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Reach and Rescue Pole

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The Reach and Rescue Pole System has been designed to improve operator safety and capability by accurately deploying a flotation or rescue device to a casualty, thus saving valuable time which is all important in an emergency at sea.  

The key benefit of the Reach and Rescue Pole is the speed it takes to fully extend from its compact state all the way up to 17m for the larger pole. It can be fully extended and accurately deployed in around 45 seconds, and fully retracted again within another 30 seconds, less if the distance to the victim is closer than 17m.

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The Reach and Rescue Pole has a high visibility end section meaning that even in poor light conditions, the pole can be easily seen.
From an operational perspective, the Reach and Rescue Pole is incredibly versatile. This means that the Pole can be tailored to suit the requirements of the rescue situation.

     It can be operated easily by one or two people in all weather conditions and can be deployed from both the shore side or from a vessel. There is also a fail-safe rope to ensure that the pole sections remain intact should damage occur during use.

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The Pole is not just about rescue situations though. There is a large selection of attachments that are available in kits or individually, such as a flotation collar, crook, grappler and snare.

Imagine the common situation where an exterior cushion blows overboard. Boat hooks never seem to be quite long enough, but with the extendable pole you can retrieve that cushion in no time without the need to manoeuvre your yacht into position.

There are even underwater camera kits - saving time and trouble should you need to do a quick visual inspection of your hull whilst in the water.

rescue pole features and benefits resizedCaptain James Wood commented, 'The reach and rescue pole has become an integral part of drills on board the yacht. It forms part of a complimentary kit that is used in conjunction with the yachts rescue tender but also serves as a stand alone piece of rescue apparatus. It deploys quickly and easily and would save valuable time in the event of an emergency. Not only is it a useful rescue device, but with the numerous attachments it has many other practical uses. I wouldn't be without it.'

All enquiries to John on +33 (0) 6 77 44 86 58

***Receive a boat hook attachment free with any order -  just quote 'boat hook' when ordering.***

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