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Logbook 3.6 - the Digital Logbook

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This is already the fifth year in which 2K Yachting offers the popular software Logbook. And new features have been developed and improved on a regular basis.

2K Yachting attaches great importance to an easy handling of the software as well as an outstanding and personal customer service.

The new version “Logbook 3.6” offers two different user interfaces for sailboats and motor yachts as well as the choice of the units of nm and km for trips at sea or on inland waterways.

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Additional novelties are new features such as the recording of the start and stop times for two engines and two generators, battery monitoring, the recording of filling of fuel and fresh water, improved printing function with new layouts as well as different checklists.

To make Logbook an even more comprehensive tool for sailors and motorboaters, additional Add-ons help with several unpopular manage tasks on board.

With the digital cash box “BoardCash”, all deposits of the crew members and all expenses can be documented and evaluated easily. The handling of the cash box becomes an easy task.

To find the right medication quickly in case of emergency and to keep track of medications' expiry dates, is very important. “First-Aid Kit” is the perfect Add-on for this.

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On a vessel, there are many different places to store things and many items that need to be stowed. But how to keep track? The Add-on “Inventory” will help.

The Add-on “Maintenance” helps to keep track of all maintenance works which need to be done. It offers an extensive overview over reached operating hours and dates for maintenance intervals.

Further Add-ons such as “TravelCosts”, “RunningCosts” and “Immigration” will be released shortly.

“Logbook 3.6” is a digital logbook software for Mac, Windows and iPad, but is orientated towards the traditional, hand written logbook.

Praxis-orientated layouts ease the use of Logbook and the enter of all relevant data. This is in addition to the optional automatic entering of navigation data—in particular the automatic analysis of the nautical data.

Logbook 3.6 show

Logbook automatically calculates totals as well as average values for all relevant data, both for every day, and for an entire trip.

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