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Yacht Migration: Transport Trends with DYT’s Laura Tempest

When it comes to professional yacht transport, few companies can compete with the expertise and experience of DYT Yacht Transport (DYT). For over 30 years, DYT has provided specific routes that superyachts depend upon every year. The Caribbean, Balearics, South of France and Florida are - unsurprisingly - the most sought after yacht transport routes.

According to the experts at DYT, what’s surprising is that these migration routes have been relatively unaffected by the global upheavals of the pandemic.

“The pandemic has certainly affected the migration of yachts but not in the way you might think,” says DYT General Manager Laura Tempest. “Looking back now, it’s clear that most superyachts, specifically those that were for charter, had their seasonal plans change. What DYT witnessed was the migration of privately owned yachts of every size, needing to repatriate to their home countries. Our vessels were able to keep their original scheduling for the most part and provide services to the yachts that needed to get home.”

The services provided by DYT minimised disruption during the chaos of the pandemic, but DYT noticed another trend. As the market saw an increase in yacht sales during the second quarter of 2020 through to today, this created new business opportunities for yacht transport companies like DYT. All the yachts sold needed to make their way to their new owners, after all. “As most of the world has witnessed, the pandemic created a boom in yacht sales,” Tempest explains. “So as the market picked up, over the past 18 months, DYT was fortunate enough to transport many yachts to their new owners.”

“My role is very simple,” Tempest continues. “I ensure our clients are receiving the highest level of service and attention with regards to their transport needs. It takes an incredible group of people to make sure this is accomplished every day, and I’m lucky to be alongside each of my colleagues to get it done.” 

Here we talk more to Tempest on the changing trends in yacht migration and the latest update on the new Yacht Servant - DYT’s most exciting yacht carrier to date.

Can you describe a typical year at DYT? 

Our year begins in March, with options to be picked up in the Caribbean or Florida and delivered to the Western Mediterranean. This runs through to July. Starting in late August, we then begin our return service from the Western Mediterranean to Florida and the Caribbean, which runs through to December.

DYT 1200x630 2

With global travel restrictions and lockdowns, how has DYT overcome the many challenges faced?

We had to get creative and try to look at our planning through a completely different lens.

Our success came with being very ‘inflexible’ with regard to our schedule. If we were to add port calls or do anything that would jeopardise our clients’ yachts not reaching the Antigua Charter Show, for example, then we would not be living up to expectations. Our clients are paying for that ‘inflexibility’ to guarantee that we get them where we said we would when we said we would. They base their planning as much on us as we do on them.

The pandemic brought us out of that comfort zone. It allowed us to explore other destinations and scheduling practices because the emphasis on a particular boat show or event was not heavily present. We still delivered our service as promised and on time but with a slightly different approach.

In respect of COVID-19, what measures have you incorporated to protect the yacht crew and other employees?

We have enacted COVID-19 protocols on board all our vessels since the pandemic started. We limit crew that can come on board. Guests cannot enter the superstructure of our carriers. All guests must wear masks and respect 1.5m social distancing. The biggest measure affects any riders that go along with the yacht on a voyage. Pre-Covid, riders could enter the superstructure of the carrier and have access to all meals on our carrier. However, Covid protocols halted those practices. Now all riders are limited to their own yachts and must provide their own meals.

DYT 1200x630 3

Have you seen an increase in activity this summer season?

I think the 2021 Mediterranean summer season is going well. It’s much improved from 2020, and we expect 2022 to be one of the best on record for the Mediterranean yachting industry. The Caribbean has been a bit more impacted by the pandemic. We can gauge activity better when we see what has been shipped into/out of the Caribbean and, since last year, it’s been extremely slow for superyachts. Numerous superyachts have stayed down there since the pandemic began so, hopefully, they can support the needs of those who are still interested in a Caribbean season.

Do you see more superyacht clients looking for off-the-beaten-track adventures?

I think there is a big trend in this direction. We provide a service annually, every December, to Tahiti, Australia, and New Zealand. In years past, we would see up to four superyachts a year making their way Down Under. Not all were necessarily classified as ‘exploration’ yachts, but they certainly had exploration on their minds. Today, as we plan for our next sailing to that region, we are counting on anywhere from four to eight superyachts.

I don’t doubt that the Mediterranean and the Caribbean will ever lack yachts, but I do believe that more and more yacht owners have the desire to explore new, more remote areas. Relaxed charter rules in some of these regions help tremendously, of course, and it seems that is happening as well. Our schedule also works well with this planning. Since we are only shipping to/from the region on a yearly basis, it allows the yachts plenty of time for exploring before we are back to pick them up. 

DYT 1200x630

What can we expect to see from DYT in the near future?

We’re excited to attend the Monaco Yacht Show 2021. We will also be present for FLIBS and other smaller events through the remainder of 2021. The new 213 metre Yacht Servant is also due to be delivered in 2021. Having been a part of Dockwise Yacht Transport when the first-ever purpose-built yacht carrier, Yacht Express, was delivered, I wasn’t sure there would ever be anything to get more excited about than that, but here we are! The Yacht Servant is the second purpose-built DYT yacht carrier, and she is most definitely a great extension of a great idea and excellent design.

For more information on DYT’s world-class yacht transport services or to learn more about the latest yacht trends, visit the DYT team at the Monaco Yacht Show 2021 from 22nd to 25th September in Port Hercule.


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