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Introducing the Hours of Rest App

Sealogical hours of rest

Since the implementation of the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC), crew have had to ensure that they not only comply with hours of work and rest, but also keep a record of these.

This requires a bit of time for the crewmember as well as the Captain and yacht manager who have to check and approve crew submissions.

Sealogical have developed a simple way to record HOR by incorporating it into their software, and they now offer an even simpler solution in the form of an app.  

The Hours of Rest app 

Hours of Work Rest App

The Hours of Rest app will also alert you to any days where the minimum hours of rest, as defined by MLC 2006, have not been met, so this can be rectified.

Sealogical subscribed vessels also benefit from the fact that hours of rest entered using the app are automatically recorded on their vessel profile, enabling the Captain/Manager/Head of Department to create reports and be made aware of any crew member who has not met minimum rest requirements.

Crew who are not assigned to a Sealogical subscribed vessel can simply email their hours of rest to their chosen contact.



Watch our video demo:

You can now download the app for iOS or Android and take a step towards safer yachting!

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