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Subtech Sports Award-Winning Waterproof Gear

subtech back pack

SUBTECH SPORTS is introducing its 100 per cent waterproof sport bag and laptop case which are precisely engineered to keep gear dry and safe in the most extreme conditions.

An ideal solution for professional and leisure sailors and all water sports enthusiasts participating in activities at sea or on and around water, the PRO DRYBAG 45L bag and PRO DRYCASE laptop case feature innovative, progressive design, cutting-edge materials and user-focused benefits.

The SUBTECH SPORTS products have been developed by industry-leading engineers and designers to combine a minimalistic design with the highest set of functional properties within waterproof solutions.

For guaranteed performance in the field, the products have also been rigorously tested to their limits and are already successfully used by elite athletes across the world in the harshest environments.

The versatile and durable PRO DRYBAG 45L is a 45 litre (11.89 gallons) waterproof and shockproof sport bag which has the highest waterproof classification to IP68 standard and is waterproof down to 50m (164ft).

A finalist in the 2016 IPSO Awards for sporting goods, the PRO DRYBAG 45L is equipped with a patent-pending integrated shockproof inflatable system which allows the user to inflate or deflate air quickly in the reinforced TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) lining via a high performance air inflator. The extra durable design incorporates air cells which provide a 360-degree shockproof cushion for maximum protection of fragile and sensitive or electronic equipment from water and condensation.

The sport bag features a diagonal water and airtight dual zipper similar to those used on dry suits and rescue suits and pressure tested to 500mbar/ 7 Psi. It floats fully packed and with an average adult on top, and is appropriate for use as a vessel’s ‘grab bag’ to keep crucial items safe for use in an emergency. The bag also features reflective logo material for enhanced visibility at night.

The lightweight bag is approved as carry-on luggage and measures 60cm (23.6in) in length x 30cm (11.8in) x 30cm (11.8in) and weighs just 1432g (50.51oz). As the airtight bag moulds to the back and spine, it provides users with a comfortable ergonomic fit when it is worn as a backpack to allow easy transportation and good manoeuvrability during strenuous activity. Throughout the bag, the designers have used TPU 420D and reinforced with TPU 600D fabric for extra durability and low-weight carrying.

Available for 13in and 15in laptops, the sleek SUBTECH SPORTS PRO DRYCASE laptop case is waterproof according to IP68 standard down to 5m (16ft). It provides optimal shockproof protection due to the gel-infused memory foam, which moulds around the computer.

subtech dry case

The slim-fit PRO DRYCASE features functional design benefits which ensure it is ideal for use during extreme activities, as well as for everyday life at home or at work. It can be securely gripped due to the memory foam which molds around the fingers and also features self-healing silicone which means that scratches on the surface heal and become invisible.

The lightweight laptop case weighs just 400g (14oz), adds only 9mm (0.3in) thickness to a laptop and floats up to 3.2kg (113oz).

Erik Lyth, founder of SUBTECH SPORTS, said: “The PRO DRYBAG and PRO DRYCASE provide functional, waterproof solutions for anyone who spends time on or around water on yachts, powerboats, RIBs and kayaks or who participates in a range of water sports such as diving, sport fishing or surfing.

“By engineering these solutions with performance and precision in mind, we develop highly versatile and functional products with a minimalistic design which can be trusted to keep sensitive gear safe in the most testing conditions. Our designers use the most advanced materials and applied technology and then push the boundaries by testing the products to their limits to produce the ultimate sport bag and laptop case on the market.”

The PRO DRYBAG 45L is available now at a price of €349 from the SUBTECH SPORTS website at www.subtechsports.com. A crowdfunding campaign for the PRO DRYCASE 13”/15” is live on Indiegogo Indemand at www.indiegogo.com/projects/pro-drycase-the-ultimate-laptop-case#/ where it is currently available for €79. The laptop case has an MSRP of €129.

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