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A New Era of Ultra-Flexible Connectivity

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The delivery of data to yachts has remained virtually unchanged for the past 15 years, unlike terrestrial broadband which has continued to evolve with competition driving down prices.

For yachts we’ve mostly seen a 'one size fits all' approach, tying users to long, inflexible contracts that result in paying for data that they don't always want or use.

Recognising this isn't a situation that customers are happy with, e3 is set to change this and make things more flexible and straightforward.

Bandwidth on Demand for VSAT

Having launched Kymeta™ KyWay™ flat panel antennas to the yacht market last year, e3 is once again shaking up yacht communications with the launch of their Bandwidth on Demand for VSAT service. Delivered in partnership with Speedcast, a leading provider of remote communication and IT solutions, this new service is the first to work with the Kymeta flat panels.

As well as making bandwidth more affordable for yachts, it comes with a range of flexible benefits including:

  • No monthly charge when not used

  • Bandwidth periods starting at just 6 hours

  • Simple bandwidth upgrades or downgrades

  • Unlimited data usage

  • Pay only for the data you use

On Demand VSAT 600

The power of HYBRID

Furthermore, with e3's HYBRID solution yachts can combine Bandwidth on Demand for VSAT with their 4G on demand BIG DATA SIM, to provide the cost-effective connectivity and the flexibility they need.

To learn more about e3 system's products and services please click on the logo below.


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