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Exclusive Yachts Welcomes Jill Hinckley as Brand Ambassador

Exclusive Yachts, a premier yachting membership club, has announced the appointment of Jill Hinckley as its new Brand Ambassador. With a storied background in the yachting industry and a passion for bringing people together on the water, Jill is set to enhance the Exclusive Yachts experience for members old and new.

“I am thrilled to join Exclusive Yachts as their Brand Ambassador,” said Jill Hinckley. “This opportunity allows me to blend my lifelong love of boating with my passion for connecting people. I look forward to helping Exclusive Yachts members enjoy unparalleled yachting experiences around the world.”

Jill Hinckley comes from a lineage deeply rooted in yachting history. Her grandfather founded Hinckley Yachts in 1928, an iconic name in the industry. Growing up in this environment, Jill developed a profound love for the sea and a deep understanding of the yachting lifestyle. 

Jill’s husband, Sandy Spaulding co-founded Barton & Gray Mariners Club. This innovative club has been a trailblazer in non-traditional yacht ownership, aligning with the experiential economy’s growing trend. Jill and Sandy believe that the boat membership club’s proven model takes all of the hassle out of the boating experience, allowing members to relax and enjoy time with their family and friends.

Most recently, Jill launched LOVE + BOATS, a community that unites people who share a passion for boats and everything related to them. This initiative aligns perfectly with her role at Exclusive Yachts, where she aims to foster a community of members who create unforgettable memories on the water.

“We are incredibly fortunate to have Jill Hinckley representing Exclusive Yachts,” said David Arredondo, CEO of Exclusive Yachts. “Her expertise, passion, and vision for the yachting lifestyle are unmatched. Jill’s involvement will undoubtedly elevate our members’ experiences and help us grow our community.”

Jill's decision to join Exclusive Yachts is a testament to her belief in the club's vision and value. Reflecting on her past experiences, Jill has expressed enthusiasm for the variety and flexibility that Exclusive Yachts offers, setting it apart from other membership clubs. Her insights highlight the unique offerings of Exclusive Yachts, which include a diverse fleet ranging from 35 to 115 feet and international destinations.

This summer, Jill will focus on acquiring new members for Exclusive Yachts in the Northeast, particularly in Maine, Massachusetts, and New York, including the Hamptons and surrounding areas. Additionally, she will extend her influence in Palm Beach, Florida. 

For more information on membership options and Exclusive Yachts’ unparalleled yachting experiences, please visit ExclusiveYachts.Club.

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