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New Interlux® Products

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The latest addition to  the premier performance Micron® antifouling line, Micron CF not only offers  best-in-class performance in the copper-free category of paints, it also  offers the longevity that boat owners have come to expect from traditional  copper-based antifoulings. By specifying and using Micron CF, a boat yard or  marina gets to experience the benefits of a copper-free product, while  ensuring complete satisfaction in performance.

Like the rest of the  Interlux Micron Technology line, Micron CF provides multi-seasonal  performance, reduced maintenance and the ability to haul and re-launch  without the need to repaint. The self-smoothing characteristics of the paint  help maximize fuel efficiencies for the boat owner.

With the environment in  mind, Micron CF is also formulated using less solvent, which means it meets  VOC regulations in all of the US.

Micron CF is suitable for  all types of boats, all substrates and all waters. It is available only in  the USA in gallons of bright, crisp Micron Technology colors.

MarineFilm Instant  Gelcoat & Paint Scratch Repair

New MarineFilm is a  unique, specially developed microfilm designed to provide a temporary repair  of small scratches in gelcoat and paint above the waterline.

Available in the 12 most  popular gelcoat and Interlux topside paint colors, MarineFilm is easy to  apply. Simply locate the scratch, clean the damaged area and carefully apply  the microfilm.

Ultra-thin, eco-friendly  MarineFilm provides an almost invisible, strong, season long adhesion and is  easily removable when the scratch is ready to be permanently repaired.

For more information  about Micron CF, MarineFilm and other Interlux products, visit booth M69 at  the 2014 Miami International Boat Show, your local Interlux dealer or www.yachtpaint.com.  

Miami  2014 new products news release prepared by Home Port Marine Marketing. www.homeportmarine.com

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