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Captain Simon Ladbrooke: From New Zealand to Venice and Ship to Shore

Posted: 29th Mar 2024

Written by: Sam Watson

Having sailed around the world from the Galapagos to Myanmar, Captain Simon Ladbrooke fondly remembers his adventures at sea and sheds light on the evolving landscape of crew placement today. Read More

IGY Shipyard Program: A Case Study at IGY Sète Marina

Posted: 28th Feb 2024

Written by: Sam Watson

IGY Sète Marina in France has been quietly expanding its services for superyachts, rapidly gaining status among captains who have experienced its innovative shipyard program firsthand. Read More

Be First in Line this Season with IGY Trident

Posted: 28th Feb 2024

Written by: Sam Watson

Since its launch in Miami in May 2022, Trident membership has become a captain’s best friend as the most elegant way for their superyacht to be first in line anywhere in the world.  Read More

Scuba Diving - A Review of Safety On Board

Posted: 15th Feb 2024

Written by: Captain Dominique Geysen

'Safety First' under water is non-negotiable, but when diving accidents occur on board yachts, “we don’t talk about it” is the preferred debriefing. Dominique Geysen explores the top and bottom of scuba safety on board. Read More

Superyachts: ISPS in the Age of Climate Activism

Posted: 13th Dec 2023

Written by: Captain Rod Hatch

Since implementation of the ISPS Code in 2004, maritime security protocols have focused on preventing terrorism. Fast forward to 2023, and what does it tell us about the more recent threat posed by climate activists? Read More

TIPS - An Insider’s Guide to Boosting Gratuities

Posted: 22nd Nov 2023

Written by: OnboardOnline

Working on charter yachts, Antoine Capstick spent a lot of time pondering how to maximise guest tips, picking the brains of some of the best in the game and eventually penning a book. Here he gives us a taste of what to expect. Read More

Speaking with IGY's Leticia Delgado at Marina Cabo San Lucas 

Posted: 15th Nov 2023

Written by: Sam Watson

As part of the top team at Marina Cabo San Lucas, Administrative Manager Leticia Delgado continues to be instrumental in the development of facilities and services at one of the busiest ports in Mexico. Read More

Speaking with IGY's Bert Fowles Ahead of Monaco Yacht Show 2023

Posted: 24th Sep 2023

Written by: Karen Hockney

Ahead of the Monaco Yact Show, Bert Fowles reflects on another milestone year for IGY Marinas. “The last time I was at MYS was about five years ago and I’m excited to be back reconnecting with our destination partners," he says. Read More

Raising The Bar Launches Career Maps to Engage, Inspire and Retain Superyacht Talent

Posted: 12th Sep 2023

Written by: Gemma Harris

As the global fleet continues to grow year on year, high crew turnover is a constant drain on skills and resources. So what should the superyacht industry do to attract and retain talent, and where do we start? Read More

Yacht Crew and the Mid-Season Madness

Posted: 21st Jul 2023

Written by: The K Flag

After a few seasons we have a sense of realism about what our fellow humans are capable of and know that most of us will scrabble our way through to the end of a season with some inevitably undignified days along the way. Read More

The Future of Superyachts: Event Insights Through the Lens of Gen Z

Posted: 7th Jul 2023

Written by: Amelia Farrington

As an intern at Blue ESG, working alongside Nigel Marrison this summer, Ameila brings a fresh perspective as an environmental science student approaching her final year at university, with no prior exposure to the superyacht industry. Read More

The Future of Superyachts: Who or What is Driving the Ship?

Posted: 3rd Jul 2023

Written by: Sam Watson

As one of many writers who is openly freaked out about the looming impact of ChatGPT on my job and my business, I finally decided to give it a go in writing a review of the recent Quaynote conference in London entitled: The Future of Superyachts. Read More

Who is Driving the Future of Superyachts?

Posted: 19th Jun 2023

Written by: Lorna Titley

As we grapple with the impact of geopolitics, climate change and shifting demographics, who or what will determine trends over the next decade? Will technology set the agenda for further change, or will sustainability dictate the shape of things to come? Read More

Behind the Scenes with Superyacht Nanny Ella Peters

Posted: 31st May 2023

Written by: OnboardOnline

Have you always dreamed of working as a superyacht nanny? Or are you considering dipping your toes into what is a highly complex yet rewarding role on board? Then let us introduce you to Ella Peters. Read More

Crew Relationships on Board: Casanova or Creep?

Posted: 22nd May 2023

Written by: The K Flag

A friend of mine once commented that working on yachts sounded a bit like living in an episode of Love Island. I have to admit, at times it can feel that way. Close proximity can breed sexual attraction, happy hook-ups or the blossoming of beautiful and lifelong romances. Read More

Combatting Suicide with Sail2Help

Posted: 17th May 2023

Written by: OnboardOnline

Suicide is still the biggest killer of young men in the UK. Following the tragic loss of his own son George, Captain Tim Davies shares his personal insight and what he hopes to achieve with his charitable organisation Sail2Help. Read More

Debunking Yachting’s Green Energy Solutions

Posted: 8th May 2023

Written by: Rachel Ingram

From hydrogen and electric to solar and HVO, we call on the help of industry expert and sustainability advocate Captain Malcom Jacotine
to explore the energy alternatives to diesel being floated by the superyacht industry.
Read More

How Old is 'Too Old' to Run a Superyacht?

Posted: 8th Mar 2023

Written by: The K Flag

Chatting with friends the other day we stumbled into that favoured yachty territory of telling funny stories of boats past and eventually the conversation turned to 'how old is too old’ when it comes to running a superyacht? Read More

Solace Boats: Rethinking the Centre Console

Posted: 1st Feb 2023

Written by: Richard Hagan

Hot on the heels of its headline-grabbing appearance at the Caribbean Charter Yacht Show in St Thomas in December 2022, we caught up with the diverse team behind Solace Boats to get the inside scoop on this dynamic brand. Read More

Leading by Example: John Veesma on the Road to Luxury Hospitality

Posted: 11th Jan 2023

Written by: Sam Watson

We sit down with John to discuss his eclectic career path, the successes – and challenges – that have put him where he is today, and why he believes LH Dynamics is set to tranform the way we train and develop high performing teams.  Read More

Christmas on Board – do you Love it or Hate it?

Posted: 16th Dec 2022

Written by: The K Flag

Are you on board for Christmas this year? Or maybe you’re at home? Are you a Christmas lover or a hater? I’ve always been the former, but I have to say even I found Christmases on board a yacht a bit challenging. Read More

Superyachts, Crew and the Climate Crisis: Are you Clean, Green and Serene?

Posted: 14th Nov 2022

Written by: The K Flag

How do you feel about working on a superyacht in a climate crisis? Do you harbour feelings of guilt every time you see the monstrous bunkering totals? Or do you feel like your keen adherence to the recycling bin separation offsets your sins? Read More

How World Fuel Services is Fuelling Superyachts Around the World

Posted: 27th Sep 2022

Written by: OnboardOnline

As a Fortune 500 company, providing energy procurement advisory services, supply fulfillment, and transaction management solutions to the marine and other industries, World Fuel Services must be doing something right. Read More

Taking Global Traveller Healthcare to the Next Level

Posted: 21st Sep 2022

Written by: Karen Hockney

Jennifer Bell, Global Client Services Account Manager at VIGILINT and Jonathan Schaffer, MD, GMAP Program Director within International Operations at Cleveland Clinic, discuss what Trident Collective members can expect when a healthcare issue strikes. Read More

Peter Vogel on the Road to Success with Luxury Hospitality

Posted: 21st Sep 2022

Written by: Sam Watson

Speaking with Peter Vogel, we take him back to the very beginning, to what inspired him, what he has learned and what he hopes to achieve long term for those working within the superyacht industry. Read More

Navium Marine’s Innovative Insurance Exclusive to the IGY Trident Collective

Posted: 12th Sep 2022

Written by: Georgia Tindale

As the hectic Mediterranean summer yachting season comes to an end, this year has also heralded some major news for the industry: the launch of the IGY Trident Collective, an exclusive membership program for superyacht owners. Read More

Forbes Travel Guide Partners with IGY Trident Collective to Elevate Superyacht Crew Service

Posted: 1st Sep 2022

Written by: Karen Hockney

Universally recognised as the leading authority on five-star guest experience, Forbes Travel Guide is bringing its unparalleled reputation in luxury hospitality to an exciting new partnership with IGY’s Trident Collective. Read More

"Now is the Time for Change": Jenny Matthews on Diversity in Yachting

Posted: 17th Aug 2022

Written by: Sam Watson

If you work in the superyacht industry, you will have heard the name Jenny Matthews. A chief officer and co-founder of She of the Sea and Legasea, Jenny is no stranger to the obstacles faced by those who don’t fit the traditional narrative of what it means to be a yachtie. Read More

Crew and the Cost of Living Crisis: Save or Splurge?

Posted: 15th Aug 2022

Written by: The K Flag

Are you a saver or a spender? Are you being more careful with your wages now that there’s a global cost of living crisis? Or do you feel nicely insulated from it on Planet Yacht? Read More

Fairport Yacht Support and IGY Marinas: Powering Choice for the Superyacht Elite

Posted: 4th Aug 2022

Written by: Karen Hockney

Graeme Lord, the founder and CEO of Fairport Yacht Support, has an impressive sea-faring history dating back generations. Indeed, it has shaped the DNA and very identity of Fairport and everything it offers. Read More


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