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Near Misses: The Lessons

Posted: 5th Jan 2015

Written by: Simon Harvey

While we use the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) as a source of information in our safety training and learning of the human element, there are many places where learning opportunities are lost due to the fact they nev... Read More

Security at Sea: Proactive vs Reactive

Posted: 22nd Oct 2014

Written by: Shawn Engbrecht

Security is awash with references to “Proactive” operations and bemoans the hazards of “Reactive” style security. Let me clarify the difference. Read More

Security at Sea: Commercial vs Private

Posted: 15th Sep 2014

Written by: Cass Global

Maritime security can be roughly divided into two segments: commercial and private. They are alike as chalk is to cheese and it is important to understand the few similarities and marked differences in their approach to security a... Read More

How Safe is Antibes for Yacht Crew?

Posted: 9th Sep 2014

Written by: Kitty Cavendish

As stories of muggings and violence circulate, it begins to feel as if crime, particularly targeted towards yacht crew, must be on the rise in and around Antibes. Read More

How Safe is Antibes for Yacht Crew?

Posted: 5th Sep 2014

Written by: Kitty Cavendish and Jo Morgan

As stories of muggings and violence circulate, it begins to feel as if crime, particularly targeted towards yacht crew, must be on the rise in and around Antibes. Read More

Regional Maritime Security: Thailand

Posted: 25th Aug 2014

Written by: Allmode

Is your yacht visiting Thailand this year? Allmode Security Services has compiled a full report on security, personal safety and local health risks to help you plan your trip. Read More

Crew Safety Ashore: Sobering Thoughts

Posted: 20th Aug 2014

Written by: Cass Global

For a long time the Caribbean has been regarded as the most dangerous destination for crew off duty, but the number of attacks in the Mediterranean is at an all time high. Read More

Reckless Jetski /Tender Handling Crackdown

Posted: 18th Aug 2014

Written by: Camper & Nicholsons

Following a recent fatal jetski accident in Porquerolles near St Tropez, French authorities are cracking down on tender and jetski operation in the South of France. Read More

Loose Lips Sink Ships: Yacht Security

Posted: 11th Aug 2014

Written by: Cass Global

The stereotype of ‘maritime security’ in the form of physically intimidating, well-armed former soldiers represents a considerable portion of the industry today. The reason? Misinformed clients still pay for it, ergo security com... Read More

Advisory Notice: Ebola Virus

Posted: 5th Aug 2014

Written by: Allmode

A Public Health Warning has been issued to GP’s, A&E, Critical Care Units and all NHS trusts across the UK regarding the signs and symptoms of the deadly Ebola Virus. Read More

How to Select Security Services for Yachts

Posted: 25th Jul 2014

Written by: Allmode International Security Services

The selection of security services providers is often a headache that the captain could very happily do without, notwithstanding the critical safety service they are there to deliver. Read More

SAMI Brings Maritime Cyber Security Into Focus

Posted: 11th Jul 2014

Written by: SAMI

With the shipping industry wrestling with a range of maritime security issues, from piracy to stowaways, terrorists to smugglers, the last thing owners may wish to hear is about a new and growing threat. Read More

Kill Cords: Lessons from the Milly RIB Report

Posted: 28th Mar 2014

Written by: Simon Harvey

The investigation of the Milly RIB tragedy is an example of where a simple explanation of events fails to deliver a complete understanding of why the accident happened. Read More

Tender Safety: The Milly Report

Posted: 4th Feb 2014

Written by: MAIB - Marine Accident Investigation Branch

This reports the MAIB's investigation into a fatal accident on 5 May 2013 when the Milligan family were ejected from their RIB Milly, resulting in two deaths and multiple njuries. Read More

Three Ways to Deal With Pirates

Posted: 28th Oct 2013

Written by: Jo Morgan

Piracy attacks in the Gulf of Aden have fallen dramatically, but this is no reason to become complacent. Jo Morgan shares her personal experience of three very different approaches to security onboard. Read More

Flame Retardancy...Who Needs It?

Posted: 31st Jul 2013

Written by: Flamescreen Limited

Being aboard a superyacht is a dream come true for many of us. But what if the dream turned into a nightmare and fire broke out aboard? You don't have to be at sea for fire to turn into a major disaster - it can happen in a port a... Read More

What to Consider When Selecting a Security Company

Posted: 9th Jul 2013

Written by: Corey Ranslem

Maritime security threats are ever-changing and affect vessels of all types, including large yachts. Attacks are no longer confined... Read More

Private Security: A Race to the Bottom?

Posted: 16th Jun 2013

Written by: OnboardOnline

The private maritime security industry has been in a state of flux for years. It has grown exponentially, rising to meet the needs of a moment but growing well beyond the actual threats represented by piracy off East Africa. It ha... Read More

Deterring Piracy in West Africa: Why the East African Model is Ineffective

Posted: 7th Mar 2013

Written by: John Holden

The contributory factors that have led to a sharp fall in piracy in the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden are well known: greater take-up of BMP4 (Best Management Practices Version 4), increased and more effective naval presence (eith... Read More

QuinSec Technology: An alternative approach to maritime security

Posted: 11th Jan 2013

Written by: John Holden

The maritime security industry is still relatively new, and was born from the need to protect mariners on board commercial ships, transiting what is known today as the High-Risk Area (HRA), where piracy has become a significant pr... Read More

Piracy and Armed Security

Posted: 8th Jan 2013

Written by: Daniel Shea

As piracy off the coast of Somalia has increased, so has the number of private maritime security companies in operation – expanding nearly fourfold since 2008. However, there is almost no regulation of the industry, and stories o... Read More


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