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Latte Macchiato and Elvis Fridge Magnets

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I've always believed that everything in life has a purpose; that things don't happen by chance.  That you are exactly where you are supposed to be, exactly when you are supposed to be there, not a moment before or after.

Chance is hardly by chance, if you follow my drift.

So what does that have to do with anything? Well it has everything to do with everything.

My purpose here is to start you thinking outside of the box, not to take what you know or what you think you know for granted.

Don't forget: before you, there were many. Don't you think many of those before you had grand ideas, schemes and ambitions?  Are you walking an old path, and what is ‘the new’?

"We make our world significant by the courage of our questions and by the depth of our answers". Carl Sagan

Knowledge is information passed from one person to another along with individual experience: You are today, directly because of your environment and the input of other people.

That being said, what do you really know...what is true and what is not?

We live in a society absolutely dependent on science and technology, and yet have cleverly arranged things so that only a few really understand science and technology. The suppression of uncomfortable ideas may be common in religion and politics, but it is not the path to knowledge; it has no place in the endeavor of science.

Ancient technological suppression.

Let’s have a look at our first example of what we may or may not know.  You need to have a foundation before you can build, right? If you’re going to build it’s generally known that you need mortar with your bricks, as the saying goes.

The secret of the longevity of ancient Roman buildings has just been discovered - the cement they used is a mixture of volcanic ash, lime and sea-water, thus triggering a chemical reaction that created cement that has lasted for thousands of years.  In comparison, our modern cement, called Portland cement, is much weaker, cracking and weakening after just decades. 

How does knowledge like this go missing over time?  It doesn’t seem right, does it.  What can we learn from this conundrum? This article will describe other examples of human discovery disappearing or being suppressed from the public sphere.

The Forbidden Dodecahedron

There can be an infinite number of polygons (sided shapes), but only five regular solids. Four of the solids were originally associated by the Ancient Greeks with earth, fire, air and water. The cube, for example, represented earth: these four elements, they thought, make up terrestrial matter.

The fifth solid was called the dodecahedron, which was believed to be mystically associated with the Cosmos. Its faces are pentagons, twelve of them.

Knowledge of the dodecahedron was considered too dangerous for the public at the time.

Ordinary people were to be kept ignorant of the dodecahedron. In love with whole numbers, the Pythagoreans believed that all things could be derived from them, and certainly all other numbers. (Pythagoreanism is the philosophy of the ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras.)

So a crisis in doctrine occurred when they discovered that the square root of two was irrational. That is: the square root of two could not be represented as the ratio of two whole numbers, no matter how big they were. "Irrational" originally meant only that, you can't express a number as a ratio. But for the Phythagoreans it came to mean something else, something threatening, a hint that their world view might not make sense, the other meaning of "irrational".

Instead of wanting everyone to share and know of their discoveries, the Pythagoreans suppressed the square root of two and the dodecahedron.

The outside world was not to know that the Pythagoreans had discovered- in the mathematical underpinnings of nature- one of the two most powerful scientific tools, mathematics.  (The other, of course, is experimentation.)

Instead of using their insight to advance the collective voyage of human discovery, they made it little more than the hocus-pocus of a mystery cult. By hiding knowledge, science and mathematics were removed from the hands of the merchants and the artisans, in whose hands social change was possible. So thats where it went wrong.

But why had science lost its way in the first place?

What appeal could the teachings of Pythagoras and Plato have had for their contemporaries? I believe they provided an intellectually acceptable justification for a corrupt social order. The mercantile tradition that had led to Ionian science also led to a slave economy. Despite all the brave talk of democracy, in the time of Plato and Aristotle it applied to only the privileged few, and Athens had a vast slave population. Of course, main stream slavery at a global level was more or less ended after the battle of Gettysburg and the American civil war, but human slavery in all its forms is still very real. Arguably, if you are living in a monetary system, you are a slave, comfortable as it may be...but I digress.

The Fridge Magnet

I have an Elvis fridge magnet on my fridge door. Now that doesn’t mean much to some. I don’t particularly like Elvis per se; he had a part to play in musical history and made some dodgy films and that’s about it for me. However, I believe fridge doors play a very important part in day to day life. How many times do you open your fridge door per day? No really, any idea? (Of course if you work from home that's cheating.)

Steve Wright 2Have you ever thought about how your Elvis fridge magnet manages to hang in there over the years? That little sucker just keeps on keeping on. Sure, it’s because Elvis is a sticky character and the magnetic flux which inter-reacts ion particles in ferrous materials.

You could say this is simple over-unity, energy output greater than energy input, but what input? It’s a magnet, a load stone. The reaction occurring between Elvis and the fridge door shows us that potential energy absolutely exists. Some of you will argue that due to the law of conservation of energy, it is impossible for this to occur to be used as a power source, yet it does and naturally; the fridge itself is, by definition, an over-unity device.

"If we can tap into the Aether of space, the space between the spaces, we will find infinite energy". Albert Einstein 1920

Let’s not spend too much time arguing about the word, ‘free’. Remember what I said about the Pythagoreans, and these days stigma surrounds words such as, ‘free’, ‘green’, and ‘conspiracy’. Whose words are these anyway - and are my ideas about these words different from yours?

There are many examples of this "free" energy.  Robert Fludd's 1618 "water screw" is one. Another is the Simple Magnetic Over-unity Toy (SMOT), a 1985 invention by Australian Greg Watson that claims to show "over-unity" energy — that is, it produces more energy than it consumes, a perpetual motion machine.

In 2006, Irish company Steorn secured €8.1 million in loans from a range of investors in order to continue their research in potential motion energy; these funds were also converted into shares. Steorn said that they would seek no further funding while attempting to prove their free-energy claim in order to demonstrate their genuine desire for validation.

As you can see, great energy and effort has been spent on the application of natural potential energy. Now let’s go further down the rabbit hole with Elvis, magnetic flux, zero point energy, and my personal favorite subject matter...the smoke and mirrors and wind energy. 

The ‘New’ Technologies: solar and wind

Where to begin?  Let’s swap the word ‘free’ to ‘natural’, for starters. 

Magnetic flux is the product of the average magnetic field, multiply the perpendicular area that it penetrates. It is a quantity of convenience in the statement of Faradays law and in the discussion about objects like transformers and solenoids.

In the case of an electric generator where the magnetic field penetrates a rotating coil, the area used in defining the flux is the projection of the coil area onto the plane, perpendicular to the magnetic field.

That’s tech talk for your electric tooth brush with no wires, which works this way, by using the generated magnetic flux to charge a small battery within your electric tooth brush. Are you with me?  

The presence of electricity energizes the copper coils, thus producing an electro-magnetic field which causes the already-present magnets to push against this field…and voila - rotation.

So what if we had other placed magnets instead of providing electricity to generate this field, it would result in the same action surely...rotation. For you boffins out there, try it.

Natural energy - is it really in violation of the Newtonian law of thermodynamics, the conservation of energy?

The concept of zero-point energy was developed in Germany by Albert Einstein and Otto Stern in 1913, as a corrective term added to a zero-grounded formula developed by Max Planck in 1900.The term zero-point energy originates from the German Nullpunktsenergie.

Vacuum energy is the zero-point energy of all the fields in space, which in the standard model includes the electromagnetic field, and other gauge fields to name a few. It is the energy of the vacuum which in quantum field theory is defined not as empty space but as the ground state of the fields.

In cosmology the vacuum energy is one possible explanation for the cosmological constant. A related term is zero-point field, which is the lowest energy state of a particular field. For example liquid helium does not freeze under atmospheric pressure at any temperature because of its zero point energy. This is what Einstein was referring to as the Aether of space.

Basically it is the unseen hand in the behavior of neutrons, electrons and atoms, the reason why the atom has its energy form:  ie. a tree or a rock, you, and given energy potential, gravity, a magnet. In my next article I will go further to explain this constant- some even call it the ‘god effect’.

A load of hot air...

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, don’t be afraid as you are most familiar with our green friends, so now for the main event, (drum roll, curtain rolls back).

I present to you SOLAR AND WIND POWER. What a load of sh*t...and Elvis has left the building.

Sold, as the ever dogmatic friend against greenhouse gasses, it can heat your home water systems, vaporise toxic chemicals, power extra-terrestrial lunar craft, charge your mobile phone, generate power for houses, boats etc. and has a whole host of other uses.

Well that’s just great:  this technology is at least 153 years old.

Commercially concentrated solar power plants were first developed in the 1980s to provide for the domestic/light industrial electrical power market. The early development of solar technologies starting in the 1860s was driven by an expectation that coal would soon become scarce- well what a surprise!

In July 1887, a Scottish academic, Professor James Blyth, built a cloth-sailed wind turbine in the garden of his holiday cottage in Marykirk and used the electricity it produced to charge accumulators, which he used to power the lights in his cottage. So, this is 126 year old technology.

Hello, do you honestly expect me to believe for one second that after 153 years we haven’t developed power generation efficient enough to energise our world?  (I’m not going to discuss nuclear options here due to wide mis-information and mis-understanding of the subject matter).

Tesla would be rolling in his grave if he learnt how delusional the world’s peoples have become about expensive, neolithic technologies that have only moved forward on the back of general technologies advancement and greater scientific knowledge, not because of its own development and evolution.

You are being sold a rouse, a smoke screen to keep you focused in another direction. Sure solar and wind work, sure it’s reliable.

But it’s not cheap, it’s not robust and in the case of wind power it takes skills that most countries simply do not have-and I’m not talking about the 20% who have 80% control of world resources.

These forms of power generation are a lie to what the peoples of the world need - and now.

Remember, "We make our world significant by the courage of our questions and by the depth of our answers".

Technological suppression is real. 

Advancement in composite materials, nanotechnologies, medical, aeronautical, robotics, communications etc is not affected by this. As a matter of fact evolution here is running away from us. But I’m not talking about that- in fact you can’t see the scale of the problem precisely because of that.

Power generation and energy are monopolised; you have all heard of stories about some new technology that was snuffed out. I suggest that like me, you research this for yourself.  You can make your own decisions about it all.

The failure of the scientific community to press forward with uncomfortable concepts is in keeping with Newtonian physics and laws. To find fault with the foundations of physical sciences is blasphemy, and as a result we all suffer because of this dogma that there is no other way.

And what of Quantum Physics?

This is proving to be the caged lion, Quantum physics and mechanics is in use everywhere today. The humble bar code is just that:  Quantum, not Newtonian.

Simply, Newton laws try to understand why the iron fillings form to show a magnetic field. Quantum laws, on the other hand, try to understand what the magnet fields are and how they work in relation to everything else.

This is the future. Many years from now people will comment on how dumb people were in the early 20th century to allow such old technologies such as diesel, solar and wind to dominate a world with such high energy demands.

In closing, I would like to offer an explanation of what I call the Latte Macchiato effect.

Unlike Pavlov's dog I’m not waiting for a bell to tell me that it’s break time. As an engineer, the one right I have is when the hell I choose to have coffee. I consider myself to be well read but not an intellect, and coffee seems to take the edge off all the stresses. (Now if you’re having coffee in France it will be really bad, because the French do for coffee what the Italians do for wine.)

I'm not going to question the physics of a hot coffee, just the price. Either way, if someone tells you a joke while you have a mouthful, it’s coming out of your nose, good or bad. That is defiantly Newton’s laws right there.


Steve Wright is the Engineering Officer on board M/Y HAYKENHe was trained as a naval engineer by the Royal Austrailian Navy, where he worked on the HMAS Swan, a steam turbine destroyer. He then went on to work on board the HMAS Adelaide, a marine gas turbine frigate. He joined the world of yachting after moving to the South of France in 2006.

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