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App Review: Evernote Hello

Posted: 2nd Apr 2014

Written by: Lars Liedberg

Have you ever found yourself racking your brain to remember someone’s name the next time you see them? Evernote’s mobile phone and tablet app Hello is there to help you. Read More

App for Crew Hours of Work and Rest

Posted: 26th Mar 2014

Written by: Andy Levy- Great Circle Systems

Triton Administrator has now has an app which tracks seafarers' hours of work and rest, making record-keeping and following MLC regulations easier on board your yacht. Read More

8 Mobile Apps for the Constant Mariner

Posted: 17th Mar 2014

Written by: John Matsuya- Bizshark

Sailing technology has come a long way since sextants and moon compasses. In fact, some of the most useful boating technology out there now comes in app form Read More

MTN Launches Another Industry First with “OceanCast” High-Definition, Live Event Streaming from Ships

Posted: 14th Mar 2014

Written by: Liz de Castro, MTN Communications

In yet another industry first, MTN Communications (MTN) is launching “MTN OceanCast. Read More

New App Enables Access to Shipping Fleet Data

Posted: 13th Mar 2014

Written by: Handy Shipping Guide

From a name that in the world of shipping is bordering on the prehistoric,Lloyd’s Register Marine has created an app to enable access to ship and fleet data from anywhere in the world. Read More

MTN Expands Communications Network in Southeast Asia and Oceania Regions with NewSat

Posted: 10th Mar 2014

Written by: MTN Communications

MTN Communications (MTN) announces its expansion of the world’s most powerful maritime and remote broadband communications network in yet another key region through an agreement with NewSat. Read More

How Sailors Become Scientists

Posted: 24th Feb 2014

Written by: Sarah Peake

Scientists at Plymouth University’s marine institute in England have embarked on a project that could become one of the biggest collaborations of seafarers of all time. Read More

Do's and Don'ts for Buying and Installing a Marine VSAT Antenna

Posted: 21st Feb 2014

Written by: Great Circle Systems

Following a few do’s and don'ts should improve your overall VSAT purchase and installation experience. Great Circle Systems provides some simple-to-follow advice. Read More


Posted: 21st Feb 2014

Written by: Lars Liedberg

In today’s world of information overload it’s becoming harder and harder to keep up with the things you really want to read online. Then along comes Pocket. Read More

Sochi 2014 - Olympic Apps

Posted: 9th Feb 2014

Written by: Daniel Shea

The Winter Olympics are finally here. The opening ceremony kicked off the Games on Friday in Sochi and revealed a stunning display of visual pomp and grandeur. We’re going to present you with a series of apps that maintain that fo... Read More


Posted: 29th Jan 2014

Written by: Lauren Williams

If you become easily bored with the music you own, there's now a plethora of apps and sites which allow you to stream pre-made playlists with varying functions and features. Read More

Is Cloud Storage Stealing Your Internet Bandwidth?

Posted: 26th Jan 2014

Written by: Great Circle Systems

With the proliferation of cloud based backup services, crew members and guests are often inadvertently "stealing" bandwidth from more critical or time-sensitive activities. Read More

Stalemate in VSAT: Crying out for innovation

Posted: 8th Jan 2014

Written by: Edoardo Zarghetta

Had I been a user of satellite communications I would have been disappointed by Mets 2013. To be more precise, disappointed with the lack of developments, not with the show itself. Read More

Marine Mate

Posted: 31st Dec 2013

Written by:

This free smartphone app gives water users across New Zealand easy access to all the information they need when heading out onto the water including tides, rules and regulations, VHF channels, speed limits and marine reserve areas... Read More

Yacht Computers: Mac vs. PC

Posted: 31st Dec 2013

Written by: Great Circle Systems

Macs or PCs: Which are better to run a yacht's systems? Is it possible to use a combination of computer systems? Great Circle Systems offers some advice. Read More

2Do: An app that will nag you till it’s done

Posted: 27th Dec 2013

Written by: Daniel Shea

A boat, at one level, is a series of tasks. The bigger the boat, the more comprehensive the series of tasks becomes. You have regulatory checklists, maintenance checklists, culinary checklists, operational checklists. You have a c... Read More

WhatsApp: A Must Have!

Posted: 11th Dec 2013

Written by: Daniel Shea

Okay – so WhatsApp is nothing new. But – even if this review brings WhatsApp to only a few new users – it will be worth it. Why? Because WhatsApp is just that great. Read More

Apps To Get Your Money in Order

Posted: 1st Dec 2013

Written by: Daniel Shea

How do you manage your money, working between countries, between tax codes, between currencies, between banks? Imagine if there was an app... Read More

Innovation or Unnovation?

Posted: 28th Nov 2013

Written by: Sam Watson, OnboardOnline

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Scott MacFarland, a Digital Marketer and Brand Strategist, sitting in the media lounge during FLIBS. Scott is a regular contributor to the Huff Post and, the following week, while researching... Read More

Latte Macchiato and Elvis Fridge Magnets

Posted: 20th Nov 2013

Written by: Steve Wright

We live in a society absolutely dependent on science and technology, and yet have cleverly arranged things so that only a few really understand them. The suppression of uncomfortable ideas may be common in religion and politics, b... Read More

Sick of Missing the Game?

Posted: 13th Nov 2013

Written by: Daniel Shea

Just because you’re stuck scrubbing down the hull or manning a late-night watch does not grant you an automatic excuse to be negligent in your sporting life. There is no excuse. Your team doesn’t halt its matches the minute you be... Read More

Yacht Technology for New Builds—What’s on the Horizon

Posted: 23rd Oct 2013

Written by: Amy Levy

Technology changes so quickly that systems can become dated, or obsolete, in just a few years, so it’s a good idea to make purchases with an eye toward future developments. Read More

Diving Dude: The S.C.U.B.A. Logbook

Posted: 8th Oct 2013

Written by: Daniel Shea

Perhaps the most innovative thing about the use of apps in the modern world is their ability to track personal data. The S.C.U.B.A. logbook “Diving Dude” is a prime example. Read More

The iPhone App "Ship's Bell"

Posted: 23rd Sep 2013

Written by: 2K Yachting

Ship's Bell is primarily an acoustic clock that sounds half-hourly or hourly time signals. Without taking the phone out of your pocket you can easily keep track of time. Read More

Yacht Refits - More Bang for your Buck

Posted: 23rd Sep 2013

Written by: Amy Levy

Technology has changed so much in recent years but, even on older vessels, there are things you can do to greatly enhance your technology infrastructure. People in the yachting industry should expect to see many large yachts under... Read More

Net-Logic Launches 'VesselWatch' at MYS

Posted: 17th Sep 2013

Written by: Net-Logic

Hot on the heels of an innovation that saw the design and production of the world’s only fully approved wireless BNWAS system, the team at Net-Logic have created a solution that uses the world renowned and respected Motorola Motot... Read More

Captain’s Tool Box: A one-stop shop yachting app

Posted: 30th Aug 2013

Written by: Daniel Shea

In the cramped quarters shared by yacht crew, it’s especially important to use space wisely. Everything must have its proper place and everything must go back in its place when not in use. In many ways it’s a necessity; but even m... Read More

AroundMe: What's Out There?

Posted: 26th Jul 2013

Written by: Daniel Shea

One of the perks of the job is the variety of places you get to visit but, finding your way around is not always easy, especially when you have limited time. New places offer loads of exciting possibilities, but they also present ... Read More

Yacht Management Software - Usability and Interface Design

Posted: 24th Jul 2013

Written by: Amy Levy

For twelve years, Scott Strand worked himself up through the yacht crew ranks, starting as a deckhand while a University of Wisconsin college student in 1989 and ultimately becoming a captain in 2000. But these days, you can find ... Read More

VSAT Humour

Posted: 10th Jul 2013

Written by: Edoardo Zarghetta

It’s charter season in the Med. Here's a guide to help crew members love their VSAT systems, because VSAT can be fun, especially if you don’t have to use it! Read More


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