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Opalux - Best Performance in Solar Heat Control.

wild group

Following the launch of the specialist coated Färben foils and films this year, Wild Group International are also keen to introduce the new acclaimed specialist window films, Opalux, to the yachting industry.

Opalux supply a whole range of useful window films from mirrored effect for privacy control and even bomb proofing.

Opalux Supreme XL is an ultra-high performing window film that is created using a specialist multi-layer sputtering process of metals and metal-oxides.

This specialist film blocks heat using the metals as heat reflectors, giving the best performance a solar control film can offer while maintaining excellent vision day and night.

Opalux provides benefits such as high visible light transmission, ultra-high solar heat rejection, excellent vision through day and night while reducing the solar energy transmission by nearly 60% resulting in a reduction in load on air-conditioning, screening of harmful rays and reduced fading of interior furnishings, in turn saving money and benefiting health and the environment.

Greg Hoar, founder at WGI states:
‘We came across the specialist Opalux films on a military project and have been extremely impressed by their performance.’

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