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2K SignalFlags Tool

Get to know and use international signal flags with the app “SignalFlags Tool” for smartphones and tablets with iOS and Android.

“SignalFlags Tool” is the perfect little helper to get to know everything about the international signal flags. With its user friendly interface and the modern design, the app tells the meaning of both a stand-alone flag in different maritime situations as well as the meaning of the flag in combination with other flags.

“SignalFlags Tool” provides a responsive user interface in English or German, which always uses the display of the device optimally – whether it is a small or a large phone screen or a tablet.

All flags are shown with high resolution details and textures. An animated help function explains the functions of the app. On the detail screen for each flag “SignalFlags Tool” shows the phonetic name including the international pronunciation as well as the associated International Morse Code. By tapping on the Morse Code, the code using light signals is shown. For all letters which are used as a sound signal, the app can play the sound signal as well.

SignalFlags2 600

Reading and writing with signal flags is not easy. But with “SignalFlags Tool” this is quite simple. And – unlike most other tools – “SignalFlags Tool” uses the substitute flags in accordance with international rules, rather than using a flag one more time, which has already been used.

SignalFlags Tool shows how the flags for a dressing overall are arranged correctly in Germany, the UK and the US.

The app “SignalFlags Tool” is available all smartphones and tablets with iOS or Android at 2,00 USD/2,00 EUR/2,00 GBP.

Download here:

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