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Digital Platform AcqueraPro Launches for Yachts in the Med

Following months of painstaking testing and tweaking, the brand-new digital platform created by pioneering yachting agency Acquera Yachting has now been officially launched: AcqueraPro.

Now available for the whole industry to use and enjoy at the press of a button, AcqueraPro provides instantaneous access to all of the information captains and crew might need when arriving at a port. This includes all of the necessary forms and paperwork which must be completed — cleverly tailored to each individual port — as well as exclusive, insider knowledge about the area to enable those on board to create the best possible itineraries for their guests.

As it stands in 2023, captains and crew frequently roll their eyes at the time it takes to complete all these port forms on paper. Indeed, 74% of those testing out AcqueraPro for themselves described the bureaucracy and paperwork needed to enter a port as ‘a laborious job that takes a lot of time.’

What’s the alternative? AcqueraPro, which serves to seriously streamline and optimise cruising operations, enabling captains, crew and managers alike to focus on what really matters: making the owner’s and guests’ time on board as enjoyable and memorable as possible.

A user-friendly design 

Designed with ease of use and accessibility in mind, the design of AcqueraPro takes its inspiration from one of the world’s top streaming companies, and it shows.

AcqueraPro benefits from a clean and user-friendly layout which is intuitive for all users, from the most technically savvy to the most technophobic and time-poor crew members — and, let’s face it, sometimes you just need to be out on deck or at the helm, not sitting behind a screen.

Alvise Tositti, Chief Strategy Officer at Acquera Yachting explains more: “Those who have already tested out the system have told us how enjoyable and straightforward it is for them to use, and this is music to our ears!”

He continues: “Since its inception, the whole system has been continuously upgraded as far as user experience is concerned, ensuring that it is as simple as possible to collate all of the information you need to know for your upcoming trip.”

Testing: 1, 2, 3…

After seeing AcqueraPro in action for ourselves, it’s clear that Tositti’s description is spot on. The platform enables users to connect instantly with the relevant Acquera office to check a port’s availability for the desired dates, book in their berth, and then see which forms they are required to complete, covering immigration, customs, garbage disposal and many more.

With the days of time-consuming pen and paper far behind us, the pre-completed forms are then instantly available for users to download and save securely in a matter of seconds.


And the results for users? They speak for themselves. In a survey of AcqueraPro users — all of whom are current captains working on operational vessels — 90% agreed that they find it easier to book a berth using AcqueraPro than with the usual methods. When asked what they think of the platform’s ability to pre-fill out and provide all of the necessary documentation for each port, 96% of those surveyed described this feature as ‘very useful’.

Opening your eyes

Alongside the operational side of the platform, AcqueraPro also offers exceptional experience and leisure functionalities to all of its users. Harnessing the expertise and local knowledge of its 100+ team members who work on the ground all around the world, AcqueraPro offers a truly unrivaled database of leisure activities and insider tips.

Kept continually updated to meet the ever-changing demands of clients, the database has been built using the latest cutting edge technology and features all of the best high-end restaurants, local amenities and leisure activities in an area.

Step aside Google and TripAdvisor: AcqueraPro’s recommendations stand head and shoulders above what you can find on a standard internet search as it caters to the very specific needs and tastes of a superyacht clientele.

Information is everything

Naturally, putting together so much information has not been without its challenges for Acquera, as Tositti highlights: “As a company, I can tell you that we have now uploaded more than 18,000 items to our database — which has certainly taken time and so we have divided this particular task up between our various offices!

“However, we know that providing so much detailed information to our users will add huge value to our platform and keep us ahead of the competition. If you are new to a region, it can be extremely overwhelming planning your trip, so having all of this tailored information at your fingertips is absolutely invaluable for creating the best possible itineraries.” 

Super speedy costings

Indeed, rather than being a headache, itinerary planning and costing are simplified beautifully by AcqueraPro. Quotations for any itinerary can be generated within a matter of seconds: just input the desired destination, as well as the dimensions and gross tonnage of your vessel, and the tool will send you an immediate quotation covering all of the compulsory port costs involved.

As a handy bonus feature, if you want to forward this newly generated travel plan to your owner for approval, the platform can generate a PDF in a matter of seconds. Of course, if the owner changes their mind about where they wish to travel (or the weather decides to misbehave), generating a brand new quotation can be done in a matter of minutes.

Open to all

Now available for a free 21-day trial, it is important to note that the platform is not exclusive to Acquera Yachting’s existing clients and can be enjoyed by all who wish to try it out for themselves.

As Tositti explains: “As an international-reaching company with more than 20 years of experience behind us, we are passionate about promoting transparency and sharing our expert knowledge within the entire industry, not just our existing Acquera clients. Speaking as the platform goes live, we are keen to offer this exceptional level of service to all potential users, and so have built a system which we know will provide major benefits to everyone.”

And who exactly can benefit from giving the platform a try? Potential users range from captains to yacht managers, chief stews, pursers, owners and their guests and many more. To find out more about the specific benefits which AcqueraPro can offer for each role, see our previous article here

To discover more about AcqueraPro and sign up for the free 21-day trial for yourself, visit here


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