VSAT Antennas: What are the Differences?

Posted: 29th Mar 2022

Written by: Tim Gorter

It’s an unsightly dome that sits high up on the vessel, often there may be more than one, and the installation engineer pushes you to put it in the most exposed place because it has to see the whole sky. Oh why, oh why, oh why? Read More

Voly Founder Ian Flanagan: Tennis Ace Turned Fintech Guru for Yachts

Posted: 23rd Mar 2022

Written by: Richard Hagan

In the high flying, jet setting superyacht industry, vast amounts of money change hands on a daily basis. The UK’s Voly Group has introduced a revolutionary new software solution to help yacht owners, managers and captains manage their yacht’s expenses on a daily basis. Read More

Semiconductors: the Electronic Equipment Shortage Explained

Posted: 23rd Feb 2022

Written by: Ryan Porter

The ‘semiconductor shortage’, simply put, is causing havoc in the supply of many technical components. The car industry and technical hardware spaces have been affected the most, making it increasingly harder for suppliers to acquire what they need for their customers. Read More

Broker Recommendations for Yacht Transactions: How to Protect Yourself

Posted: 3rd Feb 2022

Written by: Nicholas J. Zeher

Over the past couple years there has been an increase in first time yacht buyers, meaning inexperienced buyers will be looking to their broker for guidance in purchasing a yacht. As a broker, you play an integral role in either the purchase or sale of a yacht. Read More

Navigating a Smooth Yacht Brokerage Experience

Posted: 2nd Feb 2022

Written by: Richard Hagan

Throughout the Covid pandemic, boating has become the outdoor pursuit of choice for many. Here's why it pays to choose an established and reputable broker if you're in the market to buy or sell a recreational boat. Read More

Crew Management: Behind the Scenes with Sarnia Yachts

Posted: 2nd Feb 2022

Written by: Rachel Ingram

Led by Louise Holloway, Sarnia Yachts’ crew management department is one of the company's three core pillars – comprising Ownership, Management and Crew – and has been one of the busiest areas of the 50-year business during the Covid-19 pandemic. Read More

Ensuring the Best Cellular Connection On Board

Posted: 21st Jan 2022

Written by: Tim Gorter

When you consider which vendor to go with for your cellular needs, what hardware to install and which SIM card to use, Tim Gorter of Teletechnics lays out a few basics that you should always keep in mind. Read More

What Opportunities Will 2022 Bring for the Boating Industry?

Posted: 3rd Jan 2022

Written by: Joshua Bremmerer

The boating industry boomed massively in 2021 as people looked for new hobbies and activities to explore the great outdoors after the turmoil of 2020. Let’s look at some of the key trends that we can expect to hit the boating industry in 2022. Read More

Cyber Security: 2021 in Review

Posted: 20th Dec 2021

Written by: Richard Hodder

This year will be remembered as one of the most disruptive years when it comes to cyber attacks, with ransomware impacting critical infrastructure, with vulnerabilities in the Microsoft email servers many of us use allowing remote attackers to take control of those servers. Read More

Cross-Border Yacht Transactions: Remote Online Notarization

Posted: 6th Dec 2021

Written by: Adrian Karborani

While a global economy increasingly connected by the internet has led to a gradual increase in cross-border yacht transactions, there has been less than comparable development in the use of digital closings in the yacht space. The primary reasons for this are two-fold. Read More

How to Charter a Yacht with Crypto

Posted: 6th Dec 2021

Written by: OnboardOnline

Denison was the first yacht brokerage firm to accept bitcoin as a form of payment and the first company with the ability to accept cryptocurrency payments without a limit. Today it has completed more than five bitcoin transactions for yacht sales and yacht charter. Read More

Powering up Charter Success with Ward's Marine

Posted: 9th Nov 2021

Written by: Richard Hagen

With its 71 year history, electrical manufacturer and service provider Ward’s Marine is a staple of the Florida superyachting scene. Its president Kristina Hebert discusses her family business, and why electrical systems on board superyachts are the unsung, unseen heroes of every charter.
Read More

Talking Superyacht Technology with Tim Gorter

Posted: 24th Oct 2021

Written by: Tim Gorter

This October, the Barcelona World Trade Centre played host to the very first Superyacht Technology Conference, and every praise should be given to the organisers who overcame a number of hurdles and delays caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Read More

Commissioner Joseph Boschulte to Boost USVI Tourism at Caribbean Charter Yacht Show

Posted: 4th Oct 2021

Written by: Karen Hockney

As a headline sponsor of the upcoming Caribbean Charter Yacht Show in St. Thomas, the USVI Department of Tourism is aiming to showcase the region to a new clientele and play a prominent role in supporting the inaugural event. Read More

Azul Marine: Presenting Fractional Yacht Ownership at Caribbean Charter Yacht Show

Posted: 4th Oct 2021

Written by: Karen Hockney

As Azul Marine joins forces with IGY by sponsoring the upcoming Caribbean Charter Yacht Show in St. Thomas, it is looking forward to unveiling a new value proposition for its clients while also becoming part of an exciting new charter event. Read More

Speaking with Breaking The Mould Accounting at Cannes Yachting Festival 2021

Posted: 19th Sep 2021

Written by: Rebecca Whitlocke

The Cannes Yachting Festival returned in style last week allowing yachting professionals to catch up in person after 18 month of cancellations. During the event we spoke with Alasdair Milroy, founder of Breaking the Mould Accounting, about the value of attending and the trends impacting his business. Read More

Vessel Warranties - The Importance of Compliance with the Terms

Posted: 18th Sep 2021

Written by: Nick Zeher, Robert Allen Law

For a new yacht owner, warranties are a saving grace as in the first year or two it's possible things are going to break. However, complying with the terms of a warranty is vital to avoid denial of a claim and additional expenses down the line.   Read More

Meet the Founders of Charter Itinerary

Posted: 6th Sep 2021

Written by: Richard Hagen

The superyacht industry is famous for many things, and chief amongst them is the yachts themselves. These gleaming marvels of science, engineering, design and fabrication, often represent the sharp edge of the craftsmanship required in each of these fields. Read More

Yacht Migration: Transport Trends with DYT’s Laura Tempest

Posted: 27th Aug 2021

Written by: Gemma Fottles

For over 30 years, DYT has provided specific routes that superyachts depend upon every year. The Caribbean, Balearics, South of France and Florida are - unsurprisingly - the most sought after yacht transport routes. Read More

Boarding your Yacht? Please Mind the Technological Gap

Posted: 9th Aug 2021

Written by: Dom Bulfin

For decades now, superyachts have represented the pinnacle of wealth, pushing the boundaries of functional beauty and elegant luxury. But as yachts get bigger, and their interiors ever more opulent, it is surprising how many advances from the technological world have been left behind over the years.
Read More

Choosing the Right Data Plan for Your Yacht

Posted: 30th Jul 2021

Written by: Ryan Porter

With four to five devices per person streaming, surfing and syncing to the cloud, plus those of your crew and guests, data consumption can quickly get out of hand and that's not even counting your AV system, ship's network and possibly even the gym equipment. Read More

How are Drones Impacting Superyachts?

Posted: 28th Jul 2021

Written by: Richard Hodder

Drone technology has greatly advanced, allowing for smaller, longer lasting and higher resolution videos at a fraction of the earlier costs while providing innovative solutions for a number of modern day problems. Read More

Yacht Transportation: Industry Insight with DYT’s Ana Santana

Posted: 26th Jul 2021

Written by: Gemma Fottles

With DYT, quality, high standards and an unwavering dedication to flawless customer service, says Ana Santana, the company’s longest-serving employee, has always been the key to standing out from the crowd. Read More

Yachties & the Instagram Lie

Posted: 12th Jul 2021

Written by: The K Flag

‘Not a bad day in the office!’ says the caption under yet another sidedeck sunset photo. Scrolling through Instagram I feel a bristle of irritation. A large proportion of my friends on social media are yachties and I wish I had a fiver for every time I’ve seen that post. Read More

Wire Transfer Fraud: Check Twice, Send Once

Posted: 28th Jun 2021

Written by: Nicholas J. Zeher

The peaceful pastime of carefree yachting has now become a target for hackers and fraudulent behaviour, and as yachts are getting bigger and bigger, the need for additional security measures is growing too. Read More

Three of 2021's Best New Boats for Your Tender Fleet

Posted: 14th Jun 2021

Written by: Richard Hagan

This year has seen an influx of amazing new boats from manufacturers all over the world, hitting the water. No matter your priorities, there's a new launch for everyone! In this article, we look at three of 2021's best new boats for your tender fleet! Read More

Introducing the Next Evolution of Sarnia Yachts

Posted: 9th Jun 2021

Written by: Rachel Ingram

For the past 50 years, Sarnia Yachts has been one of the most trusted names in yachting. Since its launch in 1971, what was originally a fiduciary only business has become the go-to company for owners, family offices and brokers across the UK and Europe seeking yacht ownership and operational services. Read More

Speaking with Superyacht Designer Alejandro Crespo of Daroca Design

Posted: 9th Jun 2021

Written by: Sam Watson

While the world was in chaos due to the pandemic, up and coming Spanish superyacht designer Alejandro Crespo was quietly planning his next big career move and went on to open his very own yacht design studio - Daroca Design. Read More

How Cyber Aware Are Your Yacht's Crew?

Posted: 8th Jun 2021

Written by: Richard Hodder

With cybercrime becoming a growing global issue, can you afford not to be cyber aware? What does it even mean to be cyber aware? Richard Hodder discusses some common threats and the practical steps you can take to minimise your risks. Read More

Remie Kalloe on Making a Name for

Posted: 28th May 2021

Written by: Georgia Tindale

On a sunny afternoon in Rotterdam, we sat down with Remie Kalloe, the founder and CEO of Dutch yachting agency, a man with all the energy and charm of a successful entrepreneur who simply won't take no for an answer. Read More


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