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Shipyard Supply Co Hover Chocks - a lot less bother with a hover!

With large limousine tenders, beach landers and wake boats common place among the ever-growing superyacht fleet, storage on board has become a compromise between the guest area, stowage space and of course crane location. Over the years, many types of tender chock have been developed to try and solve this problem. However, no tender chock has yet to fulfil all these requirements until now! The SSCo hover chock has been designed and developed in house by ex-yacht crew for yacht crew.

The SSCo hover chock utilises a continuous compressed air system enabling the tender to be moved with ease around the garage. With the air pressure engaged, the chocks hover at just 5mm above the deck, allowing the tender to be pushed around the deck by hand without the need for a crane. If the crew wish to cease hovering, an air supply shut-off valve can be operated, lowering the hover chocks safely back on to the deck. There is no safer way to move tenders!

With the SSCo hover chocks in mind, yacht designers and shipyards can now be flexible with the tender stowage arrangement. By utilising a single crane unit, tenders can be stowed in the most efficient way possible allowing the guest area, crane location and stowage space to work in harmony. SSCo are currently working with a number of new build 100m+ yachts who have chosen this system due to its versatility compared to fixed tender chocks.

Superyacht Nautique’s project manager Angus Gilmour added “We are always looking for ways to help our clients with tender integration and these chocks offer a great solution to yachts with tight garage spaces. We can highly recommend them for a wide variety of our projects”.

SSCo said “The hover chocks should pave a path for the future of yacht design, and how shipyards integrate tender stowage onboard in and around the guest area. The hover chocks are extremely capable and are just the tip of the iceberg for what’s to come!” 

If you would like further information and pricing on the SSCo Hover Chocks, please email sam@shipyardsupply.co



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