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Nautical Nirvana: The Future of Smart Automation on Superyachts

Superyachts have always been the epitome of opulence. After all, they’re the modern world’s floating version of the sprawling stately homes of times past. And just as those homes sought to showcase the latest in technology, so too do superyachts. 

Yachts are no longer just about plush interiors and gourmet dining at sea. The modern yacht is evolving and today, yachts are embracing the technological wonders of smart home automation to offer an unparalleled experience at sea

Imagine adjusting the ambient lighting, controlling the temperature, or setting the mood with your favourite tunes, all with a simple voice command or a swipe on your device. Well, we no longer have to imagine that. Thanks to continuous advances in smart home technology, yacht owners and guests can curate an onboard environment that reflects their individual tastes, desires and whims, throughout the day, at any time. 

In collaboration with TSM Superyacht Technology, we are diving into the world of smart home automation on superyachts, showcasing how the zenith of affluence is blending with state-of-the-art innovations to redefine the nautical experience for the elite. 

Why superyachts are ideal for automation 

A superyacht, though at the apex of luxury, is constantly challenged by its marine environment. The relentless sea, varying weather conditions, and the vastness of the ocean present unique challenges that smart automation addresses efficiently. Furthermore, the spatial constraints of a yacht magnify the need for optimisation. Herein lies the potential of smart systems: they not only offer solutions but also redefine luxury and convenience at sea. 

Popular smart home features adapted for superyachts 

The superyacht industry has harnessed the best of smart home automation systems to create onboard environments that are at once harmonious, relaxing and dynamic, adjusting automatically according to various sensor data or manually according to user inputs. Let’s first look at two of the more popular automation types found on today’s superyachts: Lighting and ambience control, and entertainment integration. 

TSM smart automation 2

Lighting and ambiance control: beyond just illumination 

Lighting on a superyacht is not just about visibility; it’s a dance of aesthetics, function, and emotion. With advancements in smart automation, lighting systems have transformed from simple fixtures to powerful tools that curate experiences. For example: 

Adaptive lighting: As the yacht traverses different latitudes and longitudes, adaptive lighting systems can adjust the lighting on board based on the time zone and the natural light outside. This ensures that interiors are optimally lit, whether it’s a sunlit afternoon in the Mediterranean or a starry night in the Caribbean. 

Crucially, most adaptive lighting systems are calibrated according to the temperature of the light and not the brightness, allowing for more granular, natural lighting across the yacht. 

Mood presets: Want to host a party on the deck or have a romantic dinner for two? With mood presets, a simple command can change the entire lighting scheme to suit the occasion, complete with colours, brightness levels, and dynamic patterns. 

Integration with natural elements: Imagine having lighting that subtly mimics the rhythm of waves or changes hues with the sunset. Advanced systems can integrate with external sensors to harmonise the internal environment with the natural world outside. 

Health and wellbeing: Recent studies have shown the impact of lighting on our circadian rhythms. On a superyacht, where days can blend together, lighting can be set to mimic the natural progression of daylight, helping to regulate sleep patterns and enhance wellbeing. 

TSM smart automation 3

Entertainment integration: The future of onboard leisure 

Entertainment on a superyacht is about creating unforgettable experiences. With smart integration, every corner of the yacht can transform into a personalised entertainment zone. 

Multi-zone audio systems: Multi-zone audio, also known as multi-room audio, refers to a network of devices - which may include speakers, amplifiers, receivers and soundbars - that play your music seamlessly around your yacht from a central device like a tablet or a smartphone. 

That means that whether you're sunbathing on the deck, enjoying a spa session, or relaxing in your cabin, your music can follow you seamlessly. Advanced audio systems can play different tracks in various zones or synchronise the entire yacht to a single tune, all controllable from that central device or even from voice commands. 

There are many such systems available which utilise both wired and wireless connections for maximum installation flexibility. They are also modular, so as technology evolves or as your needs on board evolve, you can add devices to your network, all controlled via the automation app of choice. 

On-demand streaming and satellite TV: Integrated streaming systems ensure that anyone on board can access global content, be it live sports, news, or movies, keeping them connected to the world's happenings and their favourite entertainment, no matter how remote their location is. 

Much of this entertainment has been enabled by a growing number of Low Earth Orbit satellite internet service providers such as Starlink. Superyachts can now enjoy high-speed internet connectivity even in some of the most remote parts of the world. Our previous article with TSM details the various options currently available as well as those still to come, and how they can benefit your yacht. 

TSM smart automation 6

Party mode: Enabled 

Onboard automation and smart systems extend beyond lighting and entertainment. Check out these other considerations for your yacht: 

Retractable & Unfolding displays: The beauty of the ocean is unparalleled, but sometimes you might want to catch up on your favourite show or watch the latest movies. Retractable & unfolding screens, equipped with high-definition and weather-resistant technology, can pop up on demand, offering cinema-quality visuals anywhere on the yacht. 

Virtual reality and gaming suites: For those who seek truly immersive entertainment experiences, dedicated VR rooms can transport you to different worlds without leaving the yacht. Modern video game systems, combined with high-speed internet, ensure that entertainment is never bound by the yacht's physical location. 

Interactive floors and walls: The future is here with surfaces that can interact with the occupants. Imagine dance floors that light up with every step or walls that display art that can change with a gesture. 

Get the best onboard connectivity and entertainment 

TSM Superyacht Technology delivers the ultimate in onboard entertainment, lighting and automation solutions at sea. In addition to its ability to specify, design and install automation and entertainment systems from the top vendors in this space, TSM is also able to supply and install satellite internet systems from the best LEO satellite internet service providers, including Starlink and OneWeb, and VSAT contracts for added peace of mine. 

With so many superyacht owners already benefiting from TSM’s onboard entertainment and smart automation systems, as well as high-speed Starlink internet connectivity packages, why not give them a call and book your own installation? 

Contact TSM today to learn how owner Scott Galloway and his skilled team can take your connectivity, entertainment and leisure time at sea, over the horizon and back. 

*Top two images courtesy of C SEED

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