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Flying Yacht is a Taste of the Future (VIDEO)

Flying Yacht Octuri Design longer

If a large yacht somehow fails to adequately convey fabulous wealth to you, then maybe a large flying yacht will do the trick.

Airplane designer Yelken Octuri has come up with a plan for just such a thing: a 150-foot yacht that transforms into a seaplane.

As you can see in this video from GeoBeats News, the 150-foot yacht has four mobile masts that can transform into wings, making the transition from boat to plane fairly seamless, at least in theory. Once in seaplane mode, the yacht has a range of 600 kilometers (about 370 miles).

But don't expect to be able to blow your millions on this boat-plane just yet: Octuri's design, commissioned by three Omani princes, has been on the drawing board for at least a few years.

Flying Yacht 400

Original source: Huffington Post via Google News (search: yacht)

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