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Crew Training on the Go: E-learning with Academy by Ephemeris

Marked by constant travel and extended periods away from shore, yacht crew life presents significant challenges for those seeking professional advancement. The logistical difficulties of attending in-person training sessions at shore-based facilities, often due to limited availability, time constraints, and scheduling conflicts, are a recurring problem that needs a solution. 

Training and ongoing professional development are crucial for ensuring safety standards and maintaining the high level of service clients expect from their yachting experiences. It's therefore in the best interests of all concerned that professional courses are made more easily accessible for time-strapped crew. 

Based on the feedback and concerns of their students, the team behind the career guidance platform, Academy by Ephemeris, facilitates a range of innovative and flexible learning solutions for crew, including in-person courses, live stream and e-learning options. 

Tailored career pathways for superyacht crew

Thanks to a profound understanding of the dynamics unique to the yachting industry, Academy by Ephemeris has rapidly established itself as a leading platform ensuring crew members have timely access to vital materials and practical tools. 

The comprehensive educational offerings available via Academy by Ephemeris are designed to meet the needs of their broad student base, from entry-level courses to specialist skills relevant to crew at every level in each department. 

Their dedication to providing quality educational materials saves students from sifting through a vast expanse of online resources, while sharing student feedback with training providers ensures that course content is relevant, up-to-date, and understandable. This collaborative approach ensures that any students struggling with certain materials receive full support to succeed. 

E-learning for flexibility and convenience for busy crew

For busy yacht crew for whom traditional training options don’t always align with the rhythms of life at sea, Academy by Ephemeris is an ideal gateway for flexible training with a range of online courses available around the clock. 

Wherever you are in the world, Academy by Ephemeris facilitates self-paced study to accommodate your particular timetable, with clear guidance on the required - and desirable - qualifications at every step. Quality course content and user-friendly navigation enhance the learning experience, making the platform an unparalleled resource for anyone wishing to progress their yachting career while fulfilling their duties at sea.

The team researches all e-learning courses to showcase only those with the highest quality content and a focus on high engagement, which leads to better retention of information.

Comprehensive resources for a range of crew learning styles

Understanding the diversity of learning styles among students, Academy by Ephemeris also accommodates individual needs, providing a range of digital resources including a vast array of more traditional reading materials and books, covering COLREGs, ECDIS, ISPS, Passage Planning and Principles, Bridge Resource Management, as well as pocket guides for oral prep and manuals focused on particular maritime procedures. 

These resources are designed not just for passing exams, but to equip students with a solid foundation of knowledge and practical skills to develop their careers. 

This approach puts the power in the hands of crew members, allowing them to easily find and purchase reading materials on many different maritime subjects and take a proactive approach to building their careers. For example, a deckhand might not be obligated to know about a certain topic but they can go beyond what is required to expand their knowledge and stay ahead of their peers.

Empowering busy maritime professionals to develop their careers

With its commitment to shaping a more professional superyacht sector, Academy by Ephemeris offers invaluable career guidance and access to crucial training opportunities empowering crew to chart their own course.

At the same time, Academy by Ephemeris is an innovative platform for training providers to display and promote professional courses to the relevant audience while streamlining registration and securing payment. 

Working with all stakeholders, Academy by Ephemeris is now the go-to portal for career development within the superyacht industry. For more information, please visit the website here.

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