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Why Choose Business Grade 4G over Consumer Plans?

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Choosing the best 4G deal for your yacht is no easy task with the vast array of options on the market. As well as finding the best price, you need a fast and reliable service with support when you need it. Here are five reasons you might be better off with a business grade 4G service over a consumer plan.

Superior Roaming 

Business grade 4G allows you to roam on other networks anywhere in Europe so you don’t have to waste your time searching for suitable SIM cards. Unlike consumer SIMS that may move you between their partner networks, with business grade 4G you are connected to the BEST available network.  

Remote Top-Up

If you don’t want to upgrade your plan but need extra data temporarily, with business grade 4G you can top it up whenever you want. This is a great solution when you suddenly have more guests on board.

Managed Service

With business grade 4G, your service provider can monitor usage to ensure you’re getting the best value from your contract. If ever you’re running low on data, you’ll be notified to ensure all critical on board applications and services stay online. If you need to increase or decrease your plan, this can be done month-to-month.

No Restrictions or Capped Usage

Fair usage policies are common with consumer grade services so, if you exceed a network cap, the speed of your broadband might be reduced to something barely usable which isn’t ideal in the middle of a charter. This does not happen with business grade services.

Hassle Free Installation

Business Grade 4G is quick and easy to install, ideal for busy yachts on the move. If you’re considering a 4G service or you want to upgrade an existing plan, you’ll be given expert advice on the best solution for your yacht.

Marine 4G SIM 600

ExStream 4G with Excelerate Marine could be the solution you’re looking for!

Our business grade ExStream 4G provides exceptional value with flexibility, excellent customer care and fair treatment and a growing number of happy customers are happy to share their experience:

“We charter a lot in Italy and picking up 4G SIM cards has presented itself with a whole lot of problems.  From having to use a different passport for each card, finding out that some of them usually don’t work, not having enough data, not knowing which provider to choose, as well as being unable to resolve any issues whilst at sea, are just a few of the problems.” said Julian Sincock, captain of 47.25m M/Y Princess AVK.

 “Since upgrading to Excelerate’s ExStream Business Grade 4G, all of this is a thing of the past and I would recommend the service to anyone.”

testimonial 1 600Mark Savage, Business Development Manager Excelerate Marine and Captain James Thatcher, MY Rose of Kingston

Excelerate’s 4G data SIMs are network accredited and part of an official partnership with network operators such as Vodafone or Orange etc.  Cheaper options may not be network accredited and therefore carry the risk of being terminated at any time. Imagine explaining this to an owner or guest half way through a trip!

To learn more about Excelerate Marine's pricing and coverage please download our tariffs or call: +33 (0)4  83 58 03 43.

Excelerate network services are operated and managed by Excelerate Technology Ltd UK.

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