Rewilding the Sea: How to Save our Oceans

Posted: 22nd Jun 2022

Written by: Peter Franklin

The sad fact is that marine habitats are ruined, species are decimated and ecosystems are paralysed due to ocean pollution and uncontrolled activities such as overfishing, trawling and dredging. Read More

Helping Ocean Life to Save the Planet

Posted: 6th May 2022

Written by: Peter Franklin

Now is the time for us all to focus more on how improved stewardship of the oceans can contribute positively to the total climate change mitigation planning, as well as restoring our critical aquatic biodiversity. Read More

Save The Med: 2022 Highlights So Far

Posted: 25th Apr 2022

Written by: Save the Med

From The Changemaker's Project which continues to engage students in the reduction of single-use plastics to its marine protection work on the Cape of Formentor, Save the Med has been extremely busy over the first four months of the year. Read More

Is the Metaverse Compatible with Sustainable Yachting?

Posted: 13th Apr 2022

Written by: Gemma Harris

The conversation around the metaverse has been getting louder by the day, infiltrating our news and social feeds. But what is it really? And how does it relate to the superyacht industry?
Read More

Towards Circularisation in the Leisure Marine World

Posted: 2nd Mar 2022

Written by: Peter Franklin

As some readers will know, for several years I have been helping to organise discussion forums around the subject of sustainability in the marine industry at the METSTRADE Marine Equipment Trade Show, which is held in Amsterdam every November. Read More

Is Renewable Diesel a Viable Solution for Superyachts

Posted: 15th Feb 2022

Written by: Malcolm Jacotine

In recent years, there has been a lot of focus on new technologies and green fuels such as hydrogen and methanol as a means of decarbonising the superyacht industry. While these will offer solutions for new builds in the future, what about the large fleet of legacy vessels? Read More

How Can Yacht Chefs Run a More Sustainable Galley?

Posted: 2nd Feb 2022

Written by: Gemma Harris

The yachting industry has been clutching onto the sustainability buzzword for some time now. Sustainability has rightly entered the limelight across various topics within the industry and there has been a lot of talk involving pledges and promises, but how much is being put into practice? Read More

Plastic Soup: Yachting's Fight Against Plastic Pollution

Posted: 14th Jan 2022

Written by: Peter Franklin

In my last two articles for OnboardOnline I referred to the three main threats to environmental sustainability and the fact that they are all inexorably linked to the conservation of our oceans and waterways. They are climate change, loss of biodiversity and plastic pollution. Read More

How Can Crew Develop Greener Operations On Board?

Posted: 24th Nov 2021

Written by: Gemma Harris

It's no surprise to read that our world is in an environmental crisis, facing huge problems which need addressing immediately. From climate change, plastic pollution, overfishing to acidification, our marine environments are in dire need of help. Read More

MB92 Releases First Report on Superyacht Industry Sustainability

Posted: 28th Oct 2021

Written by: Júlia Quintana

The superyacht industry is running out of time to course-correct on sustainability if it and its playground – the oceans – are to survive the century, a new report finds. Read More

Marine Biofouling: the Silent Underwater Destroyer

Posted: 28th Oct 2021

Written by: Peter Franklin

It could be argued that the loss of biodiversity has received the least amount of publicity as a threat to environmental sustainability, but for those of us involved in the recreational boating world, it’s all about what happens out of sight beneath the water line. Read More

Scuppered Dreams, Abandoned Boats: An environmental threat in pictures

Posted: 7th Oct 2021

Written by: Peter Franklin

The Centre for Aquatic Environments at Brighton University in the UK has released a video outlining current environmental hazards in decommissioning leisure boats, stressing the urgent need for more sustainable practices.

Read More

Sustainability: Putting the Word into Practice

Posted: 26th Aug 2021

Written by: Peter Franklin

Sustainability: it's a word that has become one of the most frequently used and passionately debated over the last decade. And for reasons we are all aware of, even more so during the past 18 months. Read More

United Nations Study Warns of Major Inevitable Climate Change

Posted: 9th Aug 2021

Written by: Naomi Chadderton

"Climate change is not a problem of the future, it's here and now and affecting every region in the world." These are the words of Dr Friederike Otto, one of the many authors on the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, which was released today, 8 August 2021. Read More

How Teams in The Ocean Race Europe are Taking Action for the Planet

Posted: 2nd Jul 2021

Written by: OnboardOnline

Joining UN Sports for Climate Action, collecting scientific data about the state of the seas, cutting out single-use plastic, measuring and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions were just some of the initiatives taken by the 12 teams competing in The Ocean Race Europe to support the ocean and climate. Read More

How to Have an Environmentally Friendly Yacht Charter

Posted: 9th Jun 2021

Written by: Sarah Mackenzie

The superyacht industry has a responsibility to protect the environment and here West Nautical lists a few practical ways that crews can make their superyacht charter operations more environmentally friendly. Read More

Zero Emission Propulsion: The Quest Continues

Posted: 30th Apr 2021

Written by: Peter Franklin

A METS webinar about how tugs and a ‘new era of green marine propulsion' kicked off with a concise review of the current situation by Kimmo Lheto, Chairman of the European Tug Owners Association, who ran through the available fuel options. Read More

Implementing Real Change: Sustainability and Superyachts

Posted: 2nd Apr 2021

Written by: Rachel Rowney

As the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the daily realities of the superyacht industry, how many well-intentioned sustainability initiatives have continued and had a genuine impact? And what lessons can we learn from other sectors such as aviation and automotive? Read More

Water Revolution Foundation: A 2021 Update

Posted: 8th Mar 2021

Written by: Water Revolution Foundation

Just over two months into 2021 and Water Revolution Foundation has been busy with everything from holding sustainability training courses to hosting a superyacht designers roundtable to discuss their vital role in the necessary transition towards sustainable yachting. Read More

Four Ways The Ocean Race Is Helping Our Blue Planet In 2021

Posted: 21st Jan 2021

Written by: The Ocean Race

In 2021 there needs to be urgent action to help the ocean, including ambitious work to fight climate change. Here are four ways that The Ocean Race is taking action this year. Read More

Fraser Joins ‘Eyesea’ Initiative to Map Maritime Pollution

Posted: 7th Dec 2020

Written by: Charlotte Bailey

Fraser is proud to be the first yachting company to commit to the Eyesea initiative, which encourages superyachts to map marine pollution using the combination of the unique technology available on board and the significant reach offered by the maritime sector. Read More

IbizaPreservation and Save the Med Join Forces to Eliminate Single-Use Plastics

Posted: 25th Nov 2020

Written by: Sabrina Barceló

Mallorca-based Save the Med Foundation and IbizaPreservation have collaborated to launch 'Plastic Free Balearics'. The project aims to create a certification standard that is largely aimed at the hospitality sector, the main generator of waste in the Balearic Islands. Read More

What Happens to your Garbage when you are Cruising in Remote Regions?

Posted: 17th Nov 2020

Written by: Christelle Holler

For breathtaking scenery and off the beaten track destinations, many are cruising further and further afield. Some adventures are only possible by sea. Nowadays, more and more superyachts are designed and built to be able to explore remote destinations. Read More

Project Menorca: A Successful Marine Environment Programme

Posted: 9th Nov 2020

Written by: British Marine

Following the launch of Sunseeker International and The Blue Marine Foundation’s marine environment programme ‘Project Menorca’ in 2018, numerous positive outcomes have been recorded including a reduction in single-use plastics by local fishmongers and beach cleans. Read More

AMAALA & OceanoScientific Steer Environmental Research Sailing Expedition

Posted: 4th Nov 2020

Written by: Muneira Al Adwani

AMAALA, the ultra-luxury destination along Saudi Arabia’s north western coast, recently took to the seas with Monaco-based OceanoScientific on a two-week scientific expedition to measure the impact of river water pollutants on human and sea life.
Read More

Superyacht Anchorages Restricted in France to Protect Seagrass

Posted: 20th Oct 2020

Written by: David Robinson

Marine and environmental authorities in the French Alpes-Maritimes on the Cote d’Azur have introduced new laws that restrict anchorage areas in the region for yachts over 20m (66ft) in an action to protect seagrass, which has been a protected species for over 30 years. Read More

Oceanco Launches Pioneering Initiative Oceanco NXT

Posted: 19th Oct 2020

Written by: Emy Artolli

Oceanco NXT brings together a cohort of luminaries in the yachting, technology and design worlds to marry innovation and sustainability in an authentic and meaningful way that will transform how we spend time on superyachts. Read More

Water Revolution Foundation Kicks off its Second Year

Posted: 6th Jul 2020

Written by: Water Revolution Foundation

After a year that can be characterised by strong industry support and willingness to improve, the inaugural year of Water Revolution Foundation has officially come to an end. The board looks back on this year with pride. Read More

Superyachts and the Environment: Lessons from COVID-19

Posted: 8th Jun 2020

Written by: Zoe Smith

Today on World Oceans Day, West Nautical reflects on the impact of the global pandemic we find ourselves in, as the superyacht industry relies on the planet’s magnificent oceans and beautiful scenery to make sailing worthwhile.
Read More

Celebrate the World's Largest Mums This Mother's Day

Posted: 6th May 2020

Written by: Sea Shepherd

With Mother’s Day in the US held this Sunday 10th May, it’s the perfect time to celebrate all of the wonderful mothers and carers. And while all mothers deserve recognition, this year we're celebrating whales - the world's largest mums with the biggest hearts! Read More


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