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The New Frontiers of Shipping

Posted: 6th Apr 2015

Written by: Daniel Shea

Commercial shipping is finally getting the infrastructure upgrade that has been long overdue. With updates to major waterways – like the expansion of the Panama and Suez Canals – and a container fleet rapidly increasing in capacit... Read More

The Rebound: Why 2014 Was a Great Year for Superyachts

Posted: 25th Mar 2015

Written by: Daniel Shea

By most counts, 2014 was exactly the banner year that the superyacht industry wanted it to be. It may even have been the year we needed it to be, given the somber tone with which many spoke as the previous year drew to a close. Ov... Read More

Venison Gusto: The Taste of Quality and Hungarian Heritage

Posted: 23rd Mar 2015

Written by: Karen Hockney

After several years rising through the ranks as yacht crew, Gabor Ivanacz reached a crossroads in his life. Should he stay on board having worked his way up to butler or move ashore to pursue his passion for food? Read More

The History of Ancona Port

Posted: 19th Mar 2015

Written by: Laurence James

East of the Apennine mountains on the Adriatic Coast is the city of Ancona. The central Italian seaport and its shipyards boast a long and colourful history and in recent years has grown in size and importance. With a population o... Read More

Learning from the Inspirational Chef & Trainer Duncan Biggs

Posted: 11th Mar 2015

Written by: Karen Hockney

A highly esteemed chef and a leading trainer on the Cote d'Azur, Duncan Biggs has had an eventful career with stints feeding the Royal Navy at war in the Gulf, cooking for leading politicians in London and latterly, heading up the... Read More

British Marine Federation: Over 100 years of service

Posted: 11th Mar 2015

Written by: Daniel Shea

The British Marine Federation has been supporting the pleasure yachting and leisure boat industry in the United Kingdom since Edwardian times. If you’re looking for proof, just take a look at the association’s rather onerous origi... Read More

Stateside: Trouble In Paradise

Posted: 6th Mar 2015

Written by: Ken Kreisler

Christensen Yachts. Drop that name in any superyacht conversation and images of such beautiful 50m builds as Silver Lining, Remember When, Odessa, Primadonna, and Casino Royale comes to mind. Read More

Arctic R&D in Newfoundland

Posted: 5th Mar 2015

Written by: Marine Technology

Arctic research and development (R&D) is fundamental to the safe and economic development of the region. Companies are allocating funds to expand international knowledge about arctic conditions that will enable additional offshore... Read More

The Future of Yacht Security

Posted: 1st Mar 2015

Written by: Shawn Engbrecht

It is not our modus operandi to proclaim, “The sky is falling” in terms of Maritime Security…it’s a poor sales model akin to the boy who cried “Wolf”. But there are a few intellectual table scraps worth chewing over in the small w... Read More

Far from the Madding Crowd with Burma Boating

Posted: 18th Feb 2015

Written by: Karen Hockney

As the world becomes smaller, solitude is hard to find and it’s a rare thing indeed to drop anchor in a beautiful bay safe in the knowledge that you are the only yacht within a 100 mile radius. Such is the privilege of veteran ski... Read More

Maserati at Sea - Yachting's Love Affair with Super Cars

Posted: 11th Feb 2015

Written by: Richard Donkin

As yacht clubs go, the Foster and Partners-designed Monaco Yacht Club, opened in 2014, has plenty going for it. For sure it’s difficult to find the doors to both the ladies’ and gents’ – small wall buttons in a seemingly door-less... Read More

One of a Kind: Mike Joyce of Hargrave Custom Yachts

Posted: 4th Feb 2015

Written by: Ken Kreisler

Before joining Hargrave Custom Yachts in 1977, Mike Joyce’s career in business started in New York City where he found his way into the music industry as a recording artist, record producer, and a founder of the music video indust... Read More

Greening Superyachts - What are the Real World Options?

Posted: 4th Feb 2015

Written by: Richard Donkin

It’s taken years for boat builders and designers to persuade potential owners that building greener boats is a good idea. But when a fall in the value of the ruble can wipe billions off the fortunes of some of the wealthiest yach... Read More

Stateside: Miami International Boat Show

Posted: 3rd Feb 2015

Written by: Captain Ken Kreisler

Welcome to February's update on what's happening throughout the marine industry here in the States. With the 74th Miami International Boat Show just around the corner, this month we preview some of the outstanding offerings you'll... Read More

Australasia: Kiwi Solidarity at Millennium Cup

Posted: 1st Feb 2015

Written by: Guy Waddilove

Cheerful spirits at the Millennium Cup belie the current downturn in the NZ superyacht industry. Over the past 15 years the Millennium Cup has carved out its niche in the world of superyacht regattas, catering for those superyacht... Read More

The New Suez Canal: Racing Against Time

Posted: 26th Jan 2015

Written by: Daniel Shea

As the expansion of the Panama Canal nears completion, Egypt's own expansion of the New Suez Canal will double its capacity by the end of August 2015. The timetable for the US$4 billion project, set by Egypt’s President Abdel Fatt... Read More

The Charitable Side of Yachting

Posted: 25th Jan 2015

Written by: Karen Hockney

What does the word yachting mean to you? Do you think first of the highly polished, sexy superyachts moored in St Barts…or perhaps the competitive and dynamic classic sailing circuit which dominates spring and summer in the Wester... Read More

Q&A: Mike Horsley

Posted: 22nd Jan 2015

Written by: OnboardOnline

Mike Horsley is the classic yacht specialist at Edmiston and he has been a leading yacht broker for over 20 years. He is also an accomplished writer and reviewer of maine books, but here he shares his own story and some of the hig... Read More

ABBRA: Building better relationships, better boatyards

Posted: 20th Jan 2015

Written by: Daniel Shea

The American Boat Builders and Repairers Association (ABBRA) has distinguished itself as a resource for boatyards in the United States. No two boatyards are the same, and ABBRA's main focus is to act as a conduit, bringing members... Read More

Why Yachties Have Never Had It So Good

Posted: 20th Jan 2015

Written by: Captain Rod Hatch

In light of The Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC), Captain Rod Hatch takes a nostalgic trip down memory lane, reminding us all that yacht crew have never had it so good. But would he change the early days for the softer times... Read More

100 Years of Sailing - Key Milestones in Yachting and Racing

Posted: 19th Jan 2015

Written by: Felix Rowe

Which sport boasts the world’s longest-running international competitive event? Medieval jousting fell out of favour a while back, so it must be football (soccer)… right? Try again. Cricket, maybe? Nope. Perhaps surprisingly, the ... Read More

The Irrepressible Carla Demaria, President of Monte Carlo Yachts

Posted: 14th Jan 2015

Written by: Karen Hockney

Carla Demaria, President of Monte Carlo Yachts, has an irrepressible energy and optimism about her, and it’s hardly surprising given that Carla is one of the few women to reach the very top echelons of the superyacht industry. Read More

The Legend of the Sea: The Spectacular Marine Photography of Gilles Martin-Raget

Posted: 14th Jan 2015

Written by: Mike Horsley

“Oh no!” I thought, as another large rectangular volume landed on my desk, “Not another yachtie coffee table book”. But on opening this latest publication, ‘The Legend of the Sea: The Spectacular Marine Photography of Gilles Marti... Read More

Gerhard Chemelli - The Man Behind SmartYacht

Posted: 13th Jan 2015

Written by: Kate Snesareva

Gerhard Chemelli, CEO of SmartYacht discusses the concept of fractional ownership, and why he believes growing popularity in the US will inevitably follow suit in Europe. Read More

Interview: Will Jones

Posted: 2nd Jan 2015

Written by: Karen Hockney

He’s best known as one half of the Breakfast Show on Riviera Radio but broadcasting is a relatively new career for Will Jones, who admits that his radio career came about quite accidentally. Read More

Canada's First Polar Icebreaker

Posted: 18th Dec 2014

Written by: SNAME /Scott Newbury & Dan McGreer

Canada’s first polar icebreaker, CCGS John G. Diefenbaker, is a key element of Canada’s Northern Strategy. The ship is to be built by Seaspan Vancouver Shipyards as part of the Canadian government’s National Shipbuilding Procureme... Read More

World's First Superyacht Vet

Posted: 18th Dec 2014

Written by: Richard Donkin

I don’t know if you are one of the 5m or so viewers who have been attracted to a Wall Street Journal video of Andrey Melnichenko’s superyacht on YouTube. If not, I’d recommend a nosey because it’s not often that a billionaire supe... Read More

Panama Digs Deep: The troubled progress of the canal expansion

Posted: 18th Dec 2014

Written by: Daniel Shea

It’s been a tumultuous year for the Panama Canal. This year marked the canal’s centennial and was supposed to be the year the expansion project was completed. However, the new locks did not open this year, as originally planned. Read More

Elizabeth Jordan: Nurturing Home Grown Talent in Antigua

Posted: 4th Dec 2014

Written by: Karen Hockney

With island yachting largely dominated by ex-pat owners, captains and crew, Antigua itself was missing a trick in producing home grown seafaring talent. Enter Elizabeth Jordan, who established the National Sailing Academy to offer... Read More

Yachts: From Concept to Reality

Posted: 29th Nov 2014

Written by: Richard Donkin

In yachting everything starts with the dream – the vision of doing something extraordinary, of visiting exotic locations or witnessing the raw beauty of somewhere remote. But is reality ever quite up to the dream? Read More


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