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Marine Toys & Tenders Present the Wavekat P70

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Marine Toys & Tenders are pleased to be the first to introduce the Wavekat P70 to the luxury yacht and marine leisure industry.

The Wavekat P70 is a luxury toy like no other. It combines a patented Swiss design with a mid-mounted engine to create a truly revolutionary designer watercraft. Fast and agile, yet incredibly stable, the Wavekat P70 is a beautifully simple machine that is happy cruising in style, but will really come to life when pushed to the limit.

“The Wavekat P70 takes simplicity to the next level while being technically advanced at speed and through corners. You can literally throw everything you’ve got at this machine and it will just ask for more. I had no idea ‘driving’ could be this much fun!”
– James Econs, Managing Director at Marine Toys & Tenders

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Jaw-dropping power and an unrivalled stability thanks to its lightweight catamaran style hull, the Wavekat corners like a Formula One car – with no loss of speed – effortlessly performing sharp 90º turns at up to 65kph (30+knots)! The combination of a foot throttle, steering wheel and an adjustable bucket seat set close to the waterline continue the racing car theme. The simplicity of the Wavekat also means that new drivers don’t require lessons, prior experience or a license to get the ultimate thrill!

"The Wavekat P70 is definitely one for the thrill seekers out there. Many of our customers already own high-adrenalin toys like the Flyboard, Hoverboard and JetSurf, and the Wavekat P70 fits perfectly into this group, while presenting a completely new experience – ‘Driving on water’.”
– James Econs, Managing Director at Marine Toys & Tenders

Housing an outboard engine of up to 70hp* within a slick design that makes it easily accessible for maintenance, the Wavekat would look the part next to some of the world’s top supercars. Delivered with optional lifting points for yachts, or a custom made trailer, the Wavekat P70 is CE certified as ‘C’ ‘Inshore’ classification, making it perfect for launching off of reasonable sized waves. Or... go full speed, throttle to the floor on flat-water, with absolute control and stability, even travelling where regular jet-powered craft cannot**.

“We’re really excited at Marine Toys & Tenders to add the Wavekat P70 to our inventory and offer our customers a product so user-friendly that no matter if you’re sea-front or lake-side you can take this new high-performance toy for a drive!”
– James Econs, Managing Director at Marine Toys & Tenders

Whether it's a luxury yacht, a private waterfront residence, or a resort looking to offer guests something really special, the Wavekat P70 will cater to your level of ability and confidence.
Marine Toys & Tenders are now delivering the Wavekat P70 to luxury yachts, resorts and private residences worldwide.

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