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Protecting Our Oceans Every Day!

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Today, on World Oceans Day, Sea Shepherd is saying thank you for all the support and to celebrate all that has been achieved together in the Great Australian Bight, by sharing 'Jeedara' The Film, so everyone can witness the magnificence and beauty of this coastline. 

In 2010, BP was responsible for the worst oil spill the world had ever seen when their oil rig, the Deepwater Horizon, unleashed over 800 million litres of oil into the Gulf of Mexico over 87 days, killing 11 people and hundreds of thousands of sea turtles, sea birds, fish, whales, and dolphins, damaging fisheries and the entire marine environment.

Earlier this year, Sea Shepherd's Operation Jeedara ventured beneath the waves of the pristine waters of the Great Australian Bight to highlight what would be lost if Statoil-Equinor were to drill for oil here. Although Equinor has since delayed its drilling plans until the end of 2019, the fight for the Bight is far from over.

Operation Jeedara continues as Sea Shepherd take their cameras below the waves to reveal more secrets from this natural wonderland, exploring and gathering vital evidence to demonstrate how important Marine Park Sanctuaries are to the Bight in southern Australia.

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