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Superyacht Music, Movies & TV: The Challenge of Quantity & Quality

Posted: 24th Sep 2023

Written by: Scott Molloy

We have a growing number of options for getting music, movies and TV shows into our superyacht AV systems, but while choice is a good thing, when it comes to quality, is the way we are using technology leading us in the wrong direction? Read More

Nautical Nirvana: The Future of Smart Automation on Superyachts

Posted: 15th Sep 2023

Written by: Richard Hagan

Superyachts have always been the epitome of opulence, and just like the sprawling stately homes of times past which sought to showcase the latest in technology, so too do luxury yachts.  Read More

What is the Future of Crew Radio Communications?

Posted: 23rd Aug 2023

Written by: Terry Maynard

While we have seen some impressive advances in satellite and cellular communications over recent years, crew UHF radio communications have not enjoyed the same leaps forward. Read More

The Tech Giants Fighting for Your Yacht’s Internet Connection

Posted: 16th Aug 2023

Written by: Richard Hagan

While Starlink is currently the most established and credible LEO satellite internet provider, it’s already clear to us that it will certainly not be the last to enter this exciting new market. Read More

The Superyacht Connectivity Trends Shaping the Future of Luxury Yachting

Posted: 19th Jul 2023

Written by: Richard Hagan

Sub-par internet connections on board have taken a 180-degree turn in recent years, with seamless connectivity on board superyachts now not only possible and realistic, but an essential feature for both owners and charter guests - and even crew. Read More

Unleashing the Power of Multi-Gig Networks: The Key to Future-Proof Connectivity

Posted: 26th Jun 2023

Written by: Ryan Porter

By harnessing the immense potential of these cutting-edge networks, we can unlock new opportunities for organisations, transform how we communicate, and enhance our overall digital experiences. Read More

TSM Superyacht Tech: Connecting the High Seas with High Speeds

Posted: 5th Jun 2023

Written by: Richard Hagan

From the bustling streets of Hull on the east coast of England to the sunny beaches of Sydney, Australia, TSM founder Scott Galloway has had a global journey full of opportunity, innovation, and riding the wave of both new technologies and waves at sea while working on board. Read More

Technology Training: Red Flags within the Superyacht Industry

Posted: 24th May 2023

Written by: Scott Molloy

Nobody can deny the importance of technology on board superyachts these days, right? Wrong. In fact, the industry is largely in denial about our increasing reliance on new innovations, which is having a negative knock-on effect in some quite significant ways. Read More

Not Another Cybersecurity Blog - Upping the Ante on Yacht Security

Posted: 30th Mar 2023

Written by: Ryan Porter

Cybersecurity has been a buzzword in the maritime industry for years, but when it comes to superyachts, many of us simply aren't taking enough action to protect our vessels and all those aboard. Read More

Superyacht AV/IT Officer Qualification – What’s New?

Posted: 30th Jan 2023

Written by: Scott Molloy

Following on from the previous exclusive for OnboardOnline regarding the forthcoming Superyacht AV/IT certification, Scott Molloy delves deeper into its structure and what happens next. Read More

Starlink, SpaceX and Wi-Fi at Sea

Posted: 20th Jan 2023

Written by: Ryan Porter

The maritime industry has long been accustomed to sub-par internet speeds due to current technology restraints available at sea. Starlink has managed to lift those technology restraints, catching the attention of all technology enthusiasts, especially those at sea or in rural areas. Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Supercharging your Yachting Startup

Posted: 9th Dec 2022

Written by: Georgia Tindale

We speak to Liz Jackson to discover her tips on how to get ahead as a yachting entrepreneur in 2022, whether yachting really is a ‘boys’ club’, and the vital role that technology will play within the industry’s future. Read More

Red Pill your Vessel or Property with ZediSense

Posted: 2nd Nov 2022

Written by: Richard Hagan

In a data-driven world, ZediSense offers cruise ship owners, property owners, and superyacht owners the opportunity to red pill their operation through high-precision space usage and occupancy data that has never been available. Read More

Smooth Sailing: Hassle-free Auditing with the Digital Logbook

Posted: 2nd Nov 2022

Written by: Georgia Tindale

If you're fed up with all the paperwork involved in running a large yacht, Keith Oulds, Director of Oulds Yacht Services, highlights the many benefits of using the Diigital Logbook, especially from a compliance perspective. Read More

Highlights of the Superyacht Technology Network Show & Conference 2022

Posted: 19th Oct 2022

Written by: Sam Watson

The second edition of the Superyacht Technology Network Show & Conference took place from 11-12 October at the World Trade Centre in Barcelona, an outstanding event that more than lived up to its promise. Read More

From Strength to Strength: Enhancing Safety on board with ZediSense

Posted: 27th Sep 2022

Written by: Richard Hagan

The ZediSense person-in-room sensor is a revolutionary product that allows cruise ship owners, yacht owners and building owners for the first time, to reliably automate climate control and to know which spaces are occupied at any given time. Read More

Five Reasons to go Digital with Your Next Yacht Logbook

Posted: 2nd Sep 2022

Written by: Georgia Tindale

With the wonderful but ever-hectic show season just around the corner, now is the perfect time to think about how to streamline the day-to-day operations on board your yacht. Step in the digital logbook. Read More

Can ZediSense’s Small Sensor Save Europe?

Posted: 2nd Sep 2022

Written by: Richard Hagan

On the back of new wide-reaching and controversial air conditioning temperature control rules in Spain, we reveal how Finland’s ZediSense could be the answer to this complex issue. Read More

The High-Speed Engineering Talent Behind ZediSense

Posted: 15th Jul 2022

Written by: Richard Hagan

The lead developer behind the ZediSense sensor, Jaakko Saarela has had an illustrious career working for some of the world’s biggest brands. He speaks to us about how he built ZediSense, his passion for programming and his need for speed. Read More

Navigating a Sensory Revolution at SenseWay

Posted: 13th Jul 2022

Written by: Richard Hagan

Previously a chief officer working offshore, today Anu Peippo has a different type of command navigating the development of marine engineering projects at VTT SenseWay.
Read More

Logging on: The World's First Digital Log Book for Superyachts

Posted: 24th Jun 2022

Written by: Georgia Tindale

Launched by industry veteran Liz Jackson, eLogbook is the industry’s first-ever cloud-based platform which is set to revolutionise the digital log book market. Read More

The Distinction Between AV/IT and ETO Roles and Certification

Posted: 6th Jun 2022

Written by: Scott Molloy

The subject of AV/IT and ETO roles is a popular one that I would like to explore in this article, with an exclusive insight into a future superyacht AV/IT certification. Read More

Superyacht Technology Summit - Rookie in the House!

Posted: 25th May 2022

Written by: Anu Peippo

Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) was a destination not to miss on ZediSense's route plan for the year 2022, and a great opportunity to see if similar technology is being applied by the big automation players. Read More

Sensing the Future of Onboard Automation with ZediSense

Posted: 16th May 2022

Written by: Richard Hagan

VTT SenseWay’s CEO Jere Laaksonen sat down with OnboardOnline to talk about their pioneering ZediSense product and the profound value in knowing, for sure, whether or not a space is actually occupied. Read More

Backing Jack: The Man Supercharging Superyacht Technology

Posted: 11th May 2022

Written by: Georgia Tindale

When someone is described as having a ‘strong personality’ in British English parlance, it is safe to say that it is sometimes used in a less than flattering manner. In the case of Jack Robinson, however, this phrase should be viewed in an entirely complementary fashion. Read More

Five Essential Digital Tools for Superyachts

Posted: 9th May 2022

Written by: Richard Hagen

Today it’s out with the lever-arch files and the dusty piles of paper, and in with the best digital experiences that the yachting industry has to offer. Get your web browser ready…things are about to get exciting. Read More

VSAT Antennas: What are the Differences?

Posted: 29th Mar 2022

Written by: Tim Gorter

It’s an unsightly dome that sits high up on the vessel, often there may be more than one, and the installation engineer pushes you to put it in the most exposed place because it has to see the whole sky. Oh why, oh why, oh why? Read More

Semiconductors: the Electronic Equipment Shortage Explained

Posted: 23rd Feb 2022

Written by: Ryan Porter

The ‘semiconductor shortage’, simply put, is causing havoc in the supply of many technical components. The car industry and technical hardware spaces have been affected the most, making it increasingly harder for suppliers to acquire what they need for their customers. Read More

Ensuring the Best Cellular Connection On Board

Posted: 21st Jan 2022

Written by: Tim Gorter

When you consider which vendor to go with for your cellular needs, what hardware to install and which SIM card to use, Tim Gorter of Teletechnics lays out a few basics that you should always keep in mind. Read More

Talking Superyacht Technology with Tim Gorter

Posted: 24th Oct 2021

Written by: Tim Gorter

This October, the Barcelona World Trade Centre played host to the very first Superyacht Technology Conference, and every praise should be given to the organisers who overcame a number of hurdles and delays caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Read More


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