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Video: Safer, Easier Docking With SlideMoor™

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NAPLES, FLORIDA (USA) - A new short video explains the unique SlideMoor Boat Docking System.

 "At just over a minute, our new explainer video is a simple but effective tool our dealers can use to illustrate to potential customers the unique features and benefits of the SlideMoor system,” said SlideMoor Sales and Marketing Manager Chris D'Orazio.  Click here to watch it now.

For years, boat docking has been approached the same way, consistently yielding the same problems. Traditional methods using bowlines, sterns lines, spring line bumpers and fenders are all hassles and can cause damaging movement.

Now, there’s a better way.

The simple, maintenance-free SlideMoor system secures a boat tightly to a sliding bumper with two lines on one side only to take the guesswork out of tying up a boat, eliminating many of the common docking and mooring problems encountered by boat owners.

SlideMoor systems have been installed at docks in over 25 countries and can be used on lakes, rivers, bays, canals and most other waterways. The system accommodates power and sail boats up to 90 feet and well over 160,000 pounds.

No permits are required in most areas to install a SlideMoor system at any public, private or marina dock.

For more information about the SlideMoor Docking System, to find a dealer near you and for dealer inquiries, visit www.slidemoor.com or call 1+239.263.7065.  

SlideMoor - 1150 Central Avenue - Naples, Florida 34102 USA

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