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Plastic-free 2019? Superyachts and Companies Get Onboard

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While many New Year's resolutions are broken within the first month, one resolution with real staying power is gaining traction across the yachting industry: to reduce consumption of single-use plastics and embrace a more sustainable way of operating.

The Clear Ocean Pledge was launched in November 2018 with the mission of promoting these changes in the yachting sector worldwide. According to Founder, Richard Orme, the industry’s response has been phenomenal and 25 superyachts have already joined the voluntary pact.

An average of three superyachts are joining the pledge every week, raising hopes that the Clear Ocean Pact will meet its target of 1000 yachts by 2020.

The pact's five pledges encourage the elimination of single-use water bottles, the reduction of unnecessary plastic packaging and items such as toiletries, cutlery and straws, and the installation of filters to remove microplastics from laundry waste water.

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Estimates put the average number of water bottles thrown away per crew member, per year, at 320. 

Richard Orme established The Clear Ocean Pact as an independent organisation free of commercial motivations. As time goes on, it's clear his message, voiced by other organisations within the yachting industry for many years, is finally gaining traction across the ranks.

The Clear Ocean Pact is now targeting companies based on shore, with a similar five point plan that empowers them to reduce their plastic footprint. The poster can be shared among employees and displayed in offices.

Like all effective resolutions, the Clear Ocean Pact suggests starting with a survey of habits and usage so that changes can be planned realistically and sustainably. By making their commitment public, companies can be seen as Leaders of Change and hold themselves accountable.

Yachts and companies committed to the Pact are also encouraged to share their successes and challenges. Tips and guidance about how to make positive changes can be found on the Solutions page of Clear Ocean Pact's website. You can follow and post about the initiative using #clearoceanpact.

The enthusiasm and momentum behind the Clear Ocean Pact promise that this New Year's resolution will spark a lasting culture shift enabling our industry, onshore and off, to protect the oceans we rely on.

*Image credits: Thumbnail, courtesy of Clear Ocean Pact; bottles, Flickr CC0. 

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