, a new superyacht career guidance platform for crew which simplifies the process by mapping out career pathways and identifying the training required to progress at every stage. Read More

Mental Health Awareness Week 2023: Taking a Closer Look at Anxiety on Board

Posted: 8th May 2023

Written by: Emma Ross

Ahead of Mental Health Awareness Week 2023, Seas the Mind's Emma Ross takes a closer look at the most recent studies around mental health and anxiety among superyacht crew. Read More

In the Galley with Yacht Chef Charli Witts

Posted: 12th Apr 2023

Written by: Kate Emery

This week, Kate Emery, founder of Amandine, catches up with British chef Charli Watts, to discuss her greatest inspirations, favourite dishes, all time food heroes and best galley hacks. Read More

Uncover Your True Talents with LH Dynamics

Posted: 5th Apr 2023

Written by: Richard Hagan

As Head of Insight at Luxury Hospitality, Julia Rogers is an expert at uncovering your natural talents via her cupid’s arrow: The LH Dynamics talent awareness tool, which is always the first step in any new client relationship. Read More

Marco Tognon Wins the 2023 Superyacht Chef Competition in Monaco

Posted: 31st Mar 2023

Written by: Karen Hockney

Nine of the yachting industry’s most talented chefs pitted their skills against each other in the Superyacht Chef Competition at the Yacht Club de Monaco last week. Read More

In the Galley with Yacht Chef Alain Bijou

Posted: 20th Mar 2023

Written by: Kate Emery

Kate Emery, founder of Amandine Chefs, speaks to Chef Alain Bijou to discuss his personal culinary style, his must-have galley gadgets, and the inspiration behind the exquisite menus he creates on board. Read More

In the Galley With Yacht Chef Abdelkarim Mohamed

Posted: 15th Mar 2023

Written by: Kate Emery

Kate Emery, founder of Amandine International Chef Placement, speaks to chef Abdelkarim Mohamed to discuss his all-time food heroes, current challenges faced by the superyacht industry, and how he puts a unique spin on his dishes. Read More

In the Galley with Yacht Chef Bianca Jade Murphy

Posted: 13th Mar 2023

Written by: Kate Emery

Kate Emery, founder of Amandine International Chef Placement catches up with chef Bianca Jade Murphy to discuss her food heroes, the secrets of cooking exquisite food on board and the ingredients she couldn’t live without. Read More

Luxury Hospitality: Behind the Scenes with Solveig Yong

Posted: 2nd Dec 2022

Written by: Naomi Chadderton

We talk to Luxury Hospitality's Solveig Yong about her earlier life on board, her transition ashore, and the most important lessons she has learnt during her time in the superyacht industry. Read More

Luxury Hospitality: Interior Outfitting with Danella Hopkins

Posted: 21st Nov 2022

Written by: Naomi Chadderton

Vibrant, passionate and inspiring are three main strengths of Danella Hopkins’ Talent Dynamics profile, Dynamo/Blaze, and on speaking to the Luxury Hospitality project manager, it’s clear she possesses them in spades Read More

Luxury Hospitality: Standardising Service Training for Crew

Posted: 14th Nov 2022

Written by: Naomi Chadderton

From working as a marine biologist in New Zealand and joining superyachts in Sydney to now working with Luxury Hospitality to help expand service training for the deck and engineering side of the business, Kate Thompson’s career has been quite the journey. Read More

Abuse and Harassment among Key Challenges to Seafarers’ Mental Health

Posted: 10th Oct 2022

Written by: ISWAN

As the world tries to recover from the effects of the recent pandemic, other key challenges to seafarers’ mental health are coming to light, particularly abuse, bullying, harassment and discrimination. Read More

World Mental Health Day 2022: Making Crew Mental Health a Priority

Posted: 30th Sep 2022

Written by: Emma Kate Ross

This year, the WHO made the World Mental Health Day theme: “Make Mental Health and Wellbeing for all a Global Priority.” I think this especially important for the global citizens I know and love: yacht crew. Read More

Regina Petra Meyer: From Sailing Novice to Superyacht Crew

Posted: 1st Sep 2022

Written by: Regina Petra Meyer

There is no doubt that travel was my drug, at times a distraction, and my personal money pit. When others pursued higher education, took up lucrative careers and later began rearing offspring, I was either boarding or disembarking a plane. Read More

Captain Jonathan Copsey on Rising up the Superyacht Ranks

Posted: 6th Jul 2022

Written by: Naomi Chadderton

Captain Jonathan Copsey talks us through his passion for sailing, his transition to captain, and what characteristics he thinks are required to make it all the way to the top. Read More

A Complete Guide to Looking After Pets on Board: Part 2

Posted: 27th May 2022

Written by: Isobel Odendaal

Following on from part one of this article, Isobel Odendaal discusses tips and tricks for keeping pets happy and safe on board, including how to keep the yacht clean and poisonous plants to look out for. Read More

Taking Home Gold at MYBA with Chef Anders Pedersen

Posted: 27th May 2022

Written by: Naomi Chadderton

Highlighting the exceptional culinary talent that owners and guests can enjoy on board, there’s no higher accolade than taking the stop spot at the MYBA Chef's Competition, and in this year’s 48m and over category that award went to Chef Anders Pederson. Read More

A Complete Guide to Looking After Pets on Board: Part 1

Posted: 25th May 2022

Written by: Isobel Odendaal

For hundreds of years, anything from parrots to cats to dogs to monkeys (and everything in between) have loyally travelled with their owners at sea, relieving their loneliness, protecting them and keeping them company. Read More

Mental Health Awareness Week 2022: Exploring Loneliness Among Crew

Posted: 5th May 2022

Written by: Naomi Chadderton

You could say that the world that we live in is more connected than ever. We may be thousands of miles away from our friends and family yet we can communicate with them instantly via social media. Why then is loneliness so prevalent? Read More

Impact Crew Survey: The Realities of Crew Turnover

Posted: 29th Mar 2022

Written by: Karen Passman

We know that the rate of crew turnover is higher than most owners, managers and crew themselves would like. With it comes disruption, inefficiencies and the need to re-train; not to mention the cost. Read More


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