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YachtEye 3.0 Updates

Since the first preview of YachtEye 3.0 during this year's Monaco Yacht Show we have already upgraded 20 of our YachtEye systems in the yachting industry! The first reactions are positive: "The new version looks very nice and our guests find the improvements easy to understand," said one of our clients.

In YachtEye 3.0 we have integrated third-party content, including OnboardOnline's marina data, to enrich the map for our users:


Below you can read about all the changes and improvements to YachtEye 3.0. If you have YachtEye onboard, but it is still running on the 2.0 version, please contact us to make an appointment to upgrade your system to YachtEye 3.0.

Look & Feel

1. Dynamic Movements: Visual effects such as spinning radars, waves in front of your 3D yacht, in the sea and in the pool. Optional is opening/closing Tenderdoor garage and hosting Tender out of garage. Also in case of a sailing yacht, we can show (realtime) sails in/out.

2. Renovated iPad app: From the lounge to the sundeck, you can experience all the YachtEye Features everywhere you go on board, with the renewed iPad application.

3. Windy Widget: To enrich the weather feature, we integrated the widget of Windy. It gives you more detailed information about the actual wind conditions anywhere on the globe.

pressyachteyeterrain2                                     pressyachteyeWeather Windy2

4. Multiple assets on the globe: It is now possible to display the owner’s multiple assets such as helicopters, submarines and residential around the world in YachtEye.

5. Usage of icons on a high zoom level: Since it is possible to have multiple assets on the globe, scaling of the objects becomes important. In YachtEye 3.0 we replace the 3D models on a high zoom level with logos of the assets to ensure scaling.

6. 3D terrain: The new map in YachtEye shows the globe's natural elevation. To see the elevation, tilt your screen. 

New Features

1. Integration of External Content

Informative map overlays with predefined details and information such as shipwreck locations, stunning beaches, top restaurants and marina data. To customise the information that is presented through your YachtEye system, please contact us.

pressyachteyeglobe2     pressyachteyeweb                                                                                        

2. Safety Feature

Integrate your safety & security video into YachtEye and upload images, showing, for example, the yacht’s emergency routes. This feature ensures that safety instructions can be easily broadcasted to all YachtEye screens.

3. Your Online Favourites

Click on the pre-selected websites in YachtEye for quick and easy web browsing:

If you have any recommendations of useful and interesting external data which can be integrated as a map overlay, please contact us: peter@oculustechnologies.nl 



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