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TRAC PSR™ Scale Remover For Potable Water Systems

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Fresh water produces residues  including scale, silicate, calcium, sludge and other mineral deposits.  Eco-friendly PSR™ from TRAC Ecological Products safely removes these residues  from onboard potable water systems.

 Made from food  grade-rated materials, non-toxic and bio-degradable PSR is safe for users,  equipment and the environment. It will not harm the properties of most  surfaces including plastic, metal, rubber, fiberglass, vinyl, wood, or paint.  (However, care should be taken when PSR™ is used with zinc based metals such  as zinc anodes, tin, or galvanized materials.)

 Sold in concentrated  form. One gallon of PSR™ treats approximately 30 to 40 gallons of potable  water. Available in 1 gallon bottle, 5 gallon pail, 55 gallon drum or 250  gallon tote tank.


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