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NIPI: The Portable Cooler You've Been Waiting For!

NIPI, as the name suggests, is a smart portable cooler but it’s also energized by solar panels.

The idea came about on a boating trip, with the need for something to keep drinks cold, charge mobile phones and also keep belongings safe, but it also had to be mobile and look as good as the other accessories on board. 

Three years on, the idea has been transformed into the ultimate mobile cooler, solar generated and built to last a lifetime. NIPI could be the last cooler you ever need to buy!


NIPI’s wheels were inspired by motocross bikes, built for all terrains, but also smooth and silent. The end result is a cooler that can follow you virtually anywhere.

With a view to the environment, throwaway coolers are also damaging our planet, but NIPI is built from marine grade materials and it’s rotomolded, making it the strongest and most durable mobile cooler on earth.

Solar technology has come a long way in recent years but still not all solar cells deliver what you need. NIPI uses the highest efficiency cells in the world, and with innovative insulation it can hold ice for six days and keep your portable devices powered up - even on a cloudy day. 

If you’re suitably impressed, the founders of NIPI are running a crowd funding campaign on indiegogo which you can view here.


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