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Oculus Technologies to Launch YachtEye 3.0 at MYS

As we approach the 2017 Monaco Yacht Show, Oculus Technologies celebrates seven years of innovation and creation. The company began as a small two-man operation with its first infotainment project on one superyacht and now has installations on over 60 vessels in multiple sectors, a new office and three new products on the way!

Oculus Technologies is proud to announce a range of new cutting-edge solutions to be launched at this year's Monaco Yacht Show. Please come and visit us at stand DES8 to experience our three new solutions and keep up to date with all of our MYS developments!

Latest features of YachtEye 3.0

The driving force behind Oculus Technologies is a frim belief in the need to continuously improve, focusing on developing new and innovative solutions for our clients. The brand-new version of YachtEye will be released in HTLM5 with an upgrade to the interface and the addition of a range of new features. YachtEye 3.0 also sees the integration of animations such as waves in the sea and/or pool, the return of 3D terrain mode and data layers with external content such as points of interest, the best restaurants in town and a shark tracker.  

Already in May Oculus Technologies launched the YachtEye 2.3 upgrade which improves all 2.x YachtEye systems, and below is a summary of the new features, improvements and bug fixes included:

Weather Module

Yachting and weather go hand in hand and with this in mind we have upgraded the YachtEye Weather Module, which shows an up-to-date six day forecast for any selected location, including your current position and specific locations of interest can be added to your favourites. Our design team has restyled the weather logos and reshaped the lay-out of the module with more general and refined graphics, providing a clear, comprehensive and detailed weather forecast.

YachtEye Map

The integrated map of YachtEye gives you the possibility to zoom in and out, to rotate and to tilt, exploring your routes and destinations. To prevent loss of detail on the 3D model of the yacht when zooming out, YachtEye now supports secondary models at high altitudes. Our developers haave also added a 'North Up' and 'Home' button in the right hand corner, which brings you back to the original level and a centralized focus of the YachtEye map.

Makkah Pointer

On board a superyacht it can be difficult to locate your direction without standing on the bridge and for Islamic customers, direction on board is key when it comes to fulfilling their religious practices. A unique feature in YachtEye shows the Kaaba to determine the location of Makkah and Salah prayers times adjusted for each timezone based on the position of the Yacht. 

Bug Fixes

Our development team has also improved the following bugs in the system:

  • Relative wind direction in NMEA data is now correctly translated to an absolute direction

  • Missing translations were added to the system

  • Weather forecasts are displayed when the 180th meridian is on screen (+- International Date Line)

  • You can now set up your own thumbnail for movie files, and the movie icon is now more stylish

Focus on the needs of yacht crew

Welcome Onboard

Our latest YachtEye update has a strong focus on the needs of crew. Working onboard is extremely dynamic and the crew needs to be prepared for any situation at any given time. Informing guests with the correct information at the right time is not only important, it is a necessity.

Safety is a key element on board. It is vital that all guests are aware and informed about safety and security protocols. The option to create a Safety & Security section within the YachtEye ‘Welcome on board’ screen has now been integrated and it is possible to upload a whole safety and security video of the yacht.

PDF files in YachtEye

On board the yacht important information is often shared by means of printed pages. In a move to support a more digital solution for crew, YachtEye now offers a 'PDF files Module'. The system’s Central Messenger has supported short digital messages for some time but this new module is a more efficient means of sharing information in a digital format.

Add Videos in YachtEye

Guests can take part in a wide range of activities from a diving tour to the party of the year on an island. These unique experiences can be shared amongst onboard guests with YachtEye’s Gallery which supports photos as well as videos.

Integrate pre-selected websites (Discovery Package & Higher)

When it comes to going ashore, the crew are frequently asked for recommendations and information on what to do or see. To help crew to provide more comprehensive and detailed information, pre-selected websites can now be integrated into the YachtEye system giving access to websites for a particular venue or event.

To play the videos and browse websites, a touchscreen, a connected mouse or an integration of YachtEye in an on board entertainment system is required.

YachtEye 2.3 







Monaco Yacht Show 2017 - 27-30 September

Please come and visit us at stand DES8 to experience our three new solutions and keep up to date with all of our MYS developments!

For further information please visit our website or contact us on:

Telephone: +31 20 22 38 389
Email: support@oculustechnologies.nl

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