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Down, Periscope: The Migaloo Takes Yacht Design Beneath the Waves

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Where to next for yacht design?  You can only go bigger for so long, before superyachts begin to resemble charmless cruise ships.  Already there is talk of winged yachts that can take to the skies; the next logical step is underwater.  And that’s where the Migaloo comes in; a design for a 115 metre, six deck submersible private yacht  from Austrian yacht design studio motion code: blue.   

The hull of the submersible yacht design is identical to that of a current submarine, but the tower is custom designed to allow a light-flooded main saloon, a wide staircase and a central round elevator shaft.  The hull and tower have large windows of pressure-proof glass that will afford guests an incredible underwater view when they ‘likely travel near a school of whales while having a cup of tea and a good chat in the main salon’. 

With any luck, the whale sighted would be the Migaloo himself, the albino humpback found each year travelling up Australia’s east coast, so named after the Aboriginal word for ‘white fella’. 

MIGALOO Private submersible yacht by motion code blue surfaceThe Migaloo submarine is designed to dive to depths of 240 metres, and all windows are surrounded with underwater lights to provide stunning views as the yacht sinks deeper into the ocean, away from the wind and the waves.  This is a concept for those yacht owners with imagination and a love of privacy, but possibly not one for those with claustrophobia. 

The yacht would have all the amenities of a surface superyacht, with the added bonus of an enormous aft deck area, with abundant room for a lounge area, bar, helipad and an 8x3 metre pool. When Migaloo is submerged, all deck furniture and toys are stored underneath the granite decking and the pool’s bottom rises flush with the deck. 

The foredeck is a private space for the owner, with a shaded lounge spanning the deck and a staircase leading down to the owner’s suite which spans 2 levels.  8 VIP suites make up the rest of the guest accommodation, along with a cinema, a library, a gym and a gaming room.  In event of long passages underwater, the guests will be well-entertained.

MIGALOO Private submersible yacht by motion code blue 2

4 wide side-hatches can be transformed into enormous beach terraces.  A spacious dining area next to the saloon and the adjoining beach club make luxurious access to the water possible with lounges and a Jacuzzi. 

There is also a spacious sun lounge on top of the tower, reached by two wide staircases from the main deck, or from the lift which services all levels. 

MIGALOO Private submersible yacht by motion code blue upper deck

Sub-deck 4 is entirely reserved for the crew cabins, mess, laundry and gym, while the galley is positioned directly beneath the dining room on sub deck 2.

There are questions about this concept, of course.  Lots of them.  Would crew be willing to live below the waterline, and cross the Atlantic submerged? After all, being exposed to the elements, the sky and wind and the waves, are a big part of what motivates yacht crew. 

Also, with its pool and beach club, would the sub end up spending much of its time on the surface?  And if that was the case, what would stability be like in a craft that is designed rather for smooth performance underwater? 

MIGALOO Private submersible yacht by motion code blue 12But what a sight it would be, sitting in a busy anchorage to see a boat pack up its decks and sink beneath the surface, or a periscope poking up, followed by a gleaming white submarine, water cascading off its curved sides.

It’s a little barmy, of course, but I hope that it comes to fruition. Every industry needs bold ideas in order to evolve.  After all, don’t many of the best ideas have their roots in something that most see as impossible, unworkable, or at least faintly mad? 

Just don’t anyone invite Gene Hackman.

Motion Code: Blue services include yacht exterior design, interior design as well as on-site supervision and building supervision. Motion code: blue has lately completed several projects in both production yachts and super yachts, which are currently under construction and has worked for yachts in Asia, Europe and the USA.

The studio defines itself as trendsetter in yacht design and has generated and pushed many trends in modern yacht design since their foundation in 2009. Standing for Austrian design quality, the most advanced and yet acceptable design solutions are their strengths.

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