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Yotspot Launches Virtual Interviews for Candidates

Yotspot are excited to announce a new layer of tech which has been added to their online yachting application process, a personal but remote method of pairing up the right candidate with the right yachting opportunity. Pre-recorded Video Interviews. Ideal for candidates. Easier and more efficient for recruiters. And there’s never been a better time for it.

As we get to grips with our “new normal” we’re realising that there are more efficient ways of recruiting and video links have become a crucial part of it.

Yotspot’s Director Steve explains, “Recruiters might not want to see lots of applicants face to face right now but they still need to find their star candidates quickly and efficiently - safely and from a distance. That’s what makes our new video interview process perfect for recruitment. It improves the efficiency of the process.” 

Meeting your Ideal Candidate Virtually

Yotspot’s Video Interviews reduce unnecessary face to face meetings and spontaneous walk-ins to recruitment agencies. Adding a layer of pre-recorded video submission, so employers get to see a bit more from each candidate, get a feel for their professionalism and personality before requesting they attend face to face interview. And candidates get the opportunity to really sell themselves, add more information, tell anecdotes to support their application, answering questions, recording, playing back and re-recording. Practicing and perfecting their selfie film before submitting.

Historically when recruiters advertise jobs on Yotspot, they add filters and then applicants are matched with the job profile, ranked in % terms by experience, qualifications, skills and location. With the highest % being the most closely matched right down to the lowest.

Video Interviews

With the introduction of video interviews though, recruiters are able to look at the applicant, hear them talk and get more of an idea of their personality and fit for the yacht, employer and specific role.

Yotspot’s new recruitment function enables yacht captains, boat managers, yachting recruitment agencies and employers to send a Video Interview Request to potential candidates they have shortlisted.  They choose from a selection of default questions and can add questions of their own and submit to their chosen candidate.  The candidate then films themselves answering the questions on their smart phone, uploading their video (3 mins or less) onto the site for the employer or recruiter to view.

Yotspot’s partner Director Daryl Bradley points out “we are really excited to have found a way to add this new video layer of candidate selection, it’s quite an innovative bit of kit. We have wanted to do it for years, but the technology just hasn’t been here.”

Efficiency Across Time Zones

Because Yotspot works across international time zones, it means recruiters don’t have to get up at awkward times of day to interview candidates based in the Med or the States.  They just type the questions they would like answered and play the candidate’s video back at a time to suit.

Steve adds “So far, the feedback we’ve had has been fantastic and as time moves on, we hope to develop the system further with more features and benefits.”

To see how our video interviews work, for more information or to ask a question simply contact Steve Crawford via steve@yotspot.com

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