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Kymeta Poised to Disrupt the Satellite Communications Industry

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Kymeta, known for its revolutionary flat, electronically steered satellite antenna, made two important announcements during the Satellite 2017 show in Washington this week and is set to disrupt the satellite industry by enabling global, mobile connectivity for anything that moves.

Kymeta CEO Nathan Kundtz announced commercial availability of the Kymeta mTenna u7 satellite antenna and KyWay terminal, which will begin commercial trials in May this year.

Kymeta’s mTenna solution has no moving parts and can be easily installed, offering seamless integration and allowing superyachts to maintain the highest level of connectivity and security.

Kymeta’s unique combiner technology was showcased at the Monaco Yacht Show last year demonstrating its capabilities with an unprecedented 2.9dB gain that will enable yachts to scale bandwidth and speed to unprecedented levels. The antenna combiner will be available in Q4 2017.

No More Domes! 

Kymeta mTenna® technology replaces traditional satellite dish technology with light, thin, software-steered antennas designed for mobile communications. The satellite industry has been waiting for an electronically steered antenna to deliver the huge capacity available via satellite for mobile communications and this is the first example of such technology to come to market.

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The Kymeta mTennau7 ASM and KyWay Terminal make the satellite spectrum viable for mobile communications for the first time. High-throughput connectivity will now be available to a broad range of markets including maritime, rail, VIP and Civilian Armored Vehicles (CAV), energy and more, impacting both the satellite and communications industries.

"iDirect has been a leader in the mobile satellite communications market for over two decades and we have been waiting for a technology like this to enable and expand satellite connectivity into new markets," said David Harrower, Vice President of Business Development, VT iDirect. "At iDirect we are proud to be the first modem partner, working with Kymeta to support their innovative KyWay Terminal with a trusted solution that also supports Kymeta KĀLO™ connectivity services through the IntelsatOne® Flex network."

Kymeta mTenna technology delivers a low profile, lightweight, small footprint, metamaterials based Ku-band antenna with several advanced features including:

  • Electronic RF beam-steering in manual or automatic modes with polarization selection and angle control, with absolutely no moving parts.

  • Satellite auto-acquisition and tracking with communication through a standardized application programming interface (API).

  • Weather-facing flat radome eliminating the bulky legacy radome, reducing weight and complexity for easy maintenance and installation.

  • Supports transmit and receive operations on a single aperture with low power consumption.

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Kymeta & Intelsat Join Forces to Offer KĀLO™ Connectivity

It was also announced that Kymeta and Intelsat have joined forces to offer KĀLO™ Connectivity, a new satellite service that is easy to buy and use, providing  flexible satellite connectivity for both fixed and mobile applications in gigabyte packages.

Kymeta will continue to work closely with partners to provide other service offerings, while this new partnership will facilitate access to new satellite markets beyond maritime, providing connectivity with GEO satellites and a future proof solution with LEO constellations. KĀLO will become available in Q3 2017.

Dr. Nathan Kundtz, Founder, President and CEO of Kymeta said,

"Today's satellite connectivity services are not easy to buy. This is particularly true when moving across different mobility platforms. Intelsat's ubiquitous global telecommunications network of wide-beam and Intelsat EpicNG high-throughput spot-beam satellites combined with the flexibility of our user terminal technology will fundamentally change that landscape. KĀLO services move seamlessly between these satellites and are sold in simple, flexible, variable-usage packages that are provided in by-the-gigabyte plans we are all familiar with."

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"Kymeta and Intelsat both share a strong belief that better economics and simplified access are essential to unlocking new and fast growing applications, and KĀLO addresses both imperatives in a single service." adds Stephen Spengler, CEO of Intelsat.  
"Kymeta's mTenna technology is revolutionizing the way people access and use mobile satellite connectivity, and with KĀLO, customers will have simplified access to Intelsat's globalized satellite network and its IntelsatOne Flex managed services platform for secure and powerful high-speed connectivity."

The Future of Satellite Services

Kymeta is taking mobile connectivity to a whole new level, providing streamlined, easy-to-purchase satellite connectivity services built upon Intelsat's global satellite network. With KĀLO Connectivity, satellite services are going to redefine the way we communicate on the move:

  • Pay for what you use

  • Easy to understand and buy connectivity

  • Bundled with Kymeta KyWay Terminal or mTennau7 ASM

  • Complete global coverage

  • Familiar data package options that consumers are used to 

  • Flexible, variable solutions

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