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Dolphinite GelMatch™ All-In-One Gelcoat Aerosol Can

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)The  Dolphinite GelMatch™ All-In-One Gelcoat Aerosol Can solves the traditional  challenges when repairing gelcoat. Most repairs are costly and time  consuming, so mistakes in mixing and color matching can be very expensive.  The All-In-One Gelcoat Aerosol Can is pre-filled with a proprietary  All-In-One Gelcoat and matched perfectly to original factory colors.

 The two-component can  houses the M.E.K.P. catalyst in an inner chamber, which is easily activated  for fast use by simply breaking the inner seal at the bottom of the can – no  mess, no mixing. In the outer chamber, the can is pre-filled with  Dolphinite’s proprietary All-In-One gelcoat formula, color matched to  original factory colors with Dolphinite’s GelMatch™ Gelcoat Color Matching  System. The unique, easy-to-use online system specifies original factory  gelcoat colors simply by entering the year, make, model and length of  virtually any production boat dating back to 1984.

 More info: www.dolphinite.com  or in the US call 1.855.GEL.COAT (1.855.435.2628




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