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Marpoint Case Study: Golden Yachts

Marpoint 3G 4G

These days the most pressing concern of any yacht owner or guest is the quality of the internet on board. Despite massive strides in quality and coverage, it still remains the greatest headache for private and charter yachts, and having a flexible and reliable service is always a priority.

With so much choice on the market, here's one solution that made for a very happy IT manager responsible for the fleet of five Golden Yachts.   


The Problem:

Golden Yachts had difficulties accessing high speed Internet in remote locations and ports, which was causing problems for both quests and crew. They were in immediate need of high speed 3G/4G, and trustworthy routers to provide connectivity many miles off shore without hassle and interruption. 

The Solution:

Recognizing the client’s needs, Marpoint was able to provide an innovative and reliable solution using their MultiRouter Dual 3Gs/4Gs solution for superyachts:

This solution is suitable for superyachts and megayachts and consists of two SIM cards from the same or different providers allowing you to enjoy excellent coverage many miles off shore as well as in remote locations. You also have the option to manage any satellite provider (VSAT, FBB), allowing you to get the most out of the available bandwidth of each internet gateway.

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Features and Services

  • Dual 3G/4G capability with auto failover.

  • High coverage - 20 miles off shore 3Gs/4Gs coverage.

  • Auto gateway selection - Switch between VSAT, Dual 3G, Wi-Fi or Single 3G.

  • QoS / Bandwidth Quality of Service - The MultiRouter can apply fair use policies and traffic prioritization.

  • BΥΟD / Bring your own device - Access data services using your own smartphone, tablet or laptop.

  • Remote Support - Easy installation and configuration.

  • Connection with outdoor 3G/LTE

  • MultiWan - FBB, VSAT, 3G, Wi-Fi – Centralized control of all individual connection modes.

  • Windows based user interface - Windows application for manual override (eg block crew network with the click of a button).

Solutions for Mega Yachts


  • High speed connections for guests and crew

  • An average of over 98% uptime

  • High quality coverage even when the yachts were cruising numerous ports in different countries as well as remote locations.

The Golden Yachts IT Manager said, "We are more than delighted with our choice for Marpoint’s MultiRouter as we are now able to enjoy high-speed 3G/4G and satellite internet connection in any place we may travel to or in any port. We manage to maintain excellent connectivity for guests as well as crew and we have to thank Marpoint’s expertise for that."

We always strive to provide our customers with a personalized solution based on their needs. For further informaton please contact us on +30 211 198 1176 or email

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