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Powerful Interview Tricks to Predict Future Performance

Posted: 20th Jan 2014

Written by: Sylwia Weresniak

The best and most reliable way to predict how someone will act and react in a certain future situation, is by finding out how they have reacted to similar situation in the past. Read More

The Crew Coach: What to do if you are Procrastinating

Posted: 19th Jan 2014

Written by: Alison Rentoul

It was with a wide grin of recognition that I read an article recently posted on Facebook called “Why Procrastinators Procrastinate”, in which the writer beautifully and simply describes exactly what is going on in our minds when ... Read More

Ships and Crew Rot in Port: The argument to go to sea

Posted: 15th Jan 2014

Written by: Ted Street

While much has been written about the need for adequate rest for crew, little has been written about what happens when boats and crew get the opposite: too much down-time. Read More

Two Ways to Cross the Atlantic

Posted: 14th Jan 2014

Written by: William Garnier

Author and skipper William Garner shares two dramatically different journeys across the Atlantic- the solitude and discomfort of a solo crossing versus the luxury and camaraderie of a charter yacht. Read More

Why Does Your Crew Agent Need to be MLC-Compliant?

Posted: 8th Jan 2014

Written by: Sarah Laty, Camper & Nicholsons Crew Division

What exactly does it mean for a crew agency to be MLC compliant? Sarah Laty from Camper & Nicholsons tells us how the MLC has changed your job-hunting experience. Read More

Why New Year's Resolutions Should Come Down to One Word

Posted: 7th Jan 2014

Written by: Alison Rentoul

Often our long list of New Year's resolutions quickly becomes something to feel guilty about. Instead, this year I'm choosing to boil my intentions down to a single word. What's yours? Read More

Disaster: Fire on a Weekend Watch

Posted: 6th Jan 2014

Written by: Mel Thunderbolt

In light of the recent yacht fires in Genoa, engineer Mel Thunderbolt shares her own lucky escape from a serious engine room fire and the lessons learnt from the experience. Read More

Big Boats, Small Spaces

Posted: 3rd Jan 2014

Written by: Jelly

It’s safe to assume that you are reading this because you like boats. Maybe you like the atmosphere aboard them and that feeling of being an important part of the crew; or perhaps you enjoy the engineering side; possibly even the ... Read More

Baby On Board: The Benbrooks

Posted: 3rd Jan 2014

Written by: Daniel Shea

Carol Benbrook has spent much of her career redefining roles and expectations. As well as beng a female captain, she has broken convention by raising her children on board. Read More

5 Questions When Hiring a Yacht Electro-Technical Officer (ETO)

Posted: 31st Dec 2013

Written by: Great Circle Systems

Yachting technology specialist Great Circle Systems shares the first of its 5 most popular blogs of 2013. Read More

Vegan Recipe from Tami Ayers

Posted: 27th Dec 2013

Written by: OnboardOnline

Vegan charter coming up? Want to introduce more vegetarian meals into your cheffing repetoire? Chef Tami Ayers from S/Y Marie kindly shares the recipe that won her third place in the fiercely contested Concours de Chef at the rec... Read More

Anders Pedersen

Posted: 27th Dec 2013

Written by: OnboardOnline

Chef Anders Pedersen from M/Y Altitude talks to OnboardOnline about his competition win in Antigua, and his belief that yacht chefs need to share their knowledge more. Read More

Interior Yacht Services Launches Luxury Hospitality Training Program

Posted: 20th Dec 2013

Written by: Interior Yacht Services

Interior Yacht Services, training partner of Warsash Superyacht Academy, announces its Luxury Hospitality Training Program; professional training for the interior crewmember. Read More

Crew Meals: Caramel five spice meatballs

Posted: 19th Dec 2013

Written by: Ivy Dai

Because almost all yacht chefs run out of ideas sometimes, (especially when cooking for crew), OnboardOnline has decided to start an online recipe library.To kick off the series, chef Ivy Dai has kindly given us her recipe for Car... Read More

The Crew Coach: Are You a Workaholic or Just Super-Motivated?

Posted: 2nd Dec 2013

Written by: Alison Rentoul

These days, being labelled a ‘workaholic’ seems almost to be a badge of honour – especially on board some yachts. But like any addiction, there is a downside to the buzz which could actually be costing you more than you think. Read More

Crew Meals: Feeding Body and Mind

Posted: 29th Nov 2013

Written by: Ivy Dai

As a chef, sometimes you think your crew is spoiled and should be happy with what's on the table. But take their criticisms and turn it around! One of the joys (and headaches) of crew cooking is giving them what they need. Read More

Bridging Communications

Posted: 25th Nov 2013

Written by: Simon Harvey

Today's superyachts come equipped with every modern piece of equipment to navigate the globe, however, one ingredient that needs constant upgrading is human command. Read More

Google yourself: How to Control your Public Profile

Posted: 20th Nov 2013

Written by: Alison Rentoul

Before you go to an interview, Google yourself. Your potential employers will. Alison Rentoul explains the importance of this pre-interview step, and what to do if the results don't look good. Read More

How to get your new ISPS certificates without doing a course

Posted: 19th Nov 2013

Written by: Lars Lippuner

Everyone has heard about the STCW 2010 Manila Amendments, but many crew may not be aware that STCW 2010 also brings changes to the ISPS training requirements. Read More

Where Does All the Food Go?

Posted: 18th Nov 2013

Written by: Ivy Dai

Every time I prepare for a charter, I wonder if I’ve bought too much food. Space is always a premium on yachts, but you need to have everything a guest might ask for. Read More

Important Changes to the Yacht Deck Training Scheme 2013

Posted: 10th Nov 2013

Written by: Warsash Superyacht Academy

The new MIN 471 (M) issued by the MCA on Friday 8 November announces changes to the yacht deck training scheme. OOW will now have to do EDH, Chief Mate to do ECDIS and Master Yachts to do Celestial Navigation. Read More

Manage Expectations…but plan for the worst

Posted: 7th Nov 2013

Written by: Croque Madame

Whether guest, captain or crew, everybody has expectations of the chef. Croque Madame discusses how to manage those expectations, the frustration of fad diets, and how mise en place can save the day. Read More

Didn't get the job? How to bounce back from rejection

Posted: 7th Nov 2013

Written by: Alison Rentoul

Getting a dreaded ‘no’ in response to a job you really wanted can put a real ding in your confidence. It’s easy to let the rejection get to you, making you beat yourself up or feel like a failure, but being knocked back isn’t real... Read More

Q&A: Joss Willner

Posted: 7th Nov 2013

Written by: OnboardOnline

Joss Willner, Captain of M/Y Baton Rouge, has come a long way since arriving in the South of France in 1983 after a teenage stint in the Merchant Navy. He's a pragmatist, described by friends as 'old school' and a safe pair of han... Read More

What Floats Your Boat?

Posted: 30th Oct 2013

Written by: Paula Herbert

Some people are sailing yacht people, others are motor yacht people, but rarely is someone both. In fact a (mostly) friendly rivalry runs through the water between these two worlds. Each has perceptions about the other; perception... Read More

What to do if you Don't Hear Back After a Crew Interview

Posted: 30th Oct 2013

Written by: Alison Rentoul

Interview etiquette is tricky enough, but getting your follow up right can be even trickier. How and how often should you contact them? The key is to strike the right balance, and most importantly, to try not to lose control of th... Read More

Yacht Crew: When to stop Job Hunting in the Med

Posted: 23rd Oct 2013

Written by: Alison Rentoul

The crew houses on the French Riviera are still heaving with hopefuls, all competing for the same few jobs at the end of the Mediterranean summer. Some have a season or two under their belt and many are completely new to yachting.... Read More

Yacht Crew Tips: Following up on Job Interviews

Posted: 18th Oct 2013

Written by: Alison Rentoul

I often get asked this question: how soon and how often after a job interview should you follow up? It’s a good question, because it can be tricky to navigate this part of the hiring process and you’re pretty much walking a very p... Read More

Planned Maintenance Schedules - Computer or paper?

Posted: 17th Oct 2013

Written by: Mike Wilson

Are computer-based programs the way forward, or is the old fashioned way of paper logs and the ‘Chief’s way of doing things’ still the better option? Read More

Five Great Questions to ask at the End of a Job Interview

Posted: 11th Oct 2013

Written by: Alison Rentoul

You know the moment – that awkward silence when your interviewer asks: “So, do you have any questions?”– and you can’t think of a thing to say! Well don’t be thrown by it anymore – with a bit of preparation you can turn this to yo... Read More


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