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Yachtie – Keeping Track So You Don’t Have To

Posted: 3rd May 2013

Written by: Daniel Shea

If you’re constantly on the go, moving between regions of the world, it’s nice to be able to track it in some way. This can be especially important for those of us that spend our lives adrift. Whatever the motivation – logistical,... Read More

No More Domes?

Posted: 18th Apr 2013

Written by: Edoardo Zarghetta

When I was a child, I thought domes on top of yachts were, in fact, water boilers positioned high up to provide pressure for long, hot showers. It's funny I ended up working with something about which I understood so little… Even ... Read More

MLC Compliance? Check.

Posted: 4th Apr 2013

Written by: Daniel Shea

The biggest problem with the Maritime Labour Convention of 2006 (MLC) – as is the biggest problem with bureaucratic regulation in general – is that it’s so long and boring. If only there were a way for you to skip through all the ... Read More

Charter Listings by Expedia?...Not quite, but close

Posted: 11th Mar 2013

Written by: Daniel Shea

Its breadth is modest enough at the moment, but that doesn’t mean Charter Digest couldn’t flip the charter industry on its head. Just look at what’s happened to travel agents: they’re nearly extinct thanks to sites like Expedia an... Read More

Lost in Fog: Skipper picks up ship on smartphone app

Posted: 9th Mar 2013

Written by: Dick Durham, Yachting Monthly

A yacht delivery skipper caught in fog with a failed AIS system, used a £5.99 smartphone app to avoid collision with a container ship. Read More

WindGURU: Because weather is not absolute!

Posted: 15th Feb 2013

Written by: Daniel Shea

Under the wrong circumstances, WindGURU can be irritatingly accurate. The reason I say “irritatingly” accurate is because, as is the case with things like weather, being right isn’t always good for the user. I specifically recall ... Read More

Remote CCTV, Wireless v Cable: from a guru in Carrara...

Posted: 15th Feb 2013

Written by: Edoardo Zarghetta

The story goes that you haven’t fully appreciated the real jet-set lifestyle of yachting until you have visited the SEA-TEC trade show in Carrara.

Notwithstanding the poor state of the Italian yachting industry, and February's ...
Read More

Technology: A general overview

Posted: 10th Jan 2013

Written by: Dan Mickelsen

It’s a trite way to start an article, but let’s do it anyway: Technology |tekˈnäləjē|, noun, the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry. Now that we are all together on the real meaning... Read More

No Peace for Yachting Professionals: VSAT Systems Upgrade Insight

Posted: 20th Dec 2012

Written by: Edoardo Zarghetta

There is no mercy for overworked, underpaid yachting professionals. Not with the VSAT world in turmoil over the upgrade to the new generation of satellites working in Ka-band, as opposed to the current Ku-band. Already, the on boa... Read More


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