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Titans of Boat Shipping Partner to Serve the World

Posted: 19th Feb 2014

Written by: DYT Yacht Transport and Sevenstar Yacht Transport

Now that the partnership between leading yacht transport companies DYT Yacht Transport and Sevenstar Yacht Transport has been finalized, it’s great news for yacht owners. Read More

ISS Superyacht Business Principles

Posted: 6th Feb 2014

Written by: International Superyacht Society

All major industries agree Principles by which to develop Practices, and the same guiding principles must be defined, agreed and applied to the global yachting industry. Read More

DYT Yacht Transport Appoints New Agents in Australia

Posted: 19th Dec 2013

Written by: www.mediapronewport.com

In its new partnership with Sevenstar Yacht Transport, DYT has gained access to Sevenstar’s network of agents in Australia and now has a presence in Brisbane, Fremantle, Melbourne, Newcastle, Port Kembla and Sydney. Read More

NAO Victoria’s Adventures Continue with Transatlantic Voyage on DYT’s Super Servant 4

Posted: 7th Dec 2013

Written by: www.mediapronewport.com

While observing yachts onboard ships can be an amazing sight, even Captain Jack Sparrow would have been impressed watching the historic replica of Ferdinand Magellan’s galleon, NAO Victoria, sail onboard DYT Yacht Transport’s semi... Read More

It's time for a bit of crew recognition!

Posted: 28th Oct 2013

Written by: OnboardOnline

A bit of incentive goes a long way. In this business, the job description is simply this: to meet and exceed the expectations of the richest people on earth. It might sound like a tough ask - but somehow- through sheer hard wor... Read More

Y.CO Acquires Single Letter Domain Name

Posted: 19th Oct 2013

Written by: Y.CO

Y.CO is the first brokerage to acquire a single letter web address: y.co. It's a clever move but it comes with a hefty price tag running into six figures! Read More

Medical Crew Placement by MedAire

Posted: 25th Sep 2013

Written by: Erin Mitchell, MedAire

MedAire will now place medical professionals on vessels for clients around the world. Doctors, nurses, paramedics and specialists are available for short-term or long-term placements based on a yacht’s specific needs. Read More

Fifth Edition of (Super) Yachting Index

Posted: 5th Aug 2013

Written by: Camper and Nicholsons

Providing in-depth analysis of the industry, the Index uses a cross-reference of industry data. Camper & Nicholsons (super)Yachting Index shows the realities of a booming sector that has evolved from a cottage industry into one ... Read More

Princess Yachts Secures Government Funds

Posted: 8th Apr 2013

Written by: BBC

Luxury boat manufacturer Princess Yachts has secured £4.6m of government funding for a new boatyard in Plymouth. The company said the money from the Regional Growth Fund (RGF) would secure 400 jobs in the city. The French-owned fi... Read More

Dutch Builders Open Up to Discovery

Posted: 7th Jan 2013

Written by: Daniel Shea

The Dutch shipbuilding industry is opening itself up to the world in a Discovery Channel series called “SuperYachts.” The documentary series – slated to be six episodes – will open the doors on what has traditionally been a guarde... Read More

Sevenstar Yacht Transport - Major Yacht Transporter Down Under

Posted: 25th Nov 2014

Written by: Sevenstar Yacht Transport

As the leaders and pioneers in yacht transport, Sevenstar Yacht Transport in partnership with DYT Yacht Transport—the only float-on, float-off yacht carrier—offer sailings year round to and from New Zealand and Australia. Read More

MB92 Acquired by European Investment Firm Squircle Capital

Posted: 26th Sep 2019

Written by: Naomi Chadderton

MB92 Group has benefited from continued growth and now looks towards a new phase of expansion with the support of Squircle Capital. The world leading superyacht refit, repair and maintenance group announced today that the European... Read More

Azimut|Benetti Wins Big at the World Yachts Trophies

Posted: 17th Sep 2019

Written by: Naomi Chadderton

Known at the Oscars of the yachting industry, the eighteenth edition of the World Yachts Trophies closed the Cannes Yachting Festival 2019 this week, once again recognising the excellence of Made in Italy and paying tribute, in pa... Read More


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