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Only Captains - Executive Search & Mentoring for Superyacht Captains

Posted: 10th Aug 2020

Written by: OnboardOnline

As yachts continue to grow in value, size and complexity, Captains Brendan O'Shannassy and Malcolm Jacotine have joined forces to launch OnlyCaptains.com, the first executive search and command mentoring service specifically for superyacht captains. Read More

Eco Vision at The Boat Works in Australia

Posted: 10th Aug 2020

Written by: Charmaine Webb

Environmental management, sustainability and stringent procedures are top priorities at The Boat Works, already positioned as industry leaders in customer service, a vast array of skills and quality tradesmen. Read More

Why Cruise Croatia During COVID-19?

Posted: 28th Jul 2020

Written by: Evolution Yachting

A place of many different landscapes and experiences, now is the perfect moment to cruise the isolated and unspoiled Adriatic islands and enjoy the Croatian clear waters. Entering Croatia in these uncertain times has proven to be much easier than expected. Read More

France: Sanitary Measures for Ports & Vessels

Posted: 24th Jul 2020

Written by: ECPY

Further to publication of Decree No. 2020-0160 ‘Covid-19 Sanitary Measures for Ports and Yachts’ by the Prefecture of the Alpes Maritimes on 27 February, ECPY would like to clarify a number of queries raised by the yachting community.  Read More

La Ciotat Shipyards Cut Prices to Boost 2020-21 Refit Season

Posted: 23rd Jul 2020

Written by: Alice Boisseau

Due to the economic impact of Covid-19, La Ciotat Shipyards will receive financial support from the local government allowing them to offer significant and targeted price cuts to refit companies operating in La Ciotat as of the autumn. Read More

Discover Ischia Island Away from the Masses

Posted: 23rd Jul 2020

Written by: Caterina Oliviero

For owners or charter guests who want to experience the Gulf of Naples this summer, far away from the masses, Ischia Island is the ideal yachting destination for an isolated cruise. This unexplored superyacht haven is one of the most beautiful, despite being relatively unknown. Read More

Update on Italian VAT for Yacht Charters & Leasing

Posted: 22nd Jul 2020

Written by: OnboardOnline

Domenico Rinaldi of law firm SP Legal provides an update on further legislative changes to Italian VAT on yacht charters and leasing under the new 'proof regime' described in the Italian VAT Code (Italian Presidential Decree no. 633/72). Read More

Update on Travel to Greece - July 2020

Posted: 21st Jul 2020

Written by: Katerina Fotopoulou

As Greece re-opens for international visitors, the list of countries whose citizens are allowed entry will be updated every two weeks, and more frequently if necessary. Here's the list of countries and the protocol on arrival. Read More

New 50-Yacht Marina Planned in the Andaman Islands

Posted: 10th Jul 2020

Written by: Linda Cartlidge

A new 50-yacht marina is in the process of being constructed at Port Blair Harbour, ideal for international yachts and superyachts planning a cruise around the Andaman Islands. Read More

Fraser Signs National Pact for Energy Transition with Monaco Government

Posted: 10th Jul 2020

Written by: Charlotte Bailey

Fraser has signed the official National Pact for Energy Transition (Pacte National pour la Transition Énergétique) with the Monaco Government, the first yachting company to do so. This signing is the result of a number of green initiatives instigated by Fraser. Read More

Onboard COVID Testing Available at IGY Sète Marina

Posted: 6th Jul 2020

Written by: Bert Fowles

IGY Sète Marina has introduced rapid COVID-19 testing for vessel guests, crew and vendors, as well as for private jet and helicopter passengers on request. Appointments are required for testing and should be scheduled 48 - 72 hours prior to departure to allow time for results. Read More

MarineMax Acquires Northrop & Johnson

Posted: 1st Jul 2020

Written by: OnboardOnline

Northrop & Johnson announces its acquisition by MarineMax, Inc., the largest recreational boat and yacht retailer in the US. This follows its 2019 acquisition of Fraser Yachts, making MarineMax the dominant leader in the superyacht services business. Read More

Norway to Welcome Visitors From July 15

Posted: 1st Jul 2020

Written by: Ola Alexander Lilloe-Olsen

The Norwegian government have announced that citizens and people with residency in EEA and Schengen countries can travel to Norway from July 15 provided the levels of infection are acceptable. Quarantine will no longer be required on entry from these countries and regions. Read More

Cyber Security Expert Joins Pelion Consulting

Posted: 1st Jul 2020

Written by: Pelion Consulting

Pelion Consulting, the specialist in superyacht and maritime cyber security, is delighted to announce that Campbell Murray has joined them as their new Chief Security Officer. Campbell brings with him more than two decades of cyber security experience and knowledge. Read More

COVID-19 Update: Cruising in the South of France

Posted: 30th Jun 2020

Written by: Florian Feret

France has lifted restrictions on its internal European borders and is moving towards gradually opening its external borders from July 1, as is all Europe. People coming from EU member states are now able to enter French territory without restrictions and are exempt from quarantine. Read More

New Transport Agreement for Charters - Training with ECPY

Posted: 25th Jun 2020

Written by: Thierry Voisin

Following the release of ECPY's new Transport Agreement at the beginning of the season, there are bound to be questions on how it works and how it differs from the MYBA Charter Agreement. ECPY is therefore holding a training session for members and non-members on Wednesday 1 July 2020 at Terminal 2 of the Port of Nice. Read More

Evolution Yachting Launches a Unique Pricing Structure

Posted: 23rd Jun 2020

Written by: Anella Alcott

Evolution Yachting has announced the introduction of a revolutionary new unique pricing model for yacht agency fees, divided into three tiers according to different geographical regions that is clear and easy to understand. Read More

Maldives to Ease Travel Restrictions from June 29

Posted: 23rd Jun 2020

Written by: Linda Cartlidge

The Maldives has announced an ease in lockdown restrictions starting from June 29, 2020. As per the current plan, the first phase allows for the arrival of private jets and visiting tourists and yachts, with safety guidelines in place. Read More

The Current Status of Yachting in the Med

Posted: 22nd Jun 2020

Written by: OnboardOnline

The PYA once again brought together a panel of experts, this time to give us an update on yachting in the Mediterranean including the latest travel regulations and guidelines from its regional partners for port entry, anchorage and cruising in Italy, Greece, Malta, France and Monaco. Read More

COVID-19 Update: Cruising Spain this Summer

Posted: 19th Jun 2020

Written by: Xisco Notario

Sunday June 21 will see the end of the state of emergency in Spain, with Catalonia announcing that it has lifted the restrictions and entered the ‘new normal’. Movement within Spanish territory will be unrestricted and borders will be open to other EU/Schengen countries. Read More

Changes Made to Italian VAT on Charters

Posted: 19th Jun 2020

Written by: PG Legal

There has been an amendment to the Italian Budget Law for 2020 regulating the application of Italian VAT on short term yacht charters, which now only recognises ‘the delivery of the services’ of the charter of yachts outside the European Union if sailing in this region is adequately proved. Read More

Berkeley Rand at the Forefront of Remote Superyacht Exploration

Posted: 18th Jun 2020

Written by: Francesca Fenucci

With a growing number of yacht owners keen to venture into unchartered territory, BWA Yachting has launched Berkeley Rand to design and engineer off-the-grid expeditions, from remote polar regions to desert island archipelagos. Read More

Azimut Yachts to Offer Pure Air On Board Through Nasa Patent

Posted: 18th Jun 2020

Written by: Andrea Sculati

Living up to its role as forerunner, Azimut Yachts is the first shipyard to choose a system patented by Nasa to renew and sanitise the air on board its yachts. Called MMVS, the system will be fitted to new models produced by Azimut Yachts, starting with the new Magellano 25 Metri. Read More

Evolution Yachting Launches In-House Provisioning Service

Posted: 17th Jun 2020

Written by: Anella Alcott

Evolution Yachting has announced the launch of a new in-house provisioning brand Galley & Pantry across its 20 offices in nine countries throughout the Mediterranean, helping chefs to source food from local suppliers with the support of a hub company in Barcelona. Read More

The Boat Works’ Superyacht Yard is in Full Swing

Posted: 15th Jun 2020

Written by: Charmaine Webb

Attracting several of the regions superyachts since officially opening in February 2020, the $100 million superyacht yard at The Boat Works is winning over captains and owners with its world-class facilities and unique hospitality.

Read More

Sovren Nautical Academy Roles Out Virtual Classroom Courses

Posted: 11th Jun 2020

Written by: Sovren Nautical Academy

In March this year, Sovren Group acquired Aigua Sea School in Palma de Mallorca to launch a new era of the Sovren Nautical Academy in Palma and Barcelona. Shortly after the acquisition, the pandemic struck and all schools were closed through Spain and most of Europe. Read More

COVID-19 Update: Cruising in West Italy and Sicily

Posted: 10th Jun 2020

Written by: Alessandro Demichelis

Italy is now open to all visitors holding EU and UK passports for all purposes including tourism, with quarantine no longer a requirement for the aforementioned nationalities. People may move freely between regions and all vessels are able to navigate freely. Read More

Nansen Polar Expeditions Bridges the Gap Between Luxury and Adventure

Posted: 9th Jun 2020

Written by: OnboardOnline

Launched this month, Nansen Polar Expeditions is an expedition yacht charter company which brings together adventure expedition tours, luxury yacht charters and wildlife conservation under the website name and motto 'We Follow Heroes'. Read More

Seafarers Awareness Week 2020: Safety at Sea

Posted: 9th Jun 2020

Written by: OnboardOnline

As an island nation, the UK has an ongoing dependence on the men and women who work at sea. It therefore seems befitting that once a year the industry and those who dedicate their careers to the ocean are honoured in Seafarers Awareness Week. Read More

COVID-19 Update: Cruising the Ionian Islands

Posted: 5th Jun 2020

Written by: Chris Peacock

The Ionian region has been relatively untouched by COVID-19, many areas including Saranda, Paxos, Kefalonia and Ithaka have not reported one single case. There are currently 266 active cases in the whole of Albania and Corfu has only had three confirmed cases so far. Read More


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