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Leadership in Developing a Culture of Safety First

Posted: 11th Sep 2017

Written by: Karen Passman

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a reported 80% of incidents and accidents at sea are caused by human error. The interesting question is why? Are we putting people in positions of authority without the appropriate training? Ar... Read More

Yachting’s Next Generation

Posted: 7th Sep 2017

Written by: Bianca Ljungberg

The Monaco chapter of Young Professionals in Yachting (YPY) is now in its fifth year, with an even stronger vision to attract the very best of yachting’s next generation. The first YPY opened its doors in Fort Lauderdale in 2009 a... Read More

The Impact of Technology on Safety in Superyachts

Posted: 4th Sep 2017

Written by: Matt Hyde & Sam Wheaton

The use of technology has played an invaluable role in ensuring the safe arrival of sailors and crew members for hundreds of years, from the sextant to radio to satellite. From the perspective of a superyacht engineer there are ma... Read More

Safe Navigation - What are we Still Failing to Address?

Posted: 31st Aug 2017

Written by: Captain Adrian Croft

Currently there is no regulatory requirement for any deck officer (including Master) following the attainment of their last CoC, to be formally re-assessed (post ECDIS certification) as to the level of their navigational skills at... Read More

Is Crew Training Disconnected?

Posted: 24th Aug 2017

Written by: John Wyborn

I have watched the growth of the superyacht industry over the last 27 years and in my opinion it's one of the most exciting and stimulating careers at sea that anyone could have. But I also believe that we don’t train people prope... Read More

Open Reply: Big Changes with Small Thinking

Posted: 19th Aug 2017

Written by: Captain Adrian Croft

An open reply from Captain Adrian Croft to the article 'Big Changes with Small Thinking written by Captain Rod Hatch - Part 2 in our series 'Perspectives on the Safety Culture in Yachting'. Read More

Big Changes With Small Thinking

Posted: 17th Aug 2017

Written by: Captain Rod Hatch

SOLAS, STCW, MARPOL, ISM and ISPS were all drafted to improve safety at sea, while MLC 2006 has enshrined seafarers’ rights to a safe place of work. None prevented the sinking of M/Y Yogi in February 2012 or the fatal accidents on... Read More

The Evolution of Yachts for Leisure

Posted: 11th Aug 2017

Written by: Ian Biles

The origins of yachting, like the word itself, probably originate in the Netherlands (which seems kind of appropriate to me). The first yachts were light, fast vessels used to convey important persons or messages and they evolved ... Read More

Perspectives on the Safety Culture in Yachting

Posted: 9th Aug 2017

Written by: Sam Watson

Working on a superyacht conjures up a lot of things but risk of life and limb isn’t one of them. If you listen to insider stories on incidents and near misses you start to wonder, although the yachting industry is characteristical... Read More

Unsung Heroes: Meet the Load Master with DYT Yacht Transport

Posted: 22nd Jul 2017

Written by: Karen Hockney

Like many industries, yachting has its share of unsung heroes doing all manner of skilled and important jobs that we never hear about. Following Matt Hyde's article about riding a yacht in transit, we wanted to know how these yach... Read More

Crisis at Sea off the Cote d’Azur

Posted: 24th May 2017

Written by: Captain Rod Hatch

It happened recently near Cannes and the general public knew nothing about it. A superyacht was involved in three MOB incidents, a fire broke out on board, SNSM lifeboats were scrambled, and a burns victim was airlifted by a naval... Read More

Going Local with Caterina Oliviero of BWA Italy

Posted: 3rd May 2017

Written by: Sam Watson

When your clients are anywhere and everywhere you need a global presence to take care of business. For successful yacht agents this means having a local network on the ground with the expert knowledge and passion to give clients t... Read More

Sea Shepherd's Operation Nemesis

Posted: 30th Apr 2017

Written by: Karen Hockney

The crew carrying out Sea Shepherd’s Operation Nemesis recently returned to Fremantle after a three month whale defence campaign in the Southern Ocean. Reflecting on the outcomes, we spoke with the captains of M/Y Ocean Warrior an... Read More

What do You Know About Yacht Transport?

Posted: 25th Apr 2017

Written by: Sam Watson

For decades yacht owners have been using yacht transport services to get around the problem of range or to save on engine time and avoid wear and tear. It's also an opportunity to give the crew some down time between seasons. What... Read More

The Man Behind the Next Generation VOR One Design

Posted: 15th Apr 2017

Written by: Volvo Ocean Race

Guillaume Verdier is working on plans for the next generation Volvo Ocean Race One Design and the final decision between a monohull vs. multihull is just weeks away. French born Verdier shares his insight into the design process, ... Read More

Nautical Structures & the Art of Heavy Lifting

Posted: 28th Mar 2017

Written by: Captain Ken Kreisler

Nautical Structures is known as the go-to powerhouse for tender handling and boarding systems for superyachts, a niche that's far more creative and diverse than one might think. With a new service hub in Fort Lauderdale and some e... Read More

Developing Crew Stability: The Crew Turnover Survey

Posted: 10th Mar 2017

Written by: Karen Passman

There are many myths and differing perceptions about the causes of crew turnover, but it remains a challenging issues for the superyacht industry. Last year Impact Crew conducted a crew turnover survey to identify the facts and di... Read More

Sea Shepherd: Cool Ships and Conservation

Posted: 1st Mar 2017

Written by: Captain Mark Russell

Marine wildlife has been a passion of mine for many years and when Sea Shepherd announced in early 2015 that they were building a new custom patrol vessel in Turkey, I wanted to get involved. Unfortunately the timing was off but l... Read More

Yacht Design: Shining a Light on Southampton with Giles Barkley

Posted: 5th Feb 2017

Written by: Karen Hockney

When it comes to choosing the right degree course for a career in superyacht design or production, there aren’t many institutions worldwide that can compete with the two Yacht Design and Production degrees taught at Southampton So... Read More

Paolo Casani of Camper & Nicholsons on the Impact of Technology & Changing Patterns of Wealth

Posted: 7th Jan 2017

Written by: Sam Watson

Camper & Nicholsons is a familiar brand with a face you can trust, but yacht brokerage is notoriously competitive and according to President Paolo Casani, a number of trends are keeping the big players on their toes. Read More

Cyberbullying: An Extended Guide

Posted: 27th Dec 2016

Written by: Jenny Holt

With the ease and convenience of technology comes a new set of issues. Cyber attacks at sea have increased and it seems hackers can access pretty much anything. Another more sinister abuse of the internet is cyberbullying. It can ... Read More

The Future: Life, the Universe and Everything

Posted: 23rd Dec 2016

Written by: Shawn Engbrecht

I'll be honest: I wasn't sure whether or not to publish this piece. There are exceptions but, for many people, 2016 was a stinker! Smiles still abound, but when something like this comes across my desk I have to stop and think. It... Read More

Josh Richardson on the Business of Superyacht Tenders & Toys

Posted: 13th Nov 2016

Written by: Sam Watson

As superyachts get bigger and the quest for novelty continues, there's growing demand for custom tenders and toys at sea and on land. Josh Richardson saw the opportunity to deliver, but there's more to this story than luck. Read More

Social Responsibility and Yachting - How we can all get involved

Posted: 10th Oct 2016

Written by: Isobel Odendaal

With Hurricanes Matthew and Nicole currently wreaking havoc in the Caribbean, Bahamas and USA, and already having beaten down Haiti, I thought it appropriate in this month’s column, to discuss how yachties can become more socially... Read More

Reportage from a Voiles Virgin!

Posted: 8th Oct 2016

Written by: Katie Jane Howson

This year for the first time I attended the Voiles de St Tropez on the press boat for OnboardOnline. Arriving at the Voiles Village the sense of expectation was palpable and with its infamous location and sailing prestige, synonym... Read More

Yacht Carbon Offset: PR Hype or Making a Difference?

Posted: 27th Sep 2016

Written by: OnboardOnline

Yacht Carbon Offset is not a particularly sexy proposition but if there's substance to the hype, why aren't more yacht owners signing up? What are the barriers and what needs to change? Mark Robinson argues the case. Read More

French Polynesia with Etienne Boutin: CEO Tahiti Ocean

Posted: 26th Sep 2016

Written by: Sam Watson

When you think of Tahiti, you think of palm trees and reefs and beautiful people living the simple island life. All of this is true, but French Polynesia is also a semi-autonomous territory of France and when it comes to superyach... Read More

Debbie Blazey Discusses the Challenges & Triumphs in Yacht Crew Placement Today

Posted: 15th Sep 2016

Written by: OnboardOnline

Like so many of us in the yachting industry, Debbie Blazy, Director of Recruitment at Camper & Nicholsons, had an interesting journey getting here. Years later, and having witnessed a lot of change, Debbie shines a light on the ch... Read More

Debbie Elliott Discusses Training for Yacht Crew Working on Private Jets

Posted: 14th Sep 2016

Written by: OnboardOnline

Private aircraft with fewer than 19 seats are not legally required to have trained cabin crew and many yacht crew find themselves working on board the boss's private jet without any specific training. Debbie Elliott of TAG Global ... Read More

Danny McGowan on the Role of Nautilus in Yachting

Posted: 17th Aug 2016

Written by: OnboardOnline

For many seafarers, Nautilus International is an important ally during their maritime careers, while for many in the yachting industry it remains a bit of a mystery. Nautilus wants to change this. Read More


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