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VSAT Humour

Posted: 10th Jul 2013

Written by: Edoardo Zarghetta

It’s charter season in the Med. Here's a guide to help crew members love their VSAT systems, because VSAT can be fun, especially if you don’t have to use it! Read More

Radiotech of Monaco Evolves into Skytech Research of London

Posted: 20th May 2013

Written by: Edoardo Zarghetta

Driving from Rome to Monaco is not a gratifying experience until you leave the A6 and catch the breathtaking view of the Principality, prior to your descent to the coast. Back in 1996 Monaco did not have the Grimaldi Forum, the Mo... Read More

No More Domes?

Posted: 18th Apr 2013

Written by: Edoardo Zarghetta

When I was a child, I thought domes on top of yachts were, in fact, water boilers positioned high up to provide pressure for long, hot showers. It's funny I ended up working with something about which I understood so little… Even ... Read More

No Peace for Yachting Professionals: VSAT Systems Upgrade Insight

Posted: 20th Dec 2012

Written by: Edoardo Zarghetta

There is no mercy for overworked, underpaid yachting professionals. Not with the VSAT world in turmoil over the upgrade to the new generation of satellites working in Ka-band, as opposed to the current Ku-band. Already, the on boa... Read More


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