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Why New Year's Resolutions Should Come Down to One Word

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Happy new year to you, I hope you had a brilliant Christmas and new year celebration, even if you were mostly working hard making the holiday period brilliant fun for someone else! I had a wonderful and much needed break after a crazy end to 2013 and am back at my (new!) desk revived and revitalised, all ready to bring you guys another year of ideas, insights, challenging thoughts and tips on how to fully create a life and career you really love via the crazy world of luxury yachting.

Over the break I read a great article in the Huffington Post with a great concept about new year’s resolutions which has really resonated with me. It’s all about boiling down your intentions for the year into one single word, rather than writing a big long list of new year’s resolutions – which, let’s face it, often tends to quickly begin reading more as a list of things to feel guilty about as the weeks pass and those resolutions fall by the wayside.

Out of all the things you really want to do or achieve this year, what is the one word that encapsulates all this for you? What is the key characteristic of the kind of person you want to become, or the consistent action, attitude or type of behaviour that will create the results you want? What sums your intentions for 2014 up for you in one simple but immensely powerful word?

word 1My word is: IMPLEMENTATION. There, I’ve said it out loud and proud – and it’s printed out in big letters and stuck to the wall just above my computer screen where I can’t help but see it, all day every day for the year ahead. I have so many projects and programs I want to create, and I’m constantly coming up with new ideas for ways I can help my clients achieve the success they want – but these are all in danger of remaining only ideas unless I take action, so I’ve decided this year is going to be all about implementation and bringing all these great ideas to life!

I’m excited to be sharing my implementation journey with you this year and am loving the clarity, focus and simplicity of this One Word concept! Those of you who are familiar with the Aussie TV show Kath and Kim will appreciate this: I’ve got one word to say to you: “Do it!”

What’s your word for 2014? Share it in the comments section below and declare it to the world!

For more information about the One Word concept, go to


Alison Rentoul is ex yacht crew with 15 years of yachting experience, and a professionally trained personal development coach working with crew worldwide, helping them realise their highest potential at every level. See for more information. 

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