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AcqueraPro: Your Perfectly Tailored Onboard Time Saver

After launching to the yachting market only a few weeks ago, the brand-new digital platform AcqueraPro has been taking the industry by storm. With its highly intuitive user interface – inspired by the design of a well-known online streaming service – expert itinerary and restaurant recommendations and numerous time-saving features, AcqueraPro is already proving to be a hit with captains, crew, charter managers and many more across the industry.

Here we take a closer look at some of the platform’s latest innovations to discover how you can benefit from using it now and during the busy months to come.

Instant and easy mobile access

Developed for the whole industry to use and enjoy at the push of a button, AcqueraPro will soon be available also as a mobile app. AcqueraPro provides instantaneous access to all of the information captains and crew require when arriving at a port, including all of the necessary forms and paperwork – tailored to each individual port – alongside exclusive insider knowledge about each area to enable those on board to create the best possible itineraries for their guests.

With busy yacht crew being ever more stretched for time, the launch of AcqueraPro as a convenient iOS mobile app looks set to open it up to an even wider audience. The uptake of AcqueraPro has already been impressive, however, with the platform currently covering 150 locations and over 200 marinas in the Med, with plans afoot to expand even further.

As for the feedback from AcqueraPro’s clients so far, it has been overwhelmingly positive, with 90 per cent of current users (all of whom are operational captains) agreeing that they found the key features of the platform to be far more straightforward when using AcqueraPro than via traditional methods.

Tailored itineraries and hands on help

AcqueraPro also stands head and shoulders above the market’s other offerings when it comes to activity and itinerary recommendations. Harnessing the local knowledge and expertise of its 100+ team of local agents who work on the ground all around the Med, AcqueraPro’s database of leisure activities and insider tips is unrivalled within the industry and is streets ahead of what can be found via online search.

Built using the latest cutting-edge technology, the AcqueraPro database showcases the best gastronomy, leisure activities and local amenities in a given area and is updated on a regular basis to ensure that it keeps abreast of ever-changing client requirements and preferences.

As an additional benefit, thanks to their impressive reach, the experienced AcqueraPro team can also assist you wherever you are in the Med to coordinate and bring these activities to life – a unique offering unmatched by others in the market. Besides the incredible scale - literally thousands - of leisure activities presented, AcqueraPro can also tailor these activities to suit the profile and tastes of individual guests.

“Naturally, this feature also represents a huge time saver for charter managers, as all of the stresses and strains of itinerary planning are totally taken care of - including costings,” says Alvise Tositti, Chief Strategy Officer at Acquera Yachting. “All you have to do is input your desired destination, as well as the dimensions and gross tonnage of your vessel, and AcqueraPro will send you an immediate quotation for all your compulsory port costs.”

High tech and still human

As a tool which has been developed and is continually being improved using the latest technology, AcqueraPro is a prime example of a platform which is high tech, but still maintains that all-important human connection with its customers.

“People are sometimes afraid that if you bring in technology to a tool, you lose the human side, but ours is quite the opposite,” Tositti explains. “Technology serves as an extra enabler for our service. We are certainly not substituting people; there are now almost 100 in our company and we are still growing. We believe that the connection we offer between local knowledge, local presence and technology is one of the major factors bringing added value to our clients.”

As for the potential users of AcqueraPro within the industry, the list is expansive, ranging from captains to yacht managers, chief stews, pursers, owners and their guests and many more. To explore the specific benefits that AcqueraPro offers for each role, read our previous article here.

To discover more about AcqueraPro and sign up for the free 21-day trial for yourself, click here

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