How Superyacht Chefs Can Lead Change from the Galley

Posted: 29th Mar 2024

Written by: Sarah Powell Fowler

Increasingly, superyacht chefs are emerging as leaders in the sustainability revolution, making more eco-friendly choices in the interest of health as well as the greater good of our oceans and planet. Read More

New Environmental Guidelines for Superyacht Crew

Posted: 7th Feb 2024

Written by: Water Revolution Foundation

Version 1 of the Environmental Crew Guidelines provides comprehensive information and inspiration for superyacht crew with the aim to steer the global fleet towards more sustainable practices on board. Read More

Refitting Yachts & Reframing Mindsets at Cantiere Rossini 

Posted: 13th Sep 2023

Written by: Richard Hagan

Amidst a steadily growing chorus of environmental concerns and a global push for more sustainable industries in general, Cantiere Rossini’s owner, Stewart Parvin, believes that the yachting industry can no longer go about business as usual.  Read More

Plastic in the Oceans: A 2023 Update

Posted: 3rd Jul 2023

Written by: Peter Franklin

Plastic pollution continues to become an increasingly worrying threat for those of us who enjoy our lives at sea - for superyacht owners, for the crew and guests who benefit from a healthy ocean environment, and for the entire industry financially benefits from yachting. Read More

Global Plastic Pollution Treaty: Why You Can’t Ignore It

Posted: 22nd May 2023

Written by: The SeaCleaners

With 81 per cent of the world's plastic products ending up as waste within a year and plastic production expected to double by 2050, plastic pollution is a growing global concern that requires an urgent international response. Read More

License to Sail: Net Zero and the Risks for Yachting

Posted: 8th May 2023

Written by: Richard Hagan

Superyacht captain turned tech entrepreneur Nigel Marrison warns that owners need to take responsibility for their yacht’s environmental impact to maintain a license to operate. Stirring words or a fast approaching fork in the road? Read More

Cleaner Marinas and Their Link to the Health of the Oceans

Posted: 3rd Apr 2023

Written by: Peter Franklin

According to industry statistics from ICOMIA there are more than 25,000 marinas globally providing over 10 million berths, but how much do we know about the conservation, health, and cleanliness of the water in marinas? Read More

Blue ESG: How to Avoid the Yacht Apocalypse

Posted: 13th Mar 2023

Written by: Richard Hagan

Public opinion of yachting is at an all-time low, and over the past 12 months we’ve seen a significant rise in the number of environmental protests in superyacht marinas and at industry events. Read More

Meet the Organisations Fighting to Make Yachting Greener

Posted: 8th Mar 2023

Written by: Richard Hagan

When Captain Nigel Marrison became increasingly disillusioned with an industry that seemed to have turned a blind eye to the environmental catastrophe unfolding around it, he decided something had to be done. His answer is Blue ESG. Read More

La Belle Classe Superyachts Business Symposium takes Stock of Issues and Challenges in the Superyacht Sector

Posted: 1st Mar 2023

Written by: OnboardOnline

The La Belle Classe Superyachts Business Symposium organised by Yacht Club de Monaco has become a firm fixture on the industry calendar as an opportunity to take stock of the current situation, issues and challenges for the sector. Read More

How Healthy Aquatic Life Below our Keels can Help Save the Planet

Posted: 16th Jan 2023

Written by: Peter Franklin

Peter Franklin reviews the latest book by renowned ocean scientist and conservationist Erich Hoyt, Planktonia: a ‘deep dive into the night-time ocean with a magnifying glass and a waterproof pen.’ Read More

Captain Nigel Marrison: The Man Behind Blue ESG

Posted: 19th Dec 2022

Written by: Richard Hagen

During lockdown, Captain Nigel Marrison decided to change the world of yachting forever with his new company, Blue ESG. We caught up with him to chat about sustainability in yachting, caring about people, and about a gargantuan mass of stranded assets.
Read More

Making the Future of Yachting More Sustainable with Life Cycle Assessments

Posted: 3rd Nov 2022

Written by: Peter Franklin

The concept of Life Cycle Assessments has become a central theme of most discussions around the subject of sustainability, and this applies just as much to the leisure marine world as it does to the other sectors including industrial manufacturing or automotive. Read More

MYS Sustainability Conference Explores Sustainable Superyacht Industry Initiatives

Posted: 19th Oct 2022

Written by: Virginie Proaskat

The Monaco Yacht Show – held from 28 September to 1 October – may have closed the doors on its 2022 edition, but it also marked the opening of several new initiatives. Among them was a Sustainability Conference held on Wednesday 28 September, upon the show’s opening. Read More

Water Revolution Foundation is Creating a Database of Verified Sustainable Solutions

Posted: 17th Oct 2022

Written by: Water Revolution Foundation

We know that there are more sustainable solutions available today than most yachting professionals are aware of. If these were all to be implemented, a significant reduction in environmental impact could be immediately achieved. That’s Read More

The Challenges and Innovations for Reducing Carbon Emissions at Sea

Posted: 17th Aug 2022

Written by: Peter Franklin

Anyone who still thinks climate change is not a reality must be inhabiting an alternative universe or living permanently in an underground cave. The facts supporting the massive increase in carbon emissions during the postindustrial era are irrefutable. Read More

Captain Petros takes EKKA Yachts to the Next Level in Sustainable Yachting

Posted: 13th Jul 2022

Written by: Elisa Corti

Captain Petros - as a sea turtle - has witnessed firsthand the harmful effects of plastic and chemical pollution on marine life; he provided EKKA Yachts with valuable advice to help him protect his beautiful home which he shares with humans. Read More

Pelorus Foundation Announces new Climate Investment Fund

Posted: 11th Jul 2022

Written by: Olivia Graham

Pelorus Foundation’s new Climate Investment Fund is a dynamic investment portfolio made up of nature and technology-based solutions to remove carbon from the atmosphere, addressing travel emissions responsibly. Read More

OpenOceans Global Launches Citizen Science App to Map Coastlines Fouled by Plastic

Posted: 11th Jul 2022

Written by: Carl Nettleton

OpenOceans Global has announced the launch of an online application allowing citizen scientists to map coastlines around the world that are pervasively fouled by plastic. Read More

Rewilding the Sea: How to Save our Oceans

Posted: 22nd Jun 2022

Written by: Peter Franklin

The sad fact is that marine habitats are ruined, species are decimated and ecosystems are paralysed due to ocean pollution and uncontrolled activities such as overfishing, trawling and dredging. Read More

Helping Ocean Life to Save the Planet

Posted: 6th May 2022

Written by: Peter Franklin

Now is the time for us all to focus more on how improved stewardship of the oceans can contribute positively to the total climate change mitigation planning, as well as restoring our critical aquatic biodiversity. Read More

Save The Med: 2022 Highlights So Far

Posted: 25th Apr 2022

Written by: Save the Med

From The Changemaker's Project which continues to engage students in the reduction of single-use plastics to its marine protection work on the Cape of Formentor, Save the Med has been extremely busy over the first four months of the year. Read More

Is the Metaverse Compatible with Sustainable Yachting?

Posted: 13th Apr 2022

Written by: Gemma Harris

The conversation around the metaverse has been getting louder by the day, infiltrating our news and social feeds. But what is it really? And how does it relate to the superyacht industry?
Read More

Towards Circularisation in the Leisure Marine World

Posted: 2nd Mar 2022

Written by: Peter Franklin

As some readers will know, for several years I have been helping to organise discussion forums around the subject of sustainability in the marine industry at the METSTRADE Marine Equipment Trade Show, which is held in Amsterdam every November. Read More

Is Renewable Diesel a Viable Solution for Superyachts

Posted: 15th Feb 2022

Written by: Malcolm Jacotine

In recent years, there has been a lot of focus on new technologies and green fuels such as hydrogen and methanol as a means of decarbonising the superyacht industry. While these will offer solutions for new builds in the future, what about the large fleet of legacy vessels? Read More

How Can Yacht Chefs Run a More Sustainable Galley?

Posted: 2nd Feb 2022

Written by: Gemma Harris

The yachting industry has been clutching onto the sustainability buzzword for some time now. Sustainability has rightly entered the limelight across various topics within the industry and there has been a lot of talk involving pledges and promises, but how much is being put into practice? Read More

Plastic Soup: Yachting's Fight Against Plastic Pollution

Posted: 14th Jan 2022

Written by: Peter Franklin

In my last two articles for OnboardOnline I referred to the three main threats to environmental sustainability and the fact that they are all inexorably linked to the conservation of our oceans and waterways. They are climate change, loss of biodiversity and plastic pollution. Read More

How Can Crew Develop Greener Operations On Board?

Posted: 24th Nov 2021

Written by: Gemma Harris

It's no surprise to read that our world is in an environmental crisis, facing huge problems which need addressing immediately. From climate change, plastic pollution, overfishing to acidification, our marine environments are in dire need of help. Read More

Marine Biofouling: the Silent Underwater Destroyer

Posted: 28th Oct 2021

Written by: Peter Franklin

It could be argued that the loss of biodiversity has received the least amount of publicity as a threat to environmental sustainability, but for those of us involved in the recreational boating world, it’s all about what happens out of sight beneath the water line. Read More

MB92 Releases First Report on Superyacht Industry Sustainability

Posted: 28th Oct 2021

Written by: Júlia Quintana

The superyacht industry is running out of time to course-correct on sustainability if it and its playground – the oceans – are to survive the century, a new report finds. Read More


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