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TSM Superyacht Tech: Connecting the High Seas with High Speeds

From the bustling streets of Hull on the east coast of England to the sunny beaches of Sydney, Australia, TSM founder Scott Galloway has had a global journey full of opportunity, innovation, and riding the wave of both new technologies and literal waves at sea while working on yachts. Now the founder and chief of TSM Superyacht Technology, Scott’s trajectory is anything but ordinary, and his contribution to the superyacht industry is transforming maritime experiences.

From broadcasting to yachting

Raised in East Yorkshire, Scott moved to Australia in his teenage years, where his early career revolved around network engineering and telecommunications. This provided him with the opportunity to embark on a high-pressure role at the stadium and broadcast centre for the 2000 Sydney Olympics. 

Upon returning to the UK in 2001, a serendipitous job advert led Scott to the world of superyachts - a fascinating, high-tech industry that perfectly matched his skills in AV installation and network engineering.

After some time spent learning the ropes in the superyacht AV/IT industry, working in various roles, he was offered a position as an Electro-Technical Officer (ETO) on the prominent Australian-owned yacht M/Y Boadicea. This led to additional opportunities working as ETO and AV/IT officer roles on similarly high-profile, high-tech yachts spanning 15 years.

His passion for and fascination with the industry later spurred the inception of TSM in 2017, a company dedicated to revolutionising AV/IT in the superyacht industry.

Connected entertainment at sea

TSM Superyacht Technology, with its roots in Australia, branches in the USA and technicians around the Mediterranean, is at the forefront of superyacht audio-visual entertainment and technology services (AV/IT) services.

TSM’s in-house technicians, supplemented by a worldwide network of trusted contractors, offer complete AV/IT and satellite communication support. In addition, TSM plays a pivotal role in designing, installing, and maintaining the onboard systems that ensure an unparalleled yachting experience for the owner, guests and crew alike.

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The company provides services varying from flexible non-contract VSAT to full AV/IT support. It also consults with owners and their teams undertaking new build projects, frequently being tasked to advise on the AV/IT infrastructure for yachts ranging from 30m to 150m+. Occasionally this has also led to residential projects.

Whether the yacht owner seeks a full professional AV/IT specification review, a complete overhaul of the shipyard’s AV/IT proposal while a yacht is in build, or just specific system adjustments, TSM’s mission remains the same: to optimise every aspect of the yacht’s technological ecosystem, matching the owner's desires and expectations, while efficiently coordinating with shipyards and other stakeholders.

“The degree to which we’re involved with new builds varies,” said Scott. “Sometimes the owner will bring us in very early on in the process because they need a professional review of the AV/IT solutions offered by the shipyard; other times we’re only brought in late for testing and commissioning of the systems.”

Clients also often opt for AV/IT technical support contracts offered by TSM to guarantee that their onboard systems run smoothly and that any technical gremlins that might crop up from time to time, are quickly resolved.

Cyber security audits and maintenance are also popular offerings, with the company ensuring that the yacht’s IT infrastructure is suitably secured at all times.

Refitting a classic

TSM’s first major project arrived on Scott’s desk only a few months after he started the business. A classic yacht located in San Diego, California, required a substantial AV refit. “The yacht had constantly been patched up with AV equipment,” he said. “They’d basically just applied bandaid after bandaid because historically they had wanted only to do necessary bits each time, to save the owner some money. We had to educate them and explain that the longer you ‘patch up’ the technology on board, the longer it’ll cost you money in the long term. Meanwhile, the owners and guests will never get the desired outcome from the systems.

“The problem is that the AV/IT systems are vitally important but are routinely treated as afterthoughts,” Scott lamented. “For example, the rack room or wherever equipment is installed is often an afterthought, thrown in somewhere with poor ventilation, etc. That was the problem we faced on that yacht.”

Having brought the captain around to their philosophy, Scott’s team got to work and ultimately delivered a stellar project that exceeded the owner’s expectations.

Streaming into the future

The advent of streaming and continuously improving internet speeds are key changes that Scott foresees for the industry. “In such a short space of time we are already seeing some yachts abandoning using traditional satellite television subscriptions, and streaming is fast becoming the norm,” he explained.

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He recalled a recent project in which a yacht was transitioned to newer streaming entertainment. “We recently went on to a yacht and installed Starlink, while removing the TVRO equipment. The yacht had banks of Sky UK satellite TV receivers and Direct TV receivers that were costing a lot in subscriptions but thanks to Starlink, were deemed no longer necessary.”

He added that many clients still prefer TVRO services and subscriptions, for reasons of personal preference.

In addition to Starlink, which Scott highlighted as a real game-changer for the yachting AV/IT industry, he explained that TSM also looks forward to future rollouts of One Web (a UK-based company) and of Project Kuiper (Amazon’s competing satellite internet service).

In the meantime, Since TSM is able to offer its customers flexible, non-contract VSAT plans, many customers have opted to retain VSAT systems as a backup to Starlink, particularly on globally-cruising yachts which may venture into regions in which Starlink isn’t currently available.

Concluding, Scott reflected on his favourite aspects of the work he and his teams at TSM Superyacht Tech do. “It’s a cliché, but no two days are the same, and every day we learn something new. We love helping our customers through whatever technological challenges they may be facing and we’re motivated by providing them with the support that they need.”

Get the best onboard entertainment

TSM Superyacht Technology delivers the ultimate in onboard entertainment with state-of-the-art audio and video systems for crisp sound quality and stunning visuals.

Contact TSM today to learn more about how Scott and his skilled team can take your onboard entertainment to the next level.

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