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Hulltimo Pro: A new concept of hull cleaning


With rising temperatures boat hulls are increasingly fouled. A fouled hull increases the boat’s drag in the water, and its fuel consumption. Biofilms, algae and marine organisms start to adhere to a boat’s hull in just a few weeks. Antifouling coatings are available on the market, but there the regulations on the composition of paints containing biocides, which are harmful to the marine environment, are more and more stringent.

The Hulltimo concept: increase and adjust the cleaning frequency of your boat’s hull according to its use. Thanks to its patented self-positioning system, Hulltimo’s products offer a simple, quick – nearly instantaneous - low-cost and environmentally-friendly solution.
The Hulltimo-pro robot: An operator remotely controls this electric robot from the dockside or from the deck of the boat. Its progress is immediately visible since the Hulltimo Pro is equipped with two on-board cameras that allow you to inspect the hull in real time, without the hassle and time-wasting involved in moving and dry docking the boat. Just one hour and half is all it takes for the Hulltimo Pro to clean a 34 ft boat.

The Hulltimo Smart boom-mounted brush system: based on the same technology as the Hulltimo Pro robot, the Hulltimo Smart is a self-positioning brush system equipped with a boom and low voltage battery. It allows the operator to scrub difficult to reach areas such as the propeller or the waterline. The Hulltimo Smart is ideal for cleaning the hulls of small boats and difficult to reach areas on larger boats.

FAST: 1½ hour for 34’ boat 
SIMPLE: In-water cleaning with no haul-out
COST-EFFECTIVE: Significantly reduces maintenance costs and fuel consumption
CONVENIENT: No need for advanced scheduling (Hulltimo Pro cleaning can be carried out by our professional partners in just 48 hours)
ECOLOGICAL: The debris removed is collected by the robot and stored in a filter bag

Since its launch in April 2012, the network of Hulltimo Service Points has grown steadily. The network now includes 25 service points around the world, including the latest newcomers in Australia and the Indian Ocean.

To discover the first Hulltimo Service Points, visit our website: www.hulltimo.com.

(Source: NauticExpo)

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